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Type: Non-player Character
Headquarters: Tokyo

Zagan (slogan: "Feeding Excellence") is one of the eight subsidiaries[1] of the Orochi Group. They are primarily involved in production of packaged food and drinks, and also researching and developing technologies for healthy and sustainable foods. In the Orochi Tower the player witnesses their experiments with vat-grown meat and with food either marketed to or harvested from supernatural entities. Bingo Cola seems to be a Zagan product, and vended in two locations of Orochi Tower.

The Buzzing comments: "Board members discuss psychochemical drugs in food as a behavioural modification. In a rain forest, zombie ants shamble up the branches, mind-controlled by the aggressive fungus soon to burst from their bodies. Get the joke?" [2] (The zombie-ant cordyceps[3] fungus is also evoked in the names and in the climbing habits of some of the filth infected of Kaidan).

The Buzzing and Templar research both link Zagan to Sycoil: R. Sonnac's debrief text for The Filth Amendment warns that "...a subsidiary called Sycoil pumps up oil and another called Zagan pumps out baby food. Now, I have it on good record that - at a certain point in the Orochi chain - both pump through the same treatment channels."[4] The Buzzing reports: "A reassuring commercial for Sycoil energy bleeds into a staccato ad for Diet Zagan Cola. An acrid aftertaste of carcinogen rapture. You reach for a can. Synthetic. No sugar. Weep for the false sweetness, pleasuring your tongue even as it eats your brain cells." Turning oil into drink ranks among the powers of Zagan's goetic namesake (see below).

Zagan occupies floors 2-9 of Orochi Tower in Kaidan.


Zagan is a goetic demon described, in the Lesser Keys of Solomon and in the Pseudomonarchia Daeomonum, as a "Great King and President of Hell", commanding thirty-three legions and able to turn blood into wine or oil, oil into blood, water into wine (or vice versa), and a fool into a wise man. He is depicted as a griffin-winged bull that can turn human. No such being has yet been encountered in-game.

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