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List of recipes

Weapon recipes

Weapons are crafted using patterns in order to form the specific shape you desire. Only Metal can be used to create weapons. Each Weapon has a quality level associated with it and the materials must be used with a Weapon Toolkit of the same quality level in order to successfully craft the item. ALL crafted weapons come with a base damage rating and an empty Glyph slot.

Assault Rifle
Crafting rifle.jpg
Dual Pistols
Crafting dualpistols.jpg
Crafting shotgun.jpg
Crafting blade.jpg
Crafting hammer.jpg
Crafting fist.jpg
Elemental Focus
Crafting ele focus.jpg
Chaos Focus
Crafting chaos focus.jpg
Blood Focus
Crafting blood focus.jpg

Talisman recipes

Talismans come in seven different varieties and can be crafted using specific materials for the bonuses you want to apply to it:

  • Talismans created with Dust improve your healing rating.
  • Talismans created with Fire improve your attack rating.
  • Talismans created with Water improve your health.

The Head Talisman has the most effect on your stats. The Major Talismans (Finger, Neck and Wrist) have less of an effect and the Minor Talismans (Luck, Waist and Occult) have the least effect on your stats. This effectiveness also applies to Glyphs that are attached to Talismans.

Crafting talis head.jpg
Crafting talis finger.jpg
Crafting talis neck.jpg
Crafting talis wrist.jpg
Crafting talis luck.jpg
Crafting talis waist.jpg
Crafting talis occult.jpg

Glyph recipes

Glyphs are made by combining four runes in the specific glyph pattern with a Glyph toolkit, in order to achieve certain effects. These Glyphs can then be added to a weapon or talismans with a Glyph Slot in order to add the effect to them.


Up to 2 types of runes can be combined to make a glyph. You CAN mix offensive and defensive runes.

Offensive Runes:

  • Denkyem - Critical Power Rating
  • Wheel - Hit Rating
  • Lu - Critical Rating
  • Trinity - Penetration Rating

Defensive Runes:

  • Wedjat - Defense Rating
  • Pentagram - Magical Protection Rating
  • Earth - Block Rating
  • Yggdrasil - Evade Rating
  • Koru - Physical Protection Rating

Rune combo examples to use in a pattern to make Glyphs : Offensive:

  • 4x Crit Power(Denkyem) = Ferocious
  • 4x Crit(Lu) = Brutal
  • 4x Penetration(Trinity) = Piercing
  • 4x Hit(Wheel) = Accurate
  • 2x Crit(Lu) + 2x Crit Power(Denkyem) = Focused
  • 2x Crit(Lu) + 2x Penetration(Trinity) = Fierce
  • 2x Crit(Lu) + 2x Hit(Wheel)= Ruthless
  • 2x Crit Power(Denkyem) + 2x Crit(Lu) = Focused
  • 2x Crit Power(Denkyem) + 2x Penetration(Trinity) = Savage
  • 2x Crit Power(Denkyem) + 2x Hit(Wheel) = Devastating
  • 2x Penetration(Trinity) + 2x Crit(Lu) = Fierce
  • 2x Penetration(Trinity) + 2x Crit Power(Denkyem) = Savage
  • 2x Penetration(Trinity) + 2x Hit(Wheel) = Ravaging
  • 2x Hit(Wheel) + 2x Crit Power(Denkyem) = Devastating
  • 2x Hit(Wheel) + 2x Crit(Lu) = Ruthless
  • 2x Hit(Wheel) + 2x Penetration(Trinity) = Ravaging


  • 4x Magical Protection(Pentagram) = Warding
  • 4x Physical Protection(Koru) = Steadfast
  • 4x Defense(Wedjat) = Stalwart
  • 4x Block(Earth) = Solid
  • 4x Evade(Yggdrasil) = Fleeting
  • 2x Block(Earth) + Evade(Yggdrasil) = Ardent
  • 2x Block(Earth) + Defense(Wedjat) = Valorous
  • 2x Block(Earth) + Magical Protection(Pentagram) = Pure
  • 2x Block(Earth) + Physical Protection(Koru) = Vigorous
  • 2x Physical Protection(Koru) + Defense(Wedjat) = Rugged
  • 2x Physical Protection(Koru) + Magical Protection(Pentagram) = Attuned
  • 2x Physical Protection(Koru) + Evade(Yggdrasil) = Fearless
  • 2x Physical Protection(Koru) + Block(Earth) = Vigorous
  • 2x Magical Protection(Pentagram) + Physical Protection(Koru) = Attuned
  • 2x Magical Protection(Pentagram) + Defense(Wedjat) = Enchanted
  • 2x Magical Protection(Pentagram) + Evade(Yggdrasil) = Elusive
  • 2x Magical Protection(Pentagram) + Block(Earth) = Pure
  • 2x Defense(Wedjat) + Physical Protection(Koru) = Rugged
  • 2x Defense(Wedjat) + Block(Earth) = Valorous
  • 2x Defense(Wedjat) + Magical Protection(Pentagram) = Enchanted
  • 2x Defense(Wedjat) + Evade(Yggdrasil) = Resilient
  • 2x Evade(Yggdrasil) + Magical Protection(Pentagram) = Elusive
  • 2x Evade(Yggdrasil) + Defense(Wedjat) = Resilient
  • 2x Evade(Yggdrasil) + Physical Protection(Koru) = Fearless
  • 2x Evade(Yggdrasil) + Block(Earth) = Ardent

Consumable recipes

Consumables are potions and one off usable items that usually provide one time temporary buffs ranging in duration from instant to one hour buffs. They can either be crafted using specific elements or purchased from vendors in game.


When these consumables are crafted, you always get three as a result. Quality Level determines effectiveness.

  • Water: Energy Drink HoT (Heal over Time) - Heals damage every second for 10 seconds.
  • Fire: Energy Drink Leech - Heals a percentage of damage dealt for 10 seconds.
  • Dust: Energy Drink Healing - Heals damage.
  • Metal: Energy Drink Barrier - Prevents a certain amount of damage for 10 seconds.

All of the above have a 90 second cooldown after use. The cooldown applies to the whole group.

All of the below improve the listed rating for 60 minutes and are removed upon death. Only one from the group can be in effect at a time.

  • Wheel Rune: Anima Hit Rating
  • Trinity Rune: Anima Penetration Rating
  • Denkyem Rune: Anima Critical Damage Rating
  • Lu Rune: Critical Hit Chance
  • Wedjat Rune: Anima Defense Rating
  • Yggdrasil Rune: Anima Evade Rating
  • Earth Rune: Anima Block Rating
  • Koru Rune: Anima Physical Protection Rating
  • Pentagram Rune: Anima Magical Protection

Gadget recipes

Gadgets are reusable items that provide short term buffs which last for 20 seconds and can be reapplied every 2 minutes.

Stimulant recipes

Stimulants are reusable items that provide short term buffs. Buffs last for 20 seconds and can be reapplied every 2 minutes.


  • Dust = Grants 46 Healing Rating for 20 seconds.
  • Fire = Grants 46 Attack Rating for 20 seconds.
  • Water = Grants 300 Max HP for 20 seconds.


  • Denkyem = Grants 46 Critical Power Rating for 20 seconds.
  • Lu = Grants 150 Critical Rating for 20 seconds.
  • Trinity = Grants 125 Penetraing Rating for 20 seconds.
  • Wheel = Grants 125 Hit Rating for 20 seconds.
  • Wedjat = Grants 125 Defence Rating for 20 seconds.
  • Yggdrasil = Grants 139 Evade rating for 20 seconds.
  • Earth = Grants 125 Block Rating for 20 seconds.
  • Koru = Grants 83 Physical Protection for 20 seconds.
  • Pentagram = Grants 83 Magical Protection for 20 seconds.

Kickback recipes

Kickbacks are a type of gadget that provide a buff when a trigger condition is met.


[T][T][T][ ][ ]
[E][T][E][ ][ ]
[E][E][E][ ][ ]
[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

T = Trigger (In the above example, Trinity Runes for penetration.)
E = Effect (In the above example, Denkyem Runes for critical damage.)

Kickbacks are crafted from runes, where rune type T determines the trigger condition, and E the buff effect. They have the same 20 second duration and 2 minute cooldown as Stimulant gadgets. The above example, a Kickback - Penetrate, has this effect: "For 20 seconds, whenever you land a penetrating hit you gain 229 Critical Power Rating for 4 seconds. 2 minute cooldown."

Trigger Effect
Earth Block Block Rating
Lu Critical Hit Critical Rating
Trinity Penetrate Penetration Rating
Wedjat Defence Defence Rating
Wheel Non-glancing hit (30% chance of effect) Hit Rating
Yggdrasil Evade Evade Rating
Denkyem Cannot be used as Trigger Crit Power Rating
Koru Cannot be used as Trigger Physical Protection
Pentagram Cannot be used as Trigger Magical Protection

Pure Anima

Pure anima-attack rating.jpgPure anima-max health.jpgPure anima-heal rating.jpg

Pure Anima is a consumable (non-reusable) item that provides a long term buff. This buff lasts for 60 minutes and persists through death.


  • This consumable can be crafted ONLY with Pure materials and QL 10 Consumable Toolkits.
  • Only one type of Pure Anima can be active at a time but CAN be used in conjunction with a regular Anima buff.
  • This is exactly the same buff that can be bought in the store with Fun Com points but the store-bought version cannot be broken down into it's assembly components.


  • Dust = Grants +240 Heal Rating for 60 minutes.
  • Fire = Grants +240 Attack Rating for 60 minutes.
  • Water = Grants +940 Max Health for 60 minutes.


  • Currently there is not a recipe book in game although it is under discussion.[1]
  • To make crafting easier: right-click on a stack of materials to pick it up; left click while holding the stack to drop one item from the stack. This is easier and faster than constantly splitting one item from a stack.