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The Countdown refers to a flash-based series of numbers that used to be on the main page of the Dark Days Are Coming website. It first appeared on May 16, 2007 after the ARG events of The Photo. On March 10, 2010, with the reveal of new information at GDC 2011, a new official website was released which no longer had any countdown.

Cracking the Code

he countdown was written in Sanskrit and had been calculated to be counting down the number of days, hours, seconds, and milliseconds until December 21, 2012 (thread). The year 2012 is surrounded by numerous doomsday theories concerning the end of the world, among other ideas. What exact role this date will play within The Secret World is unknown. However, it has been confirmed that the date does not mark the launch of the game.

The Countdown as it appeared on the DDAC website on January 21, 2010 at 18:00:00 GMT

Faction Beliefs

When the factions were first announced after the Three Are Coming event, a quiz was added to the Dark Days Are Coming website that told the taker which faction they would be fit in with. One of the questions dealt with the year 2012, asking: "According to the Mayan calender the world ends in 2012. What lies beyond?" There were three choices, each one representing a factions predictions on what happens after.

The Great Purge

The Great Purge was the answer that reflected the Templars mindset. Although it bares a resemblance in name to the apocalypse theories that are usually associated with 2012, it is more likely that this refers to the complete purge of demons and other creatures of darkness or evil from the world.

The Great Acquisition

The Illuminati believe that the Great Acquisition will ensue 2012. Little to nothing is currently known about this event.

The Great Equilibrium

The Great Equilibrium was the choice that represented the Dragon. Based on their beliefs, it is likely that the Dragon believe after the Mayan calender ends, all will be within balance and in true harmony.