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Also known as lycanthropes, werewolves for the most part appear to be your sterotypical horror-movie monster. Large (2.2 - 2.7 meters tall), muscled, hairy, sharp claws and fangs.

It has been confirmed that it is possible for werewolves to "turn" humans into werewolves. [1] However, unlike in some real-world legends, so far no werewolf has been seen morph back into human. It could be that the change is permanent and they remain in their werewolf form, or that they just prefer it.


They are one of the species known as the "Lilith's Children" along with vampires. Lilith claims to be the source of all monsters and nightmares [2] - but is mentioned on multiple occasions as being at least the mother of both vampires and werewolves [3][4] and so her claim of at least these two species has some weight to it.

Vampires tend to take advantage of the aggressiveness of werewolves, recruiting them to fight various battles for the vampire clans. Younger werewolves tend to agree to this fairly easily, and and is not until they are older and wiser (if they live that long) that they see they are being used.


Werewolves live in tribal like packs in Transylvania, where they are driven to primal hunter-gatherer lifestyle, wandering alone or acting as alpha of a pack of regular wolves. They fight with animal ferocity, rending their enemies with their claws and fangs or overpowering them with brute strength. Normal werewolves possess no ranged abilities, and as such keeping a fair distance and using ranged or magic weapons allows fighting safely from distance. However, werewolves infected by The Filth sometimes make use of devastating filth-based attacks over large areas.

The average life expectancy of a werewolf is around 50 years, although they are most likely to die in combat. If they survive, they can live much longer.[5]

If they live past their prime, they tend to become more introspective and thoughtful. They eventually leave their traditional pack ground to head to a hidden area in the mountains where they can live in peace.[6][7] This refuge is reported to be somewhere in the Ural Mountains.[8][9]



  • Sentry - These are werewolves are typically encountered singularly or in pairs, walking around the perimeter of the pack's camp or sometimes inside the camp itself
  • Packleader - These werewolves are in charge of taking care of and training regular wolves that the pack keeps with them. It is unknown if these wolves are only used as guards and companions, or if they are somehow involved in creating more werewolves.
  • Beta - Stronger and more aggressive than Sentries or Packleaders, but not as strong as the Alpha
  • Alpha - Each pack has an alpha wolf werewolf that is the leader of the pack


These are the known werewolf packs


Monster - Werewolves
Name Objective
Full Moon Kill 10 Werewolves
Wolfsbane Kill 25 Werewolves
Silver Bullet Kill 50 Werewolves
Call of the Wild Kill 100 Werewolves
Marked Territory Kill 500 Werewolves
Endangering the Species Kill 1,000 Werewolves
Wolfenstein Kill 5,000 Werewolves
Extinction Kill 10,000 Werewolves

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From a pre-launch interview:

Take your example of werewolves only getting hurt by silver. That's actually a myth created by werewolves themselves to make people inject silver into the werewolves. The werewolves have a unique blood type that makes them able to absorb silver and thereby make their claws as hard as steel... Or maybe that's the lie and the truth is something completely different
Martin Bruusgaard, source

However, according the Illuminati, silver bullets do work on them.[10]



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