Veteran Point

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VeteranPoint.png Veteran Point
This is currency given to players as a reward for maintaining a paid Membership in the game. It can be used in the Item Store in-game microtransaction shop.


There are two ways to acquire Veteran Points:

  1. Membership - Being a Member or Grand Member awards you 10 points per month
    • These points are granted up front at the time of purchase rather than per-month. (Purchasing a 3-month membership would give you 30 points for example)
  2. Recruiting - You get 10 points if you give a buddy key to a friend and they purchase the game on that account.


Veteran Points are spent in the Item Store for various items.

Their main distinction from Funcom Points and Bonus Points is that Bonus Points are reward points given to players that allows them to buy items that anyone can buy using either Funcom Points or Bonus Points. Whereas some items can only be purchased with veteran points, and therefor are unavailable to non-subscribing players using Funcom Points.