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The AEGIS (Anima Enhancement Global Integration System) is a new type of combat equipment developed cooperatively by Váli, Manticore, and Anansi subdivisions of the Orochi Group.

AEGIS is an addition to the combat system, added in Update 1.9. Instead of adding more powerful abilities or weapons, it creates a system that requires players to adjust to to each monster they face. While the acronym "AEGIS" specifically refers to the new gear that characters can equip, it is often used when describing monster abilities that make use of these energy types as well.

There are six basic components to the AEGIS system: Energy Type, Shields, Skills, Controllers, Capacitors, and Modules.

Energy Types

There are Currently three types of AEGIS energy in the game. Each is indicated by a unique color:

  • Demonic (Red)
  • Psychic (Purple)
  • Cybernetic (Cyan)


Monsters can make use of any of these energy types to create shields to protect themselves from players. Stronger monsters may have multiple shields of different types over lapping. Players must first destroy the shield (or shields) by using the appropriate Controller to create similar AEIGS energy in their attacks. Only after all of the monsters AEGIS shields have been destroyed will the players be able to hurt the monster itself - it will not lose any HP at all as long as it has a shield up.

You can determine the type of the monsters topmost shield by looking at their health bar. It will have a thicker health bar than normal, and the color the will indicate the energy type of the shield. Red for Demonic, purple for Psychic, or Cyan for Cybernetic. The number displayed is the strength of the shield. If the monster has a second shield under the top one, it's energy type will be indicated by a colored dot to the right of the monsters health bar.

Note that monsters using Psychic shields will have an ability called Psychic Renewal that will regenerate their Psychic shield to full strength. Monsters with Cybernetic shields will have an Auto Repair ability that will regenerate their Cybernetic shields to half strength. There has been no reports of any abilities that regenerate demonic shields.

In later updates it may be possible for players to get AEGIS shields as well.


AEGIS skills work just like other skills. There are three tracks that you can point points into - Proficiency, Efficiency, and Persistence. See their main articles for details. But, in general:

  • Proficiency reduces the time it takes to swap your Controller
  • Efficiency increases the amount of damage your controller converts to AEGIS damage
  • Persistence increases the strength of the players shields

However, unlike previous weapon skills, you cannot max out just one of these lines while putting zero points in the other. Both show diminishing returns as you level them up. And, unlike primary weapons, there does not seem to be any skill or level check tied to your AEGIS skill level.


Controllers are the heart of the players AEGIS system. They attach your your weapons, and convert your normal damage into AEGIS damage. Each weapon can have up to three controllers attached to it, although only one per weapon is active at any given time. Controllers are attached to your weapons via your Character Sheet.

Once you have attached your controllers to your weapons, you will have two new buttons over your abilities bar on your main GUI. These buttons let you rotate through the three controller positions on each weapon. Letting you change controller type without having to open your Character Sheet.

NOTE: Changing your controller while in combat locks all of your abilities for 4 seconds, so you typically want to have them set up before entering combat. Increasing your Proficiency skill can decrease that cooldown time.

Controller Types

Controllers can be broken down by the type of energy they convert, how they convert it, and who manufactured it.

Each manufacturer makes Disruption controllers, but of only two energy types.

Controller Powers

Every controller, regardless of type or manufacturer converts a percentage of your normal damage in AEGIS damage. A v1.0 controller will convert 5% of the damage. Upgrading the controller increases the amount of damage converted. You can also increase the amount converted by increasing your Efficiency skill.

Additionally, controllers have secondary effects. The exact effect is dependent on the controller's energy type, conversion type, and manufacturer. There are currently a total of 6 possible combinations of controllers. NOTE: Secondary effects do NOT increase or change as the controller is upgraded.

Cybernetic Anansi When you destroy a cybernetic AEGIS shield, the regeneration time of the enemy shield is increased by 1.5 seconds. Cybernetic Controller, Anansi.png
Manticore Whenever you hit a cybernetic AEGIS, you have 10% chance to heal yourself and up to four close allies for 25 HP. Cybernetic Controller, Manticore.png
Demonic Manticore Whenever you hit a demonic AEGIS, you have 10% chance to generate a disruptor effect inflicting 30 points of additional AEGIS demonic damage. Demonic Controller, Manticore.png
Vali Whenever you hit a demonic AEGIS, you have 10% chance to gain a beneficial effect that lasts for 4 seconds and heals you 12 HP per second. Demonic Controller, Vali.png
Psychic Anansi Whenever you hit a psychic AEGIS, you have 10% chance to recover 40 HP. Psychic Controller, Anansi.png
Vali When you destroy a psychic AEGIS shield, the regeneration time of the enemy shield is increased by 0.5 seconds. Psychic Controller, Vali.png

For each controller icon - there is an underlying icon for the Energy Type. Over that is a box with the icon for the manufacture inside of it. The box is also color-coded to the Energy Type.

Controller Upgrades

Controllers start as v1.0. You can upgrade them by 0.1 each time a total of 9 times. Giving you a maximum controller level of v1.9. Each upgrade increases the amount of damage the controller can convert to AEGIS damage. Note that it does not increase any secondary effects the controller may have.

The damage the controller converts with each upgrade is shown below:

  • v1.0: 5.0% damage converted
  • v1.1: 5.9% damage converted
  • v1.2: 6.8% damage converted
  • v1.3: 7.7% damage converted
  • v1.4: 8.6% damage converted
  • v1.5: 9.5% damage converted
  • v1.6: 10.4% damage converted
  • v1.7: 11.3% damage converted
  • v1.8: 12.2% damage converted
  • v1.9: 13.1% damage converted

As you use your controllers, you will gain Research data. Once you have 100% of the Research data necessary to upgrade, you can do so. Your current level of Research data for each controller can be seen by opening your Character Sheet and hovering your mouse over it.

To upgrade the controller, you must purchase a Memory Expansion Module Mk I if upgrading to 1.1 thru 1.4. For upgrading to 1.5 thru 1.9 you purchase a Memory Expansion Module Mk II. You then put the controller in your Crafting UI and the Memory Expansion Module in the toolkit box.


Capacitors can be added to your controllers to give them extra power. This will increase the amount of damage the controller converts to AEGIS damage.

You attach capacitors via your Character Sheet, just as the Controllers are equipped. There are four identical slots for capacitors, and any capacitor can go in any of those four slots. The slots contribute to both active controllers and so the position you equip the capacitor in does not matter. The benefit from capacitors are cumulative and stack with each other.

In order to equip a capacitor, you must have at least one controller equipped with a similar level. The Quality Level of the Capacitor maps to the .x value of the Controller. So, in order to quip a Quality Level2 Capacitor, you must have at least one v1.2 or higher controller equipped. Note that not all controllers need to be v1.2 - only the highest version is taken into consideration. Once you have equipped the Capacitor, it does not matter what the level of your active Controller is - you will still gain the bonus from the Capacitor as long as you keep at least one controller with a high enough level in the rotation.

The amount of damage increase gained by equipping a capacitor is shown below (this is per-capacitor, multiple capacitors would stack bonuses):

  • QL0 = + 2.0 - 2.4%
  • QL1 = + 2.5 - 2.9%
  • QL2 = + 3.0 - 3.4%
  • QL3 = + 3.5 - 3.9%
  • QL4 = + 4.0 - 4.4%
  • QL5 = + 4.5 - 5.0%
  • QL6 = + 5.1 - 5.6%
  • QL7 = + 5.7 - 6.2%
  • QL8 = + 6.3 - 6.8%
  • QL9 = + 6.9 - 7.5%

With four QL9 capacitors equipped, the bonus would be 27.6 - 30%


Modules are similar to Capacitors except that instead of adding extra power, they add additional effects. There are two slots for Modules in your AEGIS system, and are equipped via your Character Sheet just like the other components. However, unlike Capacitors, their effects do NOT stack. You can only have one module of any type equipped.

The name of the module indicates it's effect, and can be broken down into a prefix and suffix. The prefix indicates the Trigger for the module - what has to happen in order for the effect to take place. The suffix indicates the Effect of the module - what happens once it is triggered. For each prefix and suffix, they can also be broken down into "affects enemy" or "affects self".


These modules trigger effects that affect (debuff) your enemy:

  • Displaced: When the target is impaired
  • Hijacked: When target is hindered
  • Leech: When target's AEGIS shield is damaged, there is a 20% chance to trigger EFFECT
  • Redirected: When target becomes weakened
  • Shattering: When the enemy's AEGIS shield is destroyed

These modules trigger effects that affect (buff) you:

  • Critical: When you make a critical hit
  • Destructive: When the enemy's AEGIS shield is destroyed
  • Enhanced: When the target's AEGIS is damaged, there is a 20% chance of triggering an AoE EFFECT
  • Hindering: When you hinder
  • Impairing: When you impair
  • Penetrating: When you make a penetrating hit
  • Target: When the enemies AEGIS shield is damaged, there is a 20% chance to trigger EFFECT
  • Weakening: When target becomes weakened


These module have effects that affect (debuff) your enemy:

  • Antagonism: Increases your level in the monster's Hate list by a set amount
  • Bypass: Does a bonus amount of AEGIS damage
  • Feedback Loop: Makes the enemy Inflicted with a DoT that does AEGIS damage to their shield
  • Overload: Makes the enemy Hindered
  • Override: Makes the enamy Impaired

These modules have effects that affect (buff) you:

  • Alacrity: Increases your movement speed
  • Rejuvination: Gives you a HoT
  • Restoring: Heals you for a set amount


When you first gain controllers, at the end of the Back to the Beginning mission, you will want to equip the Demonic controller on your primary weapon and then Psychic and Cybernetic on your second weapon. Initially nearly all mobs you fight will have Demonic shields and so that is the controller you will use primarily. However - Research data is acquired for each controller you have active. So even if you are not using your Psychic or Cybernetic controllers, you will want to have one or the other equipped and rotate them out periodically so that they can gain Research data as well.