Albion Ballroom

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Albion Ballroom
Ballroom sm.jpg
Map Coordinates: (123,238)
Region: London
Zone: Hub
Type: Player versus environment

The Albion Ballroom was specifically designed to be an opportunity for players to express their creativity with ad hoc and staged presentations. The Ballroom stage is available for rent from the Booking Manager for 3 hours for 500 Marks of Favor. The rental enables a team of players access to the stage during that period.

The player who pays the rental fee becomes the Stage Director and has access to the Albion Theatre Control System, which provides access to a variety of controls. See that article for more details.

Theater Patron
The Albion Ballroom allows players to be both performers and audience for a variety of player-driven performances.


  • None



This location is not included in any current in-game achievements. However, the Opening Night achievement is related to the Albion Ballroom and faction backdrops for A Play for All Seasons are available for 10,000 Marks of Favor each from the Set Designer.

Other Information

Funcom Senior Designer Tanya Short had the following to say in an article in MMORPG: "The Albion Ballroom Theatre is a grand old façade on Mayqueen Market in London, across the street from Ealdwic Park. As of Issue 4, you’ll be able to go inside, and put on whatever kind of show your heart desires! Our goal is to empower players. Open mic night? Sketch comedy shows? Extensive Shakespearean productions? Cabaret? Music video? It's really an open toolbox – you and your friends can use the Albion to do whatever you want."

Related to Legend:Opening Night.