Warlock (Class)

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Favourite Role: Healer
Primary Weapon: Blood Focus
Secondary Weapon: Assault Rifle
Difficulty: Difficulty 5.jpg

Warlocks combine the magic arts with modern munitions. Deadly blasts of magic are coupled with anima enhanced bullets which can both damage foes and heal allies.


  • Primary: Blood Focus - Blood abilities grow in power the more they are used, and must be controlled with abilities that expel this power. Negligent use results in dire consequences.
  • Secondary: Assault Rifle - Assault Rifle users are able to focus their power into their underslung grenade launcher and unleash that power to devastate foes or restore allies.

Favoured Role

  • Healer - Heal injured allies

Notable Abilities


  • 5/5 - This build does not have an ability that does not consume ability energy, so attacks have to be managed carefully. Pure healing builds can be much harder for new player and solo play.