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== Special Abilities ==
== Special Abilities ==
* Permanent Effect: [[Unknown]] - Orange-and-lightning icon, so most likely some sort of buff to his attacks.
* Permanent Effect: [[Allergic Reaction]] - Damage increased by every poison DoT on target
* Can Cast: [[Spawn from Beyond]]
* Can Cast: [[Spawn from Beyond]]
* Can Cast: [[Unknown]] - Circular AoE
* Can Cast: [[Unknown]] - Circular AoE

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Type: Unknown
Difficulty Rating: Elite
Level: {{{level}}}
Rarity: Mission monster
Damage Type: No Data
HP: 12,632
Region: Valley of the Sun God
Zone: Scorched Desert
Location: Tourist Temple
Game Version: TSWicon.png TSW

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Arbeh is a god of locusts. The name "Arbeh" itself is Old-Testament Hebrew for "A swarm of locusts". [1]

Saïd says that he is a a locust god, not a capital 'G' god.[2] The Templars state that Arbeh was, in essence, one of ten parlour tricks. While the nine other all dissipated back into their hell worlds, Arbeh clung. [3]

It seems that some of the cultists in the area have become followers of Arbeh, and have succeeded in waking him up or bringing him back to life.

Special Abilities

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