Wabanaki Trailer Park

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Wabanaki Trailer Park
Wabanaki Trailer Park.jpg
Map Coordinates: 200 700
Region: Solomon Island
Zone: Blue Mountain
Type: Player versus environment



Starts at location

Old Joseph
width The Darkness War
width Dreamcatcher
Paul Gamelin
width Out of Our League
width Open Season
Joe Madahando
width Off the Menu
width Jack of the Lantern

Location involved in

width Dawning of an Endless Night
width Signs & Symbols
width They Died So That Others May Live
width Room 502


This location is included in Over the Hills achievement.


Wabanaki Tribe Members
Name Role Condition
Ami Dexter Daughter of Joseph Cajiais, sister to Frank Madahando and Joe Madahando, niece to Red, mother to Kyra Dexter Alive
Red Owner of Red's Bait and Tackle, uncle to Ami Dexter Alive
Kyra Dexter Daughter of Ami Dexter Alive
Paul Gamelin Tourist guide, husband of Annika Gamelin Alive
Annika Gamelin Tourist guide, wife of Paul Gamelin Alive
Joe Madahando Brother to Frank Madahando Alive
Frank Madahando Construction worker, brother to Joe Madahando Alive
Joseph Cajiais Medicine man of the Wabanki tribe Alive