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The terms used in this privacy policy include:

  1. The CryGaia Wiki (hereinafter referred to as "wiki", "we"), which is the operator and publisher of the information on the website
  2. Cry Gaia Network (referred to as "CGN") who provides the hosting and owns the website
  3. You, the user of this website (referred to as "the user", "you", "your", etc).


By browsing CryGaia Wiki and making contributions, you consent to the following policy.


We reserve the right to amend this policy at any time. You are urged to check this page frequently to be aware of changes. The last modified date is listed in the footer to help make you aware of the last change to this policy. Continued use of CryGaia Wiki will be assumed acceptance of any revisions.


This policy applies only to CryGaia Wiki and not any of the other websites linked to or written about. Those websites likely have their own privacy policies and users should be aware of them.

Information Collected

User Information


As an anonymous user, minimal information is collected from you, typical of most websites. As a registered user editing a page, your IP may be stored on this server for a limited amount of time, but it will never be made public. Your username will appear in the page's history..


All contributions for users are publicly available. They can be found under the username. This information includes the name of the page's they've edited and the time the edits were made. The contributions of the entire wiki community can also be found on the recent changes page.

E-mail address

If you register an account with CryGaia Wiki, you have the option of including your e-mail address. This is not required in order to have an account, but is needed for password resets. We will never give your e-mail address out to anyone without your consent. E-mail can also be used to communicate with other users via the wiki. Again, your e-mail address will not be given out unless you make the choice to do so in your preferences.


By visiting the wiki, a temporary session cookie is created on your computer for the duration of the visit. It can be disabled, but this will not allow you to login. When logging in, more cookies will be created. If the option is selected to save your login information, a long-term cookie will be created for thirty days. If you use a public machine and do not wish to show your username to others, it is advised to be certain you log out and clear the browser cookies.

Page history

All article pages, including user, help, and project pages, have their history of changes stored. Even if some contributions are removed from the page, they will remain in the history of that page and can be viewed there. Page history is usually permanent and will never be removed under most circumstances.


You are not expected to release any personal information, including, but not limited to, your real name, gender, location, country-specific identification code, or anything else besides your username of choice. You are not required to release such information to any user, including administrators. You can safely ignore such requests, and report it to an administrator if you are concerned.

If you choose to publish such information to the wiki, you acknowledge you do this voluntarily and realizing any potential consequences. CryGaia Wiki complains no responsibility for the accuracy of any personal information provided by users.

Personal information belonging to other people

Disclosing personal information of another person without their explicit and public consent (doxxing) is strictly forbidden. Violation of this policy will result in a block or permanent ban at the discretion of the administrator handling the issue, as well as the deletion of the released information.

How the information is used

Identifying users with personal information is done for the following reasons:

  • To give credit to users who make helpful contributions and improve the status of the wiki.
  • For accountability of cases of vandalism or abuse, in order for action to be taken to prevent further problems.
  • In order to create statistics for data such as usage logs and articles in need of editing.
  • To help solve any technical problems that may arise in using the wiki.


An administrator will never ask for your password. If you receive such a request from anyone, ignore it and report it to an administrator.

Under no circumstances should you reveal your password to anyone.

Release of information

User information will not be released to third parties unless the following:

  • With consent from the user in question
  • Being required by law, such as that of a subpoena
  • When required for preventing abuse or vandalism to the wiki
  • If the information is in the public domain


CryGaia Wiki will use reasonable effort in order to protect your privacy. However, we cannot guarantee that a third party will not be able to unlawfully intercept or obtain sensitive information. By consenting to this privacy policy, you accept the risks involved in the possible unlawful acquisition of your information by third parties and release CryGaia Wiki and CGN of any liability.