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Having had a cruel death, Spectres have returned to the realm of the living, whether due to their own will or another's. Don't confuse these returned-living creatures as a simple apparition or poltergeist. Spectres are far more dangerous, having the ability to distort matter.

Despite accounts of Spectres from different eras, they all wear the same black finery, perhaps bestowed for the new realm of torment they exist in.



Spectre's have a fairly unique ability mechanic - in that they have what is effectively a "Permanent Effect" ability, that is always on, and yet changes how it functions every 30 seconds. When targeted, they will have either Phase In or Phase Out as an active buff. That buff will be on a timer (30 seconds), and when that timer expires the buff will flip from one phase to the other. Once the Spectre is engaged in combat, the Phase buff will remain in whichever state it was when combat started. So, players that are heavily Magical damage or Physical damage may want to wait for the appropriate phase before attacking if they need an edge.



Wraith are a more dangerous and hateful form of Spectre. They wield scythes which cut through time itself with each swing. Basically death incarnate, one must muster courage to stand against this formidable opponent.

Wraith have been mentioned by a developer, who describes that players may seek to trap a wraith by chasing it through a series of mirrors until they can trick it to instead enter the projected image of a mirror.[1]


Monster - Spectres
Name Objective
Seeing Things Kill 10 Spectres
Spectral Evidence Kill 25 Spectres
Seance Kill 50 Spectres
Scream Kill 100 Spectres
Haunted House Kill 500 Spectres
Laying to Rest Kill 1,000 Spectres
Broken Spectres Kill 5,000 Spectres
I See Dead People Kill 10,000 Spectres

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