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The Ability Wheel section is comprised of three distinct wheel-like displays (Augment, Main, and Auxiliary) for different ability point (AP) purchases in the "Character Ability Points" portion of the GUI. It can be accessed in-game by pressing "N", or by selecting "Ability Wheel (N)" from the "Menu" drop-down menu.

Ability Wheel Round.png
The Main Wheel is used for the abilities related to a character's main Weapons.
The Auxiliary Wheel is used for the abilities related to a character's Auxiliary weapons.
The Augment Wheel is used for the abilities that supplement the character's main weapons.

  • For more information about the "Character Ability Points" screen, and what can be accessed from it, see GUI.
  • For more information about purchasing abilities, see Ability Point.
  • For more information about types of abilities, their terminology, and effects, see Ability.
  • The term "Ability Wheel" is often incorrectly used to refer to the "Main Wheel" during in-game chat.

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