Baron Samedi bone necklace

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Baron Samedi bone necklace
Baron Samedi bone necklace, female, front.png
Gender: Unisex
Slot: Neck

The Baron Samedi bone necklace is part of the Baron Samedi set of clothes.

The necklace has the skull of a small animal in the front, or perhaps a small demon given that it looks like it once had horns. The remainder of the necklace is make up of what looks like teeth from a large animal, or perhaps fragments of bones.

The original version of the Baron Samedi Coat has this necklace built into it and cannot be removed. When wearing that with the separate Baron Samedi bone necklace, the two necklaces will overlay each other with occasional clipping.



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Female Male
Baron Samedi bone necklace, female.png Unknown.png

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