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SWLicon.png This article concerns content for Secret World Legends. For the TSW Classic version, click here.

"Krampusnacht" is the Yule event, and borrows heavily from real-world Norse Mythology, specifically that of Niflheim, Hel, and Krampus.


  • 2017 - 2017-Dec-12 thru 2018-Jan-02
  • 2018 - 2018-Dec-12 thru 2019-Jan-02





Fog and Mirrors 2018


Daily Logon

Malevolent Snowflake

From the Malevolent Snowflake, the following items are given out in the following order, each time you open a snowflake. If you already have an item on the list, the next item down that you don't have will be given instead:

  1. Emote: Throw Snowball
  2. Clothing : Elfin cap, green AND Elfin tunic, green
  3. Title: Hypothermal
  4. Clothing: Ugly woollen sweater, faction colored AND Clothing: Plastic Elf ears
  5. Pet: Revenant Polar Bear
  6. Clothing: Knitted festive sweater, grey AND Clothing: Knit pop-pop hat, grey
  7. Title: Winter's Soldier AND Clothing: Pajama onesie, white
  8. Pet: Holiday Devil
  9. Clothing: Ski pants, black AND Clothing: Ski jacket, black AND Clothing: Winter boots, black
  10. Sprint: Wintry Flurry
  11. Clothing: The Wassailer - Chest, festive AND Clothing: The Wassailer - Feet, festive
  12. Clothing: Festive scary snowman mask AND Title: Spirit of the Season
  13. Clothing: The Wassailer - Gloves, festive AND Clothing: The Wassailer - Legs, festive
  14. Clothing: The Wassailer - Coat, festive AND Clothing: The Wassailer - Neck, festive AND Clothing: The Wassailer - Hat, festive
  15. Sprint: Flightless Reindeer
  16. (and later) 2,000 Anima Shards

Item Reward Bag (Mother of a Season)

From the mission Item Reward Bag, you will receive one item from each group below:

Item Reward Bag (Feeding Hunger With Famine)

The Item reward bag given as a reward for completing the mission Feeding Hunger With Famine gives three items from the following list:

Festive Gift Bag

Drops from the big Hel in Niflheim regardless of mission completion or not (Because of cooldown)

Other Items

Drops from Hel (Niflheim):

Drops from Krampus in the various zones:

From achievements

From the Cache Locksmith vendor

Other Information

  • Museum