Bag of Ethereal Gambit

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Blue Bag.jpg
Bag of Ethereal Gambit
Binds when Picked Up Unique
Bag of Ethereal Gambit
Reach into this hand-sized pocket dimension portal and pull something from the ether. There are no guarantees when one touches pure, elemental chance.

This bag can be bought at any Council of Venice Envoy that sells equipment for a varying amount of sequins: 30 sequins in Solomon Island, 20 sequins in Egypt, 10 sequins in Transylvania.


Upon opening, the bag has a chance to drop one of the following[1]:


You also have a chance for... I'll call it a "Ridiculous Momentary effect", including, but not limited to:

  • Jupiterian Gravity which prevents you from moving
  • Befuddling Riddle which knocks you to the ground (no damage)
  • The Hanging Man acording to the description, "An image of The Hanging Man torot card fills your mind as the world inverts." but nothing happened except my character got slowed to a walk
  • An effect that whites out the screen
  • A cartoon type "sad faced cloud" that rains on you while following you
  • An effect that drops confetti on your character
  • An effect that catches your head on fire (no damage)
  • An effect where some spotlights light up on your character and he/she dances
  • Either 11 or 22 zone sequins from any zone

All of the above effects are short lived (~5 seconds).