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|added = 2.0
|added = 2.0
|repeatable = Yes
|repeatable = Yes
|reward= 5,000
|reward= 2,500
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R. Sonnac
R. Sonnac
|xp= 5000
|xp= 2500
|xp1= 625
|xp1= 625
|xp2= 625
|xp2= 625

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SWLicon.png This article concerns content for Secret World Legends. For the TSW Classic version, click here.

Dead Air
Ellis Hill.jpg
Region: Solomon Island
Zone: Kingsmouth
Start Location: Kingsmouth Municipal Airport
Start Coords: (900,701)
Given by: Ellis Hill
Type: Investigation
Recommended Level: 15
Reward: 2,500 Experience
Repeatable: Yes
Game Version: SWLicon.png SWL
Added in: Update 2.0

Ellis Hill is having radio reception issues - while he claims to only be interested in civilian channels, his demeanour suggests otherwise. What manner of transmission is he so eager to receive, and to conceal trom you?

Journal Entries

Mission Investigation.png Dead Air       Main Mission
REPEATABLE (Recommended Level 15)
Ellis Hill is having radio reception issues - while he claims to only be interested in civilian channels, his demeanour suggests otherwise. What manner of transmission is he so eager to receive, and to conceal trom you?
Tier 1
According to Hill, the airport's radio mast is beyond do-it-yourself repair. He seemed a little too insistent on this, however. Investigate the mast for yourself.
  • Locate the radio mast
  • Examine the radio mast
Tier 2
You're no expert on radio masts, but there doesn't seem to be any obvious damage or defects that would stop it operating. To repair it, you'll need to learn more about it.
  • Examine the serial number
  • Source the components to repair the mast
Tier 3
The radio mast should be operational again. Now to listen for the signal that Hill was trying to find.
  • Listen for transmissions
Tier 4
The transmission was in Morse code. You will need to decipher the message behind it.
  • Decipher the coded transmission
Tier 5
A mysterious crate has been airdropped into Kingsmouth by the originators of the signal. Examine the contents.
  • Open the crate
  • Go through the contents of the crate


There are 5 tiers to this mission.

Tier 1/5

  • Locate the radio mast
It's on top of airport control tower at (806,773). Climb up the latter then use the yellow generator to jump up to the higher roof.
  • Examine the radio mast
    • Click on the mast

Tier 2/5

  • Examine the serial number
    • Click on the small plate at the bottom of mast
      • It reads -- Manticore Serial number: 3881999 www.orochi-group.com
  • Source the components to repair the mast
Clue 1      
Follow the URL provided on the plate to http://www.orochi-group.com
Clue 2      
It was made by the Manticore Research Group company of the Orochi Group
Clue 3      
From the Orochi group page, the Manticore sub-page, select Products
Clue 4      
Search for the antenna by entering it's serial number (3881999) in the product search box. The website will find that this is "Cyclone series mast" and also tells you what you need for field repairs. You need "Household adhesives, conductors, and amplifiers"
Clue 5      
Head further west along the airport to the hangers and look for parts
Clue 6      
The complete list everything available to be found is - Vacuum Tube, Duct Tape, Wire Hanger, Scrap Parts, Handheld Radio, Battery, Shovel, Flare Gun, Soda Can, Fuel Can, Handheld Tape Recorder
West of the control tower, pick up Duct Tape (Household adhesive), Wire Hanger (Conductor), and Vacuum Tube (Amplifier). As long as you have these, head back to the antenna and use the tower to fix it. You do not have to use the items from your inventory.
  • Once you have the appropriate parts, head back to the tower and use the mast to attempt to repair
  • If you try to fix the tower using incorrect materials, all materials you've gathered will disappear and you must gather whatever you think you need again

Tier 3/5

  • Listen for transmissions
    • Click on the radio mast
    • A Morse-code radio message will play
    • You can click it as many times as desired to listen to it again

Tier 4/5

  • Decipher the coded transmission
    • If you want to decode the message yourself, you have a couple of options
      1. Use an iphone/android app and hold the phone next to the computer
      2. Use a morse-code decoder program on your computer or another computer nearby to listen and decode the message
      3. Scribble madly to write down dashes and dots and then look them up online
Dots and Dashes      
-.. .-. --- .--. .-.. --- -.-. .- - .. --- -. --... .---- ..--- ..... ...-- -....
The message says "drop location 712 536". To advance to the next tier, go to that location.

Tier 5/5


Dragon.png FROM: The Dragon
To: <Character Name>
These fragmenting patterns please us. Chaos is upon you, moves around you, like iron filings to a magnet. This island has not felt so many disruptive influences since it was first thrust out of the sea.

Let these mercenaries come with their living weapons. Let the other societies loose their agents. Let those who have yet to show their knife-hand scheme in the shadows. Their swords will clash and blunt themselves. In the end, you shall tread over their blades, untouched.

The crash of an event that none foresaw still makes a sound. Listen as they fall all around you.

Illuminati.png FROM: The Labyrinth
To: <Character Name>
Nice work, MacGyver, now I know who to call on if my cable gives out. Oh, that reminds me - don't ever call Maintenance in the Labyrinth and don't ever get in their way. Yes they're fixers, but we're not talking cranking the AC, more "fixing" "human" "problems."

Speaking of human problems. If anyone's going to fuck things up on this island, I want it to be an anyone accountable within our organization. Wild elements are the Dragon's thing, I bet they're knocking back the sake right now.

But the next time - there will be a next time - you run into these guys? Extreme prejudice.


Templars.png FROM: Temple Hall
To: <Character Name>
Fascinating. You can set your watch by occult mercenaries arriving after an untoward event, and yet I'm alarmed you found them freighting...cargo in. The usual order of business is to frantically ship out every object of power that is not warded down.

It begs the question: what do they stand to gain from making the situation on Solomon Island worse? You truly have tuned to a signal, to a foreshadowing of a much greater concern. I would advise steeling yourself to anticipate it.

Once one starts tugging at a loose thread, all manner of unpleasant surprises come out.

R. Sonnac

"Secret World Legends"
Exp.png 2500
Anima Shards.png 400
  SWL Patron Icon.png Patron Bonus
Exp.png + 250
Anima Shards.png + 60
Weapon Reward Bag.jpg 1 Weapon Reward Bag

First Time Completion Rewards
Blue Bag.jpg 1 Investigation Vanity Reward Bag
XP Per Tier
  • Tier 1: 625 Exp.png
  • Tier 2: 625 Exp.png
  • Tier 3: 625 Exp.png
  • Tier 4: 625 Exp.png



Ellis Hill: (To radio) Come on, come on, you piece of junk.
Ellis Hill: We got business to be getting on with, you and I.
Ellis Hill: (Notices you) You came in quiet.
Ellis Hill: Shit.
Ellis Hill: My senses are getting dulled in here.
Ellis Hill: Got used to the creeps outside, they don't have a light touch.
Ellis Hill: And neither do I.
Ellis Hill: Cracking dead heads keeps my swing in shape and the cabin fever at bay.
Ellis Hill: Man gotta be comfortable with scant company.
Ellis Hill: With keeping to himself.
Ellis Hill: Say - you come from town?
Ellis Hill: Any reception out there?
Ellis Hill: Police, CB?
Ellis Hill: Even that LPFM gospel channel, I ain't choosy.
Ellis Hill: Nah, just dead air.
Ellis Hill: Not even the score for the Red Sox game.
Ellis Hill: This place is off the radar.
Ellis Hill: So here I am, sitting with my thumb up my ass, tuning static.
Ellis Hill: (Radio suddenly starts broadcasting. Ellis switches radio off) Like I said.
Ellis Hill: Dead.
Ellis Hill: Air.
Ellis Hill: Don't waste your time out at the mast.
Ellis Hill: It ain't the kind of equipment you can patch up with duct tape and a wire hanger.
Ellis Hill: No, you just keep on with whatever you gotta do.
Ellis Hill: Elsewhere.

Other Information

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