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Revision 578871


Introducing Anima Allocation

The power of Anima is yours to control. Beginning at Level 20 you may access a new tab in your Ability Window (N), allowing you to customize and fine-tune combat stats to adapt to any situation. Click here to learn more about Anima Allocation!

Quality of Life Improvements

Your feedback means a lot to us. This update features many improvements based on what you’ve made clear to us over the past few months and we have no intention of stopping here. Included are improvements to Elementalism, Loot, and Empowerment, plus new teleport locations (including to the Museum!) and much more.


  • Anima Allocation has been added as a tab in the ability window. This tab will allow you to freely allocate your Power Rating towards damage, survivability, or healing.
  • With the release of the Anima Allocation system, all characters have had their Anima Allocation set to 90% Damage, 10% Survivability. Characters who are level 20 or above can alter this setting upon login.
  • Removed duplicate talisman drops from basic talisman loot tables now that all talismans grant the same base stats with Anima Allocation. For example, loot tables will no longer include health, healing, and attack talismans for the neck slot, but rather one neck talisman.
  • Purchasing Patron will now reduce existing mission cooldowns to a maximum of 8 hours.
  • Players will now receive the bonus cache key on the day they purchase patron, even if they have already claimed their daily login reward.
  • Players will now receive the bonus Dungeon, Scenario, and Lair keys on the day they purchase Patron.
  • Added a report option to the social GUI.
  • Fixed a case where glance chance would not update in real time on the character sheet when equipping talismans with defense rating.
  • Investigation missions are now properly labeled as investigations instead of action/sabotage missions in the mission journal.
  • Action Button 9 in the controls screen has been renamed “Ultimate Ability” to make it more obvious what the button is for.
  • Made several optimizations to the Assault Rifle weapon status display.
  • Fixed a case where re-entering reticule mode did not update the current offensive target if the camera had been moved while not in reticule mode.
  • Entering reticule mode will no longer close the Emote UI. This should make it easier to perform multiple emotes while moving around an area.
  • Closing the Emote UI will no longer put the player back into reticule mode. This should make it easier to take screenshots while performing emotes.
  • The player interaction dropdown will now appear next to the player being interacted with when using F to interact with another player.
  • PvP locations in the Social UI have been updated to more accurately reflect possible PvP locations.
  • Nightmare difficulty is no longer available in the Social Window. Players can choose to list for either story or elite difficulties for activities that have multiple difficulties.
  • Manufactory, Manufactory Breached, and the Orochi Tower Penthouse have been removed from the social UI.
  • Social UI no longer allows you to select a scenario location, since scenario locations are randomized.
  • Inspection window now shows levels of equipped items.
  • Added a display for the current Anima Allocation of inspected players to the Inspection window.
  • Attempting to inspect a player that has left the area no longer opens up an empty inspection window.
  • When a player that is being inspected leaves the area, the inspection window will now close.
  • Purchasing something from the inspection window will no longer return you to reticule mode.
  • Changed the text on step one of the glyph fusion tutorial to specify that the player should place equipment in the target slot, instead of specifically telling them to place a weapon there.
  • Signets of the same slot (Neck -> Neck) will now qualify for the 2.5x bonus XP multiplier for Empowerment. Fusion remains unchanged. This should allow better value out of getting signets of the same slot but not necessarily the exact signet you are looking for.
  • All talismans of the same slot will now provide 2.5x bonus XP when used in Empowerment.
  • Weapons, talismans, signets, and glyphs which have gained XP will now grant a portion of their invested XP when used as fodder in empowerment. Note that once an item has been fused into a higher quality the XP in it is reset to 0.
  • Reduced the cost to recover glyphs and signets from items at Mythic and below qualities. The cost is based on the quality of the glyph or signet being recovered:
    • Green: 300 Marks of Favour
    • Blue: 1200 Marks of Favour
    • Purple: 5000 Marks of Favour
    • Orange: 10000 Marks of Favour
  • Added the potential for blue quality items to drop in scenarios, elite dungeons, and the Manhattan Exclusion Zone. The chance increases based on the difficulty of the content.
  • Increased the amount of distillate XP gained when opening a rare chest in an Elite 10 dungeon or scenario.
  • In an effort to increase the efficiency of each activity in terms of increasing your character’s power, we’ve added some of the loot from various activities into each activity’s loot chest. The goal is to allow each activity to still be the best at providing progression in its specific area while still allowing progression on the other aspects of your character at a lower rate. The changes are as follows:
    • Added Glyph Distillates to dungeon final boss loot chests.
    • Added a chance to gain a signet when opening dungeon final boss loot chests.
    • Added Anima Shards to dungeon final boss loot chests. The amount gained increases based on the difficulty of the content.
    • Added Talisman and Weapon Distillates to all Lair loot chests.
    • Added Anima Shards to all Lair loot chests.
    • Added Glyph Distillates to all Lair loot chests.
    • Added a chance to gain a signet when opening Scenario loot chests.
    • Added Talisman and Weapon Distillates to Scenario loot chests.
    • Added Anima Shards to Scenario loot chests.
  • Reduced the amount of Anima Shards gained from Tokyo container bosses. These bosses are great for supplying Anima Shards and will still do so, but we wanted to encourage other activities as well. As noted above in the loot changes, we’ve essentially removed some Shards from the containers and spread them around to Scenarios, Lairs, and Dungeons.
  • Due to the additions to the final boss chest in elite dungeons, elite final bosses now have a unique rare chest which contains those new items.


  • The Cache Locksmith in Agartha now sells a consumable item which will summon a vendor to your location for a short time.
  • Added a level requirement to the purchase of weapons from Mr. Knickknack in Agartha.
  • Cheap Jack and Cheap Jill are no longer selling wares in Agartha. Dr Caligari reports having heard Mr. and Mrs. Knickknack cackling evilly.
  • Added teleports to London, Seoul, and New York. These are acquired when you visit these locations.
  • Added a teleport to the Museum of the Occult which is acquired when unlocking the first pedestal. Players who have already done this have been given the teleport.
  • The Seoul Fight Club has been updated with Equal Footing and PvP role selectors in the safe area.
  • Filth Guardian legend #7 is now available for pickup.
  • Spectres legend #4 and #6 can now drop from more enemies.
  • Each region boss now has a chance to award a Congealed Essence item specific to that boss.
  • Repeating Youth Outreach will now properly reward anima shards.
  • The Piecemeal Chopper used during the mission Piece of the Road will no longer sometimes appear in Agartha or other strange places.
  • Effigy X66 Familiars should now correctly count as Familiars for monster kill achievements.
  • Fixed an issue where certain Lair summoning items were not dropping from rare lair chests.
  • Increased the point value for 750 Jinn kills (Paradise Lost) to 10 points, to match other kill tracks.
  • Increased the point value for 750 Komainu kills (Ungyo) to 10 points, to match other kill tracks.
  • Fixed display issue with the names of the achievements Ungyo, Nio, and Agyo.


  • Created 10 new Waist Talismans. There are 9 that are weapon-specific and 1 that works with all weapons. These talismans can be acquired via the loot bags that drop off from enemies which would usually contain caches. There will now be a chance that instead of gaining a cache, you gain one of these new Waist Talismans.
  • Increased the overall power of all extraordinary talismans.
  • Reduced the cooldown of Incendiary Grenade, Anima Canister, and Essence Grenades to 2 seconds. This should allow rapidly loaded grenades to be launched in a timely fashion when using weapons like the KSR-43.
  • Fixed an issue which allowed the Assault Rifle capstone effect to grant you an increased capstone cap.
  • Adjusted hashmarks on the elemental UI to more accurately reflect useful heat values. Marks are now placed at 25, 50, and 75% of the bar.
  • Elemental abilities no longer use hotbar swaps to switch into their higher heat versions of their FX. This transition is now seamless and should not interrupt ability usage any longer.
  • Updated Crystallised Blaze in light of the above change. This passive will now always modify Crystallised Flame regardless of heat level.
  • Reduced heat generated by Chain Lightning and Fire Bolt to 12 (was 20).
  • Reduced heat generated by Mjolnir and Inferno to 18 (was 30).
  • Increased heat reduced by cold abilities to 40 (was 30).
  • Reduced the additional heat removed by Frozen Figurine to 50 to compensate for the above change (was 60).
  • Increased the heat loss when using Overload with the Elemental Force passive to 50.
  • Blizzard’s passive “Frigid Tempest” will now also increase the damage dealt by Blizzard by 21%.
  • Lingering Frost now also applies a damage over time effect to enemies damaged by your cold abilities.
  • Thermocoupler now additionally deals bonus damage after triggering its heat reduction effects 4 times.
  • Supercooler now also reduces the remaining cooldown of all cold abilities when the heat reducing effect triggers.
  • Calorimetry now also allows your Elementalism attacks to deal an additional damage hit at the start of combat and every 10 seconds afterward.
  • Increased the overall bonus damage granted by the Elementalism heat mechanic. Also, removed the bonus damage dealt when at 0-24 heat and increased the damage bonus gained at all higher heat levels.
  • Fixed an issue where the additional heat reduction from Frozen Figurine was occurring before damage was dealt, resulting in the cold abilities dealing less damage than they should.
  • Removed the heat level requirement from Totemic Hell Lord to address issues with the effects not triggering reliably. The associated effects have been slightly reduced in potency to compensate for this.
  • Totemic Hell Lord’s damage over time effect should now show properly in the combat log.
  • The initial damage from placing Crystallised Flame and Crystallised Blaze will now properly trigger Unstable Electron Core’s damage and Totemic Hell Lord’s damage over time effect.
  • The initial damage from placing Crystallised Storm will now properly trigger Unstable Electron Core’s damage.
  • Damage from Unstable Electron Core will no longer be reported in the combat log as coming from Crystallised Flame.
  • Fixed an issue where the bonus heat reduction from Cryo-Charged Conduit was not being applied to Overload’s cold damage.
  • Increased Crimson Pulse’s damage by 200%.
  • Fixed an issue which caused the damage displayed in the tooltip for Ice Beam to be modified by the wrong types of bonuses. This only affects the tooltip damage and not the actual resulting damage.
  • The Protection bonus from Belobog’s Ring can now be applied to multiple targets with a single cast, such as Communion.
  • Fixed an issue with the Ankh talisman that caused the beneficial effect to not be removed in certain cases.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the movement speed bonus from Jaguar Cord to not apply.
  • By default, Reap will no longer deal damage based on your Corruption level. Only healing will occur.
  • Eldritch Scourge will now generate Corruption when used at a neutral Corruption/Martyrdom position.
  • Increased the cooldown timer on the Ak’ab’s Royal Jelly from 5 seconds to 20 seconds.
  • Reduced the healing of the Ak’ab’s Royal Jelly by 10%.
  • Mnemonic Guardian – Ak’ab (all versions) – Fixed the Ak’ab not moving to melee range of the target.
  • The Savage Dream should no longer deal charge damage to players as it retreats and prepares to cast Blind Rage.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the damage from Skadi’s Ring to not show up in the combat log.
  • Fixed Warrior Spirit of Hemitneter using male sound FX in combat.
  • Fixed an issue where the bonuses from Unbridled Wrath were not triggering properly if you were below 50 Rage and Pneumatic Maul’s bonus was active.
  • Fixed an issue where healing procs from talismans such as Timeless Watch would apply to the caster rather than the target when using abilities such as Leeching Ray, Mend, or Nurture.
  • Fixed an issue which caused the bonus hate from Black Sash to not apply.
  • Fixed an issue with using the Blizzard ability and the simple ground targeting option.
  • Fixed a typo in the description of the Incandescent Capacitor talisman.
  • Fixed an issue where the bonus from Razor Fossil could accrue more than once per target killed.



  • Increased the duration before the following loot chests will despawn, to account for the longer run from the Anima Well:
    • Polaris
      • The Varangian
      • Primordial Dweller
    • Hell Raised
      • Corroder
      • Traumadriver
    • Darkness War
      • Xibalban Bloodhound
    • The Ankh
      • Dead Ops
      • Dimensional Arachnid
      • Dr Klein & Melothat
    • Hell Eternal
      • Lustrehunter
      • The Hadean Guard

Hell Raised

  • Re-worked the Machine Tyrant’s basic attack to have a much higher chance to deal additional bonus damage, but with much less additional bonus damage dealt.


  • Fixed an issue with the Thaumaturgist Boots that would cause calves to disappear on both male and female characters.
  • Athletic bra has been moved to the Chest category.
  • Moved several Halloween masks from the Face category to the Hat category where they belong.


November 16th 2017

Revision 579018


  • Spectral Essence, Vampiric Essence, and Lycanthropic Essence talismans now state that they gain more Power Rating when leveling up instead of the old stats they used to give.
  • High Explosive Grenade will now apply a 2s cooldown to all other grenade abilities when used instead of 4s.
  • Added text to the description of Razor Fossil to denote that only 1 stack can be gained per second.
  • Fixed an issue with the tooltip displaying the maximum health bonus from Pulverise as if it was the bonus from also having Unbridled Wrath. Note that this is only a tooltip fix and no functionality was changed.
  • Fixed an issue which caused the bonus Max Health from the Pulverise ability to not include the Max Health gained from Anima Allocation.
  • Fixed issues with the loot being awarded from the Manhattan Exclusion Zone not properly respecting lockouts. The Lurker’s back on the menu!


  • 2.1.4 was released on November 14 2017[1][2][3].
  • A hotfix was released on November 16 2017.


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