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Type: Wiki
Language: English
Registration: Optional
Creator: Nyte
Maintainer: TSW Community
Launch: June 4, 2009
Status: Online
Articles: 7,386

CryGaia Wiki is a wiki-based online encyclopedia for all things related to The Hidden Places Universe created by Ragnar Tørnquist. It contains detailed information on the main games such as The Secret World, it's respective spin-offs, as well as other related works within the universe. CryGaia Wiki began as The Secret World Wiki in 2009, as part of the already existing CryGaia Network.

About CryGaia Wiki


CryGaia Wiki was founded by Nyte in 2009, as an extension of the CryGaia Network (CGN) which was founded in 2007 as a way of solving and documenting the Alternate Reality Game surrounding The Secret World. Between the first ARGs in 2007 and the two years that followed, a community had started to form. Many community members had their own blogs or websites to discuss and document the ongoings of the ARG as well as their theories. CGN soon came into existence and bridged the gap between all of these community members, and became a place for people to come together. By the time the next phase of the ARG came, the Wiki was born.

CryGaia Wiki has gone through several iterations over the years, most of which had separate databases and can now only be viewed through the Wayback Machine. The Wiki was remade close to The Secret World's launch and remains the iteration most familiar to the community over the years. Over time, however, contributions slowed and the wiki had crashed several times. In early 2016, it crashed again, seemingly for good. When the Wiki was migrating servers, an error occurred that had corrupted the database.

The community came together again and decided to revive the Wiki. It would be a new iteration, starting fresh. It was a gargantuan task until an earlier version of the site was found still intact, and Sojourner used a script to export the data and import it onto the new Wiki, saving the community from having to start from scratch. Since then, the Wiki is continuously being updated to be brought up to date, and is here to stay.


Anyone with Internet access is able to register an account and begin contributing. Over the years, the Wiki has had countless contributors make sure the Wiki is as up to date as it can be and ensure quality.

Some contributors choose to be more low profile, only occasionally fixing links and redirects, spelling and grammar, and correcting other small errors. Other contributors may choose to create new pages, edit others, or work more behind the scenes with templates.


Everything on CryGaia Wiki is the product of the collaborative effort of individual contributors. All individual efforts are saved on each page's history, which are publicly viewable.