You Only Die Twice

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You Only Die Twice
Dragan Dzoavich.png
Region: Transylvania
Zone: Carpathian Fangs
Start Coords: (632,1085)
End location: [[(221,175)]]
Given by: Dragan Dzoavich
Type: Action
Requires: When the Hatchet Falls
Reward: No Data
Game Version: TSWicon.png TSW
Added in: Update 1.7

This mission is granted automatically upon completion of the mission When the Hatchet Falls. It can also be taken by itself from Dragan Dzoavich after it has been completed once.

Dragan informed you how to override the Nursery's lockdown from the Orochi comms center. However, once the override is initiated all local Orochi personnel will race back to the Nursery. You must be quicker than them.



Dragan Dzoavich: (As you approach a teddy bear sitting on a chair, Dragan approaches with a gun drawn) Back. Away. From. The Bear.
Dragan Dzoavich: (Pointing the gun at you) The last time you were here you forgot something.
Dragan Dzoavich: Somebody.
Dragan Dzoavich: The little guy wants me to trust you. He thinks you can help her. Me,
Dragan Dzoavich: I think you abandoned her when the stakes got too high.
Dragan Dzoavich: (lowering his gun) It's hypocritical of me to chastise you.
Dragan Dzoavich: We are the thralls to the ruthless nature of the organizations we work for.
Dragan Dzoavich: I learned what they are capable of at Chernobyl in '86.
Dragan Dzoavich: It isn't easy to be the one forgotten...
Dragan Dzoavich: You're here for the Nursery?
Dragan Dzoavich: It was one of the locations where they kept her...
Dragan Dzoavich: and others like her.
Dragan Dzoavich: I thought she might be there, but when the vampires attacked the chasm,
Dragan Dzoavich: the Nursery was locked down. Sealed from the inside.
Dragan Dzoavich: There is only one place where it can be overridden.
Dragan Dzoavich: If you go up there an override the lockdown, there will be troops swarming all over this valley in minutes.
Dragan Dzoavich: The corporation can't have their experiments showing up on the evening news.
Dragan Dzoavich: Emma seems to like you; you found her before. Do it again.
Dragan Dzoavich: (Pointing the gun at you again) And this time,
Dragan Dzoavich: don't forget!

Tier 2

Approaching Dragan Dzoavich at the snowmobile

Dragan Dzoavich: That was the easy part.
Dragan Dzoavich: According to this about three minutes ago a convoy of trucks left a nearby military installation carrying enough C4 to level a small city.
Dragan Dzoavich: If you let them get close enough - they'll seal the dam.
Dragan Dzoavich: For them to get close, they need to reach the bridge.
Dragan Dzoavich: You can see where this is going.
Dragan Dzoavich: They will be coming through the Baca Tunnel. you need to get there first and wait for them.
Dragan Dzoavich: When they come through do your best to make sure they don't reach the bridge.
Dragan Dzoavich: (Pointing to the snowmobile) I've filled the tank.
Dragan Dzoavich: (Handing you the teddy bear) And take this.
Dragan Dzoavich: If you find her, she's going to need it more than me.

Tier 5

As you come running up to the bridge

The Council Agent comes up to you while both of you are taking cover from Orochi gunfire
Council Agent: I was going to warn you this is a trap,
Council Agent: but I appear to be fashionably late, darling.
Council Agent: (Holding up a parachute) You would look much more fetching wearing this.
Council Agent: Quickly!
Council Agent: Do not worry. I have left a nasty surprise for them.
Council Agent: There is just one slight problem.
Council Agent: If we stay here, my nasty surprise will kill us too.
Council Agent: So...
The Council Agent stands up, runs to the side of the bridge and jumps off.
After a moment, you stand up and follow, using your parachute once you're free of the bridge.
A helicopter comes up and hovers over the bridge, firing at you.
The Council Agent's "Surprise" explodes - not only taking out soldiers on the bridge, but catching the helicopter as well.
The helicopter crashes as you drift to the ground

Journal Entries

  • Tier 1: Go to the Orochi comms center and override the lockdown on the Nursery, just as Dragan instructed.
    • Go to the Orochi Coms Center
    • Use communications terminal
  • Tier 2: The lockdown is overridden, but the alarm is sounded! The Orochi swarm like hornets back to the Nusrery [sp]. You have to stop them from getting there first.
    • Meet up with Dragan
    • Get on the Snowmobile
    • Intercept the Orochi convoy at Baca Tunnel
    • Set Trap for the Convoy
    • Find Cover Beside The Road
    • Wait for Convoy To Pass
  • Tier 3: You managed to whittle down the Orochi convoy. Keep moving! Stop them from getting to the Nursery first.
    • Get to the next intercept point
    • Set Trap for the Convoy
    • Find Cover Beside The Road
    • Wait for Convoy To Pass
  • Tier 4: You played havoc on the Orochi convoy, but it is still on the move. Hurry and set more traps for them.
    • Get to the next intercept point
    • Set Trap for the Convoy
    • Find Cover Beside The Road
    • Wait for Convoy To Pass
  • Tier 5: The Orochi are closing in. Get to the bridge!
    • Get to the Bridge




The child allowed himself to shiver once. Hurricanes begin with much less. The child stamped his foot seventeen times. Do you understand the importance of what is about to happen? What do you say to the threshold that yawns before you?


Odd that this Dragan Dzoavich is helping you against his own people. My intel shows him to be a decades long veteran in Orochi's security forces. A sniper who's put down things from this and other worlds. Ice cold killer. And now you say he's cashing in all his chips on a little girl and talking to her teddy bear? We'll worry about that later. Eyes on the prize. You worked in some thrilling heroics, made Orochi look silly, and found the Nursery. We are way past polite daggers under the table with these people, so you may as well crack the pinata and see what's inside. Ciao-ciao.



I see your adventures have been quite... cinematic. I caution you to swallow your adrenalin and put on a most serious mind before entering this Nursery. We know the horrors of the Amity House, Orochi's work with children, and the importance of whatever dread purpose this all furthers. All dark speculations point to the Nursery. Remember that you are a lion of the Templars, and you are about to prowl into a menacing place. Audaces fortuna iuvat.

R. Sonnac


There are 5 tiers to this mission.

Tier 1/5

  • Go to the Orochi Coms Center
  • Use communications terminal
    • Inside at tent, located at (880,965)
    • Select "Override Nursery Lockdown" (Option 1 then 3)
    • After you select it, you will hear the following on the radio:
      • Unknown
      • All units converge on the Nursery and secure at all costs. This supersedes all other objectives. The Nursery must be sealed.
      • Type 1 terminal authorisation released. Repeat: you are authorised to kill.

Tier 2/5

  • Meet up with Dragan
    • Dragan Dzoavich, marked on your map
      • If you remain near the tent and walk towards the marker, rather than heading down the way you came up towards the X on the map you will find a "Zipline" yellow-outlined item on the edge of the wall. You can use it for a quick way down.
  • Get on the Snowmobile
    • Don't get on until ready to go, especially if with others
    • Remaining steps are timed - you have 2 minutes to complete each step
    • Snowmobiles obviously travel better on snow - stay off roads and rocks as much as possible to go as fast as possible
    • If you go the wrong way or run out of time, you'll have to restart from the beginning of the step you're currently on
    • Follow the red floating markers that show you which way to go. They can sometimes be hard to see, so if in doubt you can typically see enemy Orochi Winter Soldier on snowmobiles, and you just have to follow them
    • Your normal ability bar has been replaced by a 4-item bar - you can use that for turbo boost or to attack nearby Orochi Winter Soldier snowmobilers
  • Intercept the Orochi convoy at Baca Tunnel
    • Ride the snowmobile to the area marked on the map
  • Set Trap for the Convoy
    • Use the landmines on the road
  • Find Cover Beside The Road
    • Go to the area marked on your map
  • Wait for Convoy To Pass
    • Wait for the convoy to hit the landmines

Tier 3/5

  • Get to the next intercept point
    • Marked on your map.
    • Remember to stay on the snow as much as possible
  • Set Trap for the Convoy
    • Use the landmines here
  • Find Cover Beside The Road
    • Go to the area marked
  • Wait for Convoy To Pass
    • Wait for this convoy to hit the mines

Tier 4/5

  • Get to the next intercept point
    • On the snowmobile again
  • Set Trap for the Convoy
    • More landmines
  • Find Cover Beside The Road
    • More trees
  • Wait for Convoy To Pass
    • More explosions

Tier 5

  • Get to the Bridge
    • Through the tunnel to the bridge
    • When the snowmobile breaks down, continue on foot
    • Cutscene will play

Other Information

  • Pick up the side mission Red Snow before getting on the snowmobile - it's objective is to plow down Orochi while on the snowmobile and so is easy to do at the same time as this one.
  • Completion of this mission automatically grants the The Sound of Children mission

Related Achievements

  • This mission is required for the A Dream to Kill achievement
  • The achievement Snowfall can only be completed while on this mission




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