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Various weapons in the game

Weapons are items that players equip in order to use their abilities. Individual weapons, by use of prefix and suffix items, may also provide certain skills, stats, or interact with a state.

There are nine weapons each with a set of abilities and skills related to it. Active skills require the use of that particular weapons, passive skills can be used with any weapon. Skill sets can be upgraded from the Ability Wheel.

Players can equip two weapons at once and can swap weapons during non-combat situations; unless quest related.

Weapon types










Weapon Skills

Every Weapon has two passive skills that are active when you equip them.

Fists skills are divided into damage and healing aspects.

  • Damage: Follow up - Increases the damage and healing done by your Savage Sweep and Feral Regrowth. (5% at 1 skill point)
  • Healing: Warmth - Your Fist healing abilities cause the target to receive additional healing for all sources. The effect can stack up to 5 times. (0.66% per stack at 1 skill point)

Hammers skills are split into damage and survivability aspects.

  • Damage: Momentum - Your Hammer abilities build up Momentum. When the Momentum count reaches 5, your next Hammer ability will deal more damage. (12% more at 1 skill point).
  • Survivability: Thick Skin - Blocking an attack further reduces the damage dealt to you. (4% reduction at 1 skill point)

Blades skills are split into Damage and Survivability aspects.

  • Damage: Two Cuts - Whenever you hit an enemy with a Blade ability, you apply the Two Cuts effect. Hitting the enemy with a Blade Ability consumes this effect to deal additional damage. (6 damage 1 Skill Point)
  • Survivability: Vigour - When an enemy attack glances you, you gain a percentage of the damage it dealt back as healing. (15% at 1 Skill Point)

Assault Rifle skills are split into damage and healing aspects.

  • Damage: Explosive Rounds - Your Assault Rifle abilities apply the Explosive Rounds effect to your enemies. Each additional hit from Assault Rifle abilities increases the number of charges on the target. After 3 second the charges detonate dealing additional damage (2 physical damage at 1 skill point) per charge applied.
  • Healing: Combat Medic - Your Assault Rifle Leech effects are more powerful (2.85% starting at 1 skill point) and last longer (10% at 1 skill point.)

Pistols skills are divided into damage and support aspects.

  • Damage: Double Up - Your Pistol abilities have a chance to deal an additional hit for a percentage of the damage dealt. (6% chance for 50% damage at 1 skill point)
  • Support: Ingenuity - When deploying any Pistol Drone ability, your defensive target is healed every second for 5 seconds. (3 healing per second at 1 skill point)

Shotguns skills are divided into damage and support aspects.

  • Damage: Point Blank - Your Shotgun abilities deal additional physical damage based on your proximity to the target. (2 additional physical damage at 1 skill point
  • Support: Reinforcement - When deploying any Shotgun Turret ability, your defensive target take less damage from all sources for 5 seconds. (2.7% less damage at 1 skill point)

Elementalism skills are split into damage and support aspects.

  • Damage: Elemental Overload - Your Elemental abilities have a chance to deal more magical damage to 5 enemies around the target. (25% chance for 13 damage at 1 skill point)
  • Support: Elemental Fury - Whenever one of your Elemental Manifestation abilities hit, your defensive target deals more damage for 5 seconds. (4% at 1 skill point)

Blood Magic skills are split into damage and healing aspects.

  • Damage: Empowered Blood - While Blood Offering is active, your Blood abilities deal more damage. (4.5% at 1 skill point)
  • Healing: Restorative Wards - When any of your Blood Barriers expire for any reason, the target of that barrier is healed. (3hp at 1 skill point)

Chaos magic skills are split into Damage and Survivability aspects.

  • Damage: Calamity - Your Chaos abilities have a chance to trigger the Calamity effect, dealing magic damage. (10% chance to deal 48 damage at 1 skill point)
  • Survivability: Fleeting Fortress - When you evade an attack, you receive the Fleeting Fortress effect, causing the next attack against you to deal less damage. (18% at 1 skill point)

Weapon Basic Fitting

When you first create a character and choose a faction, you will awaken in the game in your faction's home city. You will be prompted to several locations, one of which will be your faction's basic training location.

In your training location, you will be allowed to try out each of the available weapons you can use in the game. You select a weapon, at which time you will be "trained" in its 4 active/passive skills, and then you will test the weapon out on a practice dummy to see/feel how it works. You can then try another weapon.

Additional Weapon Fitting

Characters may have 2 active weapons at a time (although you may train and set skill and anima points for as many weapon types as you wish as you progress throughout the game).

You will start your journey in The Secret World with your single trained weapon. As you complete missions and win awards (and take loot from your kills), you will acquire additional weapons. You will also be able to purchase basic weapons from vendors located in major cities. In order for you to fit and use any second weapon, you need to:

1) View your Skills and choose the weapon type, then assign it a minimum of 1 Skill Point (SP) 2) Drag the weapon to your second weapon slot. While you can double-click the weapon, that action may simply swap it with your existing primary weapon instead. 3) Keep updating the weapon (with new loot/awards) and your skills for it. Use your Abilities Wheel to find the weapon segment, where you can "buy" weapon-related Active and Passive skills with your Anima Points (AP).


You will, of course, choose and develop your own form of gameplay - bold or measured, dual-skilled or multi-skilled. However, you gain SP and AP by gaining experience, and to maximize that, while minimizing down time you have by being killed, you might focus your early 8-10 SP and AP on your first trained weapon. Then you might find it effective to add a second weapon and bring that up in SP and AP.

You might find that one of your two weapons seems to have the most effect, so it can be a good idea to make sure you allocate SP and AP to strengthen the skills, defenses, and effects of that one so that you are most effective at killing without getting killed.

Once you have developed your two main weapon choices to where you are consistently effective with them, you might then consider other choices. However, don't spread your SP and AP out into too many weapon types early in the game, or you likely will not do well with any of them.

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