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The Secret World Wiki:FAQ

What type of game is The Secret World?

The Secret World (TSW) is a MMORPG developed by Funcom and co-published with EA. The game takes on a modern day setting where conspiracies and darkness drown a world hidden from the public's eyes. The Secret World is a class-less, level-less game. Skills are improved through actions allowing for complete freedom in character design.

When was the game released?

The game was released July 3, 2012[1], with early access starting on June 29, 2012.

Where can I purchase the game?

Can currently be purchased on the official website. Pre-orders gave: Access to all beta weekends after May 11, early access to the game depending on region, secures your character name for launch, grants you and in-game experience boost, in-game exclusive t-shirt, and a support pet. Other upgrades are also available.

Where is the official website? Forums?

The official website can be found at
The official forums are located at

What platforms will the game support?

The Secret World is being developed for the PC. Ragnar Tornquist, Senior Producer & Creative Director has stated that he has been able to run the game on a Mac using Boot Camp.[2] An Xbox 360 version of the game may happen in the future, but it has been stated that it would be a different type of game than the one currently being developed.[3]

What languages are available at release?

French, English and German.[4]

When was beta?

The third Beta Weekend, titled 'Hell Raised', began on June 15th and ran until June 17th. In this Beta Weekend players were able to experience the Illuminati and The Dragon starter experiences as well as the Templars experience. Players were able to leave Kingsmouth and venture into the massive region known as Savage Coast, where they will soon find that the very gates of hell itself have opened up! This allowed players to experience the epic 'Hell Raised' dungeon where you battle the demons of hell.
The fourth and final Beta Weekend began on June 22nd and ran until June 24th. This event focused on the Player vs. Player experience in The Secret World, and players were able to sample both the El Dorado battleground experience as well as the massive warzone, Fusang Projects, gameplay where over a hundred players clash together in persistent battle. Here the Illuminati, the Templars and the The Dragon get to duke it out and hone their battle skills on each other before the real conflict began when Early Access opened on June 29th.

Are there subscription fees?

The Secret World no longer has a subscription fee! Once you purchase the game you have all the games content up to and including Issue #5. You will now purchase the frequent, often monthly, new content as a buy to play (or DLC downloadable content). You purchase the individual content updates you want.[5]

What are the system requirements?

Minimum and recommended system specifications are listed on this [post]. Due to possible changes over time, the official forums of [Secret World] should be referenced for such information.

What classes does this game have?

There are no classes in The Secret World. Instead, players gain experience and are free to choose skills to purchase for their character. Players can only have fourteen skills (7 active and 7 passive) in use at a time, however they can change their build and gear through saved loadouts. There are decks (suggested paths) for those who don't know how to roll their character.

How many levels are there?

There are no levels in The Secret World. This means that you won't instantly be able to tell if someone is strong or weak just through appearance. Likewise, it means that all players can help each other out in content.

What are factions/secret societies?

Players must join one of three secret societies [6] in order to play The Secret World. These are either the The Dragon, Illuminati, or Templars. If you're unsure which to join, try taking the faction personality test.

So can I team up with someone of a different faction?

Yes, in Player versus environment, all players can group together. However, in PvP, members of different factions are enemies.[7]

Is there any player versus player?

Player vs. Player is included and comprised of the three factions fighting against each other over locations and ancient relics in arenas. There are massive persistent Warzones, Battlegrounds and Fight Clubs. Warzones are persistent zones with 100 players, exact numbers are unknown as some write-ups say 100 where as Ragnar, in the Gamespot interview said, "100 or more."[8][9][10] Battlegrounds, are matches of instanced PvP, each having certain rule sets about team size and winning conditions. Factions bonuses and buffs from battlegrounds will contribute toward winning warzones.

What are cabals?

Guilds in The Secret World are called cabals. Cabals can only be made up of one faction, and are optional for all players.

Is there a crafting system?

Yes, in-game crafting is called Assembly.