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So far, three different types have been seen:

  • Thunderer - They tend to throw boulders, and typically have a column attack
  • Smasher - They tend to fight in melee range, and have a PBAoE smash attack
  • Mother - A larger version, that seems to have the abilities of both the Thunderer and Smasher types.
    • So far no information about a "father zemeu" or how they breed has been found


So far, 3 different "herds" of Zmeu have been seen:

Special Abilities

All Zmeu are infected by filth and have the Slough Filth ability


Monster - Zmeu
Name Objective
Troll kalla mik Kill 10 Zmeu
trungl sjotrungnis Kill 25 Zmeu
auðsug jotuns, Kill 50 Zmeu
élsólar bol, Kill 100 Zmeu
vilsinn volu, Kill 500 Zmeu
vorð nafjarðar, Kill 1,000 Zmeu
hvélsveg himins - Kill 5,000 Zmeu
hvat's troll nema þat Kill 10,000 Zmeu