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Our world is currently in what is referred to as the "Fourth Age" [1].

These "ages" appear to be extremely long in duration - thousands of years - and may even be based more on the creation or destruction of a dimension rather than years on our world.

The various secret societies know that there were previous ages, although exactly how much they know is not fully disclosed.[2]



Before the first age, something had to be created.

They are referred to by the buzzing as "Builders".[3][4] Although they may also be referred to as "The Host" - He is one of the builders. He is one of the fallen Host.[4]

There are also references to "Gaia" [4] as well as an "Immaculate Machine"[5][6] which they name as Gaia.[7]

According to the buzzing, they cannot tell us who the builders are because that knowledge would cause us harm - Who were the builders? The Titans? You will know, in time, but we must not break you yet.[3] Although they do say that whoever they are, they were not human - The craft is beyond the scope of your species[8].

Agartha was built during this time - Agartha's heart is the tree. ... It grew before the First Age[9].

It appears the Gaia Engines may also have been built during this time if beings called Titans were the builders, the buzzing mentions "titan schematics" when talking about the Gaia Engines.[5] And they also mention "initiating a distress signal to the host" when one of the engines begin to leak The Filth.[5]

The Hell Dimension may have been created during this time as well. They identify Eblis, Dominus Inferni in Profondis as a builder and member of the host and say that"He helped construct Hell in the time before time before time".[4]

First Age

Very little is known about this time.

The buzzing refer to is as the age of Paradise.[10] But, they make almost no other reference to it.

The Dragon may have had beginnings in the 1st age. The buzzing says Before the before the before, a childling prophet glimpsed the Dragon's tail ... Those who listened became the first converts[11]. If the "befores" are Ages and we're in the 4th, then the prophet was in the 1st Age.

The also say that "The Nephilim lost their war, and so ended the First Age"[12] - referring to the Nephilim rebellion against the Grigori

The Second Age

The buzzing refers to the 2nd age as the age of "Awe, worship, sacrifice"[10]. However, they also call it a "toxic age"[13] It was apparently big on Ziggurats and Cathedrals - both large structures devoted to the worship of gods.[14][15]

The second age is strongly tied to the Hellspawn and the Hell Dimension. They describe that dimension as "The burning glow of the far horizon is occasionally broken by the monolithic remains of Second Age structures, relics from a time when humanity openly consorted with demons."[15]

When the buzzing is talking about Theodore Wicker coming to the hell dimension they say "His eyes see the Second Age"[16] and that he is "An impossible mortal, now immortal, with knowledge of the Second Age.[17]

The Second Age may have been a time of biological and genetic engineering, at one point the buzzing says "Do you even remember the terrifying things you used your appendix for in the Second Age?"[18] Although as cryptic as the buzzing often is, there is likely more than one interpretation to that remark.

Just as there are prophecies about the end of our world or our time, there were prophets during the Second Age as well - Long coung 1,871,995... A mystic of the Second Age prophesied the end of all his kind. He inscribed the details into stone. ... Then destruction descended - so very different from what he pretended. The means were different too. The date, off by a few."[19] (ed. Apparently their prophets weren't any more reliable than ours)

If humans openly and easily consorted with demons during the Second Age, it is a strong likely-hood that the end of the Second Age is the time when access between our dimension and the Hell Dimension closed, as well as the time when the Hell Dimension lost access to Anima.

The dragon report for War of the Totems could suggest that the Sasquatch come from the end of the Second Age or the beginning of the Third and were meant to reshape the world after its seperation from the Hell Dimensions: "They are remnants of an older age, tools of an Earth that sought to regulate itself. After acts of great change, great reshaping, these beasts were as gardeners tending to the raw wounds of transformation."[20]

The Third Age

The third age we have much more knowledge about, and can even sometimes find artifacts left over from that age. The people of that time are referred to as "sea-faring people",[13] as well as there being references to water levels and ships[14], and also Atlantis, (an Atlantean frequency[13]).

Cucuvea is possibly one of the only beings still alive from the third age. Either that, or she is pretty familiar with their every-day technology somehow.[21]

This age is referred to by the buzzing as "the age of the engine"[10]. Their science and technology was apparently very advanced, and was also apparently run by Anima.[13] The buzzing -- "The Third Age built machines for every purpose."[22] Richard Sonnac -- "Gladstone is beside himself. Not literally, of course. Though he insists the Third Age did make a machine for that sort of thing. Apparently they made a machine for everything."[23] Saïd - "it is possible to tweak the past ... The Third Age had it all down to a science. They had everything down to a science."[24]

One of the technologies of the Third Age that survived to our age is the Time Tombs. These allow you to travel through time. Apparently the 3rd Age tried to use them to travel back to the time of the second age, although they were not successful.[10]. They somehow tied into Agartha and used it to travel through time rather than across space.[25]

The buzzing seems to reference that the Illuminati began during this age. They began in Egypt ... But that was not the first beginning ... do you really think this in the first age.[26]

As with the Second Age, they had prophecies of their end of times. Although again, apparently they were wrong on the time and details.[27] According to the buzzing, the third-age ended largely due in part because Lilith released one of a Dreaming One from its slumber. "She raised a Dreaming One from its prison. ... thinking she could control the pandemonium ... That age collapsed in screams under tentacular skies"[28]

Fourth Age

The 4th age is the current age. The buzzing refers to it as "the age of fear".[10].

There is no mention of the The Filth before the Fourth Age, so perhaps that will be the gigantic event that our age becomes known for.


  • Ages are energy transitions (See this Forum Thread) - Even-numbered ages bring about a change in dominant energy types while the odd-numbered ages are heydays for those energy/lifeforms
    • Age 0 - Creation. A change to "Arcane Energy" (mentioned as used in the Hell Dimension[29])
    • Age 1 - The utopian age for "Arcane Energy".
    • Age 2 - A change from "Arcane" to Anima energy, perhaps part of what caused the destruction in the Hell Dimension
    • Age 3 - The utopian age for Anima with all of their science and technology powered by it.
    • Age 4 - A transitional age, from from Anima driven energy and life to whatever comes next - Perhaps The Filth driven energy and life.