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The Week of the Dragon kicked off on October 17, 2011 with the announcement of new screenshots, concept art, information and a video; wrapping up the week with a Q&A session held on Facebook.

Dragon Milkshake

  • 1 ½ cups of (whole) milk
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Blend until smooth.

Dragon week Q&A

Conducted on October, 23, 2011, the questions were answered by Joel Bylos, Lead Content Designer, and Ben Schroder, Writer.

There was a bug in the application, only questions submitted on the 23rd were visible. Only questions pertaining to the Dragon were answered and they were unable to get to all questions. All spelling and capitalization was left in the original format.

Is Dragon society (or any other) regarded as bad or good. Are we going to see something different from other MMORPGS - grey areas, not clear distinctions between factions.

All of the societies operate in grey areas, the Dragon may not be the most openly sinister, but they understand that the man who boasts the loudest is not the man to fear. Each society has an agenda rather than a moral standpoint, and players will often find themselves wondering if their actions are helping or hurting the characters they interact with.

WIll there be a special system of merchants or an auction for Dragon? Or will it be a system for all players, regardless of faction? Also, Will there be PvP rewards specific to the dragon?

There are merchants and auction houses for all societies, but yes, they will also be specific Dragon vendors in the game. These are often vendors that players gain access to by moving up the ranks of their society.

While on some of the videos, there are people that are blatantly Illuminati (the man who is a "hobbyist" comes to mind) or blatantly Templar, or rather identify them selves with that group, with the way the Dragon is said to recruit in the latest article, are there any that would want to identify with the Dragon like that?

Most NPCs do not belong to societies, even if they think they do, such as in Henry`s case. In Seoul there will be characters that are connected to the Dragon, but they may not openly say so.

Will factions be able to enter buildings unrelated to missions? So, if some Dragon want to have a quick meeting in London, will we be able to pick a building and enter it?

Not all buildings can be entered, but those that can are often publicly available. There will be plenty of buildings in the hubs where players can socialize and hang out.

Are there any benefits of a Dragon using Chaos magic compared to the other factions?

No, all societies have equal access to all magic schools in the game.

I don't plan on playing a Dragon but I am curious about missions for the Dragon. How exactly will the player know what to do if mission explanations are cryptic and lacking information? I've seen that statement pop up in a few interviews, is it just flavor text?

The player will always know what to do, it`s the understanding the motivation which is the cryptic part.

Will Dragons have any inherent advantages due to their society, and if so how will this be balanced against the other two, or is it less about stats / skills and more about flash and look?

Not so much advantages, but each society will have a different viewpoint on the events in the game. The Dragon understanding of certain events will differ from that of the other societies. There will, however, also be rewards and powers that are society specific.

Are the Dragons influenced by The Art of War? (Sun Tzu)

The Dragon are influenced by the many Asian philosophical schools of thoughts, including the Art of War by Sun Tzu.

In TSW, how long has this generation of Dragon been around?

They reformed in Seoul sometime after the Second World War, which marked the end of the previous Dragon generation.

Will we see the silent monks after our "Recruitment"?

Yes, they will be encountered again in Seoul, where they are protecting the current leader of the Dragon.

Willl players be able to see the rank of other Dragon players?

Yes, ranks will be displayed (but you can choose to hide it).

How do the Dragon know when a generation has ended and they need to recreate themselves?

When the Dragon has achieved their goal for the generation, the society itself has been destroyed -- except for a few key figures. They are a purging influence and that includes their own order.

Is there any specific benefits of being a Dragon like faction exclusive skills or weapons and armor?

Yes, there will be society exclusive powers, and there will also be weapons and clothing. There are also society specific NPCs who will only give information to players of their own society. Some hub areas and missions are only available to certain factions.

Will there be any specific themes that will be more prominent for Dragon players as they go through the story, compared to the Illuminati or Templars?

While the Illuminati and the Templars see the rising darkness as a threat to their agendas that needs to be stopped, the Dragon are more concerned about using the chaos to their advantage and to the ultimate advantage of the world (in their eyes!).

How will inter-society gameplay work? If I join Dragon and my friends join Templar and Illuminati, will we be able to quest and boss fight together?

You can team with members of other secret societies, but you will always be their enemy in PvP.

will the dragon milkshake be featured in the game?

Yes, it`s already in the game. You will have to find it in the game (or maybe even make it!).

Here is a question from the TSW forum: "What are some major events that the Dragon have had a large part in orchestrating in the past?"

The French Revolution, the death of Caesar, the fall of the Tower of Babel, the Mongol hordes... wherever the established order falls, the Dragon hand is at play somewhere.

Will there be any PvE quests that are faction-only? Or maybe Faction-plus-one-other-only (such as Dragon and Illuminati can work together on the mission but Templar are excluded [or even the target of the mission])?

There are faction specific missions that are only available to the specified faction, and you can not get help from players in other factions in these missions. Such as all ranking missions.

The dragons, how they pay their operations?

Gold-farming in MMOs...? No, just kidding. They do not pursue money, however, whenever there is a bank error, whenever there is a rogue trader, a monetary scandal of some sorts -- the balance always seem to fall in their favor!

Will other players be able to see that I'm a dragon or do I have the option to hide my faction? (except in PvP)

No, you will not be able to hide your society affiliation.

Do Dragon see anarchy as a means to an end or always and only as the end itself?

Anarchy is a tool, rather than the end state. To quote a Dragon proverb: "True harmony is described in the moment the rake passes through the Zen garden."

The Dragons toppled The Tower of Babel?? I thought "The Tower of Babel never fell."

The world thinks it fell.

Week of the Dragon screenshots

Dragon walking through Seoul Dragon magic Dragon casting
PvP Dragon capturing the Automaton in PvP Dragon battling in Egypt

Week of the Dragon concept art

Dragon headquarters PC Bang
Order of Mute Monks Dragon PvP Healer uniform

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