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Region: Transylvania
Zone: The Shadowy Forest
Start Location: Old Man's Bridge
Start Coords: (565,615)
Given by: Moşul
Type: Action
Reward: 666,670 Experience Experience
Game Version: TSWicon.png TSW
Added in: Update 1.0

The earthen Mosul laments the spread of the Hell Dimensions, their "hungry machines" spilling through from rifts downwind. Investigate the area and see what can be done to stem the tide.



Mosul: Huh. I mistake you for one made from older stars.
Mosul: Something about you. No matter, I change my tongue.
Mosul: This tongue, it is as old as the rivers. I followed every river, from Rubicon to Kherlen.
Mosul: Good stones. Old stones. Huh. Many of your dreams come from under the stones.
Mosul: The stone remembers. It has been held by hands stained with clay, and blood.
Mosul: It pines for when the sea covered all. And it dreads the starved cities.
Mosul: Not your strange trees, or your square caves.
Mosul: In a little time, over them moss will grow.
Mosul: Nothing will grow here again. This city does not belong, but when a hole is opened, it spills out and spills out.
Mosul: Much before the star-stuff of you, I saw hungry machines wider than mountains.
Mosul: I was made of stone and soil then. Much violence happened to close the holes and end the cities.
Mosul: The world broke apart. Everything changed.
Mosul: It was without violence, for a little time.
Mosul: Rivers filled the cracks in the world. I followed every river, from Rubicon to Kherlen...

Journal Entries

  • Tier 1: If the first wave of Hellish troops have an invasion plan, you should discover what that plan entails.
    • Approach the invasion force
    • Intercept a Tactician of the Tuning carrying communications
    • Inspect the plans
  • Tier 2: The plan refers to troops being transferred through unstable rifts. Perhaps you can turn the instability of the rifts to your advantage, and slow the Hellish advance.
    • Find and collapse the Shifting Hellrifts (0/3)
  • Tier 3: Now you can target the established portals. Collapsing each portal's supporting rifts should weaken them - and attract the attention of the Three in Troilite.
  • Close the portal and defeat Firstborn in Troilite
  • Close the portal and defeat Second in Troilite
  • Close the portal and defeat Third in Troilite




We are disappointed that the Hell Dimensions have slipped from the poise of the glorious anarchy. The restrictive drudge of military tactics is so easily turned upon the tactician, a fact you have ably proven.

Formulas can be reverse-engineered, hierarchies subjugated, loyalties undermined. When all probable causes can be calculated, the possible endings become clear. Our most dangerous enemies are those that exist according to no plan.

The unpredictable can pass through walls. They leave behind them a world cut open by that passing, almost imperceptibly, as you did with this sad invasion of a scoured plot of land.


Check these guys out with their battle plans for world domination. Straight up, from what I've seen of Transylvania so far they can have it.

Seriously now, acts of war between Hell and Earth ? That's so 1680s. There are contracts, legally binding contracts - They should know, they invented the system. I wouldn't describe it as "non-aggression", that takes all the fun out of competition, but there are rules.

Still the Templars like to think the buck stops with them for demon slaughter, and you just threw serious shade on that hero complex. So I'm filing this as a two tiers success.



At risk of sending the wrong signals, this is interesting news. Of course an organised demonic front would pose a grave risk to Earth, but the best test of our army's efficiency is to clash with another.

This manner of glorious warfare was thought to be a thing of the past. So we welcome the news of your commando victory, and the prospect of further campaigns against the Hellish barony.

Our own dear Brigadier holds the one that crippled him in peculiar regard. "You should see how he ended up," he offers with a grimace one could hazard was a smile.

R. Sonnac


There are 3 tiers to this mission.

Tier 1/3

Tier 2/3

  • 0/3 Find and collapse the Shifting Hellrifts
    • They are orangish glowing areas, run up to them and use them before they disappear and move to somewhere else
    • NOTE: These are the ones that appear and disappear, NOT the ones that labelled as "Equilibratory hellrift" if you hover over them
    • There may be 2 Burning Banner Sawbones, Burning Banner Soldiers, or Burning Banner Fists that appear when the rift appears

Tier 3/3

For each of these, you have to first shut down the two Equilibratory Hellrifts associated with the main portal. Which also means first taking out their guards (2x of either Burning Banner Sawbones, Burning Banner Soldiers, or Burning Banner Fists). Once you have shut down the two side rifts, the boss will appear from the main rift.

Other Information

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