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SWLicon.png This article concerns content for Secret World Legends. For the TSW Classic version, click here.

Achievements are acknowledgements that a character has performed some special deed. They could be earned by fully exploring and area, completing a number of missions or certain missions, killing a number of monsters, collecting lore, etc.

Most achievements award "Achievement Points", a number you can use to compare how many achievements you've completed. Most achievements have an Experience points award associated with them. And some achievements also give rewards upon completion - titles, clothing, etc.

Achievements can be earned in any of the following areas:

  • Regional - In addition to exploring, there are achievements that can be earned by doing various things that are specific to a region.
  • Exploration - Earned by exploring all the various nooks and crannies on the map, there are achievements for each zone in a region as well as the region as a whole.
  • Legends - Similar to exploring, there are achievements for gathering various Legends that can be found throughout the world.
  • Collections - Achievements for collecting Pets, Sprints, and Clothing.
  • Combat - There are achievements for unlocking and mastering the various Weapons, as well as raising your Faction Rank
  • Monsters - These are achievements you get for killing different types of monsters.
  • Bosses - Achievements for killing unusual monsters - rare spawns, lair monsters, etc.
  • Missions - There are achievements for completing special types of missions, missions for various groups, missions from various regions, or total number of missions completed.
  • Activities - Achievements related to scenarios, dungeons, PVP, and raids.
  • Museum of the Occult - Achievements related to the British Museum of the Occult.
  • Agent Network - Achievements related to the Agent Network
  • Crafting - Achievements for leveling and fusing Weapons and Talismans
  • Events - Achievements for various events that only happen during certain times of the year.

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