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They deserve their six feet, same as everyone else. - Jack Boone

Once normal humans, Zombies are corpses who are walking, grabbing and biting any human they come across.



Once the fog pulled back from Solomon Island, surrounding it instead. Most humans had already vanished into ocean. Those that did not, banded together and waited, then the ones that did returned from the ocean as Zombies.[1] These Zombies were eventually found to be under the command of the Draug directing the dead locals of Solomon island against its survivors.[2]

Some of those that did not go to the seas were physically restrained[3] or magically protected.[4]


Zombies have no heartbeat, no flow of blood, and no evidence of brain activity.[5]


Zombies seem fairly basic in intelligence, aside from walking towards movement and noise, they don't show any other signs of awareness.[5] Zombies usually attack in groups when a draug warmonger is present and commanding them.[2] Some draug warriors also command zombies to dig in mass graves so they can reanimate older corpses.[6]

They can easily be lured into dangerous areas such as fire and will not try to avoid it. Players can use loud noises such as car alarms to summon zombies towards them.[5]

The black toxin from underneath Priest Island is causing Zombies to mutate further, with expanding muscle mass and new neural activity, and also turning them independent from the Draug.[7]

Reanimated Warriors are summoned when the cursed Idol of Nergal is carried outside of a warded zone, whenever the Akkadia hell god of the underworld feels threatened.[8]

The Book of the Bokor has a recipe for a powder that disorients zombies.[9]


  • Zombie Runner - Most zombies are fast runners made from the corpses of the recently dead when the mists surrounded Solomon Island.[5][10]
  • Dry Shambler - Slow and dirty zombies made from the long buried dead before the mists came to Solomon Island.[5][10]
  • Wet Shambler - Zombies made from corpses of the drowned, that will be turned into Incubator by the Draug Broodwitches.[10]
  • Zombie Cultist - The slowest type of zombies, they are capable of casting magic and were made from the corpses of primordial priests, banished magi, practitioners of black magic, worshippers who sacrificed and were sacrificed. They work independently from the Draug and are digging up their brothers, summoning their leaders, preparing rituals for their ancient gods. Something in Kingsmouth soil nurtured their mystical talents and made them stronger. When the remains of zombie cultist are burned they turn the flame to a mystical blue hue. They also lit fires of the same colour where they dwell to practice their dark rituals.[10]
  • Zombie Hulks - Some zombies have mutated into huge lurking creatures often referred to as "Zombie Hulks".[5] The reasons for the mutation can are varied: Infection by black disease, imbued by dark magic, given strength by the cannibalistic gorging on rotten flesh or their Draug Masters.[1]


Monster - Zombies
Name Objective
Condition 17s Kill 10 Zombies
25 Days Later Kill 25 Zombies
Graveyard Shift Kill 50 Zombies
Burying Ground Kill 100 Zombies
Bokor Basher Kill 500 Zombies
Soulless Consumerism Kill 1,000 Zombies
Night of the Dying Dead Kill 5,000 Zombies
Romero Kill 10,000 Zombies

Zombies Rares
Name Objective
Mr Freezie Kill Mr Freezie rare spawn
Nattfari Kill Nattfari rare spawn
The Lurker Kill Coach Roarke rare spawn


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