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Intelligent monsters who feed off of human blood. They have been found in dingy London nightclubs, looking for fresh prey. Vampires are sensitive to sunlight, and wear protective suits that covers their entire body in order to move in safety during the day. These suits also appear to have a series of small, straw-like tubes coming from the mouth, which are probably used in blood consumption. There appears to be at least one campsite where vampires stay at, but the exact location is not known at this time.[1]



There are two main types of variants - Age/Strenth and Size/Combat.


According to the Vampire Hunter, Vampires can be classified into three basic categories based on their age. As per typical vampire legends, the vampires become stronger as they get older.

  • Mongrels - Recruited from misfits and criminals to become the lowest level of foot soldiers in the vampire hierarchy
  • Elders - Centuries old, stronger and more clever than the Mongrels. They are the mongels that have survived and grown powerful
  • Purebreed - They have been vampires for as long as vampires have existed. They are the strongest, most powerful, and hardest to kill.


Vampires tend to follow four basic forms:

  • Skullcrushers - Giant behemoths, mostly used as guards. They typically wield large wrecking balls on chains
  • Magus - Vampires who have learned to use magic
  • Melee - Mostly using claw weapons
  • Ranged - Fairly rare, typically only used as snipers


The following seems to indicate clan names

Additionally, there are some "hybrid" types of vampires that would not normally be considered a "clan", being the results of the Red Hand experiments. But, they do have most of the Types of vampires listed above.


Monster - Vampires
Name Objective
The Uninvited Kill 10 Vampires
Shadow Stalker Kill 25 Vampires
Night Crawler Kill 50 Vampires
Many at Stake Kill 100 Vampires
Bloodletter Kill 500 Vampires
Hunter Kill 1,000 Vampires
Slayer Kill 5,000 Vampires
Let the Right One in Kill 10,000 Vampires


  • Clan Names:
    • Istria is a peninsula off the western coast of Croatia
    • Moroi is a Romanian word for a type of Vampire.
    • Vâlcea is a county in Romania
    • Sibiu is a city in Romania
    • Wallachia is a section of Romania