Zamira Vata

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Zamira Vata

Background Information
Species: Human
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Zamira Vata may be the polar opposite of the Templars stereotype, but she’s right in line with Richard Sonnac's vision of the ‘New Templars’. Thus, to recruitment officers, she may be the perfect ambassador for the revisionist policies that have opened the doors to so many new initiates.

Without any sort of lineage to speak of, and with a modicum of tact, she’s managed to enrage many of the old guard -- Zamira couldn’t care less. She didn’t join the Templars for rank, title or wealth. She joined to take a stand, to do her duty, to use her unique talents to protect the innocent against the rising darkness. And she is certainly no less dedicated to the cause and the crusade than those who were born into it. Quite the opposite.

Currently between assignments, Zamira spends her days at The Horned God awaiting marching orders and imbibing plenty of lager with her unlikely friend and reluctant compatriot Konrad Engel; a representative of the old guard who has lost faith in the Templars war machine. The two appear to bicker constantly, but there’s a deep respect between them that gives hope for an eventual conciliation between the increasingly divergent factions within the dusty halls of the Templars.[1]

Zamira assists new recruits of the Templars after their "visit" with the The Fallen King and points them toward Richard Sonnac.


Involved in

width Might Makes Right
width Virgula Divina



  • Yourself #1
Zamira Vata: I'm the sign of the times, blood. Young, female, from the colonies
Zamira Vata: - second generation - and proudly wearing the red of the Templars.
Zamira Vata: My grandparents would've been lucky to polish silver spoons at the Temple Club...
Zamira Vata: if they hadn't been making a killing selling hexes in Marylebone.
Zamira Vata: We're the New Templars now, seen?
Zamira Vata: Dragging the cross kicking and screaming into the new Millennium.
Zamira Vata: "Out with the blue blood, in with the new blood."
Zamira Vata: Yeah, that's good, innit? Thought of that one myself.
Konrad Engel: I honestly fear for our future.
Zamira Vata: Don't mind "Herr Positive Vibes," he knows we'll be the ones to save the red throne.
Zamira Vata: This is our time to make a difference. To show the old boys' club how we roll out of the Dark Ages.
Zamira Vata: The way things are headed, we get one shot at it.
Zamira Vata: A real once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
Zamira Vata: Only with everyone's lifetime at stake.

Konrad Engel

  • Konrad Engel #1
Zamira Vata: My mate here, Konrad, he's a relic of the past and he likes to bitch about it.
Konrad Engel: What some people call "bitch," I call having an opinion. Potatoes, potatoes.
Zamira Vata: You make "bitch" sound so dirty.
Zamira Vata: He enjoys having "opinions" and he don't mind spending an evening arguing his opinions.
Zamira Vata: On everything. I respect that.
Zamira Vata: "No progress without potatoes, potatoes," right?
Konrad Engel: If you are going to quote me, my dear, I would appreciate it if you didn't butcher it with a dull cleaver.
Konrad Engel: "Uniform agreement rarely leads to progress." Is the quote.
Zamira Vata: Right there, see what I mean?

The Morninglight

  • The Morninglight #1
Zamira Vata: The Morninglight? Give me a bloody break.
Zamira Vata: Fresh as strawberries, the lot of them.
Zamira Vata: Think they know the secrets of the world, but their world is measured by personality tests
Zamira Vata: and pledges of eternal allegiance to a hustler.
  • The Morninglight #2
Zamira Vata: I don't know what their game is, and I don't care, but you want my opinion?
Zamira Vata: Look, no one's perfect, yeah? Marquard, all of them:
Zamira Vata: they've got their skeletons, and the deeper they're buried, the bigger they usually are.
  • The Morninglight #3
Zamira Vata: Judging from that pretty face of his on the magazine covers, him and his picture perfect family,
Zamira Vata: Marquard's skeletons must be the size of bloody elephants.
Zamira Vata: Listen, I believe in making a new world.
Zamira Vata: I'm an idealist at heart, I believe humanity has potential
Zamira Vata: and it's up to us to unlock that potential...
Zamira Vata: but I don't need to take a bleeding personality test to tell me who I am or what I'm bleeding capable of.

The Secret World

  • The Secret World #1
Zamira Vata: Jumping to get cracking, eh, FOB? I'm with you.
Zamira Vata: The battlefield's where us Templars belong.
Zamira Vata: I just got back from the Congo, me. You wouldn't believe what they've got hiding in that jungle.
Zamira Vata: Got close to a permanent end on at least two occasions -
Zamira Vata: you'll be careful, it can happen, they don't tell you about that -
Zamira Vata: but it was worth it.
Zamira Vata: It's true what they say about dark days coming, and we need our whole army out there fighting,
Zamira Vata: not down the pub measuring the size of our trophy cabinets.
Zamira Vata: You're only as good as your last kill.
Zamira Vata: That's the new way. Nor more basking in the glory of past achievements.
Zamira Vata: That's your cue, Konrad.
Konrad Engel: We fought wars long before text message magic and MP3 spells.
Konrad Engle: I have no need to defend my position.
Zamira Vata: Blood, you don't even own a mobile.