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Revision 576706


  • You’ve gone Back to the Beginning; now seek answers that lay Beyond the Wall.  Uncover the secrets of the Fear Nothing Foundation, the Morninglight, and the mysterious rabbit-hooded killer.  What lurks the streets of Outer Kaidan?  Dive into hours of additional content and new areas to explore with this FREE content update!
  • A new Emote UI has been added, accessible from the Character Sheet or by pressing the “O” key.  
  • A new Mission Items inventory has been added. Mission Items will automatically go to this new inventory, and it does not count against your available capacity.


  • The mouse cursor will now always be returned to the middle of your screen when entering reticule mode.
  • Fixed a case where the loot box UI would not be responsive to clicks until the mouse was moved after having 0 keys and purchasing some.
  • Only Team leaders can accept raid invites.
  • Improved the behavior when generating new instances of the adventure zones to allow members of groups and raids to more easily be placed together.
  • Updated the text for the “Show hostile NPC nametags” option to more accurately reflect that it is for NPCs that are currently in combat with the player.
  • The “Show interaction UI” option will now properly toggle the display of the interaction UI.
  • Fixed incorrect icons on Purification Drones.
  • Fixed an issue where private raid groups using the Activity Finder would receive incorrect role icons in the team list.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the initial vote to retreat timer to reset.
  • The Delete All Mail button in the Auction House UI will no longer delete mail that has attachments. Players may either delete those individually, or take all of the attachments first.
  • Fixed an issue where deleting mail before reading it would not mark that mail as read.
  • Fixed an issue where non-targetable NPCs would produce nametags.
  • Characters must now reach level 10 before they can create a cabal.


  • Fixed a bug in the Orochi Security Drone firmware that allowed them to engage in active scanning without a visible scanning grid. Orochi firmly believes that all trespassers must have a chance to be aware they will be electrocuted, beaten, and dragged away before such actions are executed upon the trespasser.
  • The Unbound’s boulders will now correctly land on the platform, and never land in the air.
  • Removed an invisible wall that was preventing access to a particular Legend in Kaidan.
  • Removed some invisible collision in an alley of Kaidan.
  • Shoes of Synchronicity are now Unique and will prevent you from purchasing more than one of them.
  • You are no longer able to buy multiple copies of the Theatrical Beasties theatrics from Dr. Caligari once you have added them to your collection.
  • The final boss in “Bug Hunt” should now spawn at an appropriate level.
  • Increased the amount of XP and Anima Shards given out by missions in Kaidan.
  • Effigy O33 Reconstructor can now be sold for its sale price.
  • The lair warning sound no longer gets louder every time someone enters the Besieged Farmlands lair area. It was just so enthusiastic about being used…


  • Added new Head signets which will affect all weapon types but at a reduced rate.
  • Added a new Neck signet which will affect all weapon types but at a reduced rate.
  • Added a new Finger signet which will affect all weapon types but at a reduced rate.
  • Sov-Tech Harmonisers will no longer refer to Double Yellow and instead will refer to Double Blue.
  • Added a missing description to the Cause’s Effect damage buff.
  • Updated text on Cryo-Charged Conduit weapons to remove the now unnecessary 30 heat restriction.
  • Hurricane’s passive Eye of the Storm has had its damage reduced by 50%. This passive was previously not receiving a penalty for being an area of effect ability.
  • Tempest’s passive Whirlwind has had its damage improved by 16.66%.
  • Sweeping Slice has had its damage improved by 16.66%.
  • Resonance has had its damage improved by 16.66%.
  • Voltaic Shunt’s additional damage effect is now visible.
  • Fixed the length of the Reinforced Rockets buff to match what is displayed in the description.
  • Regeneration’s passive Natural Remedy has been reduced in power.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Natural Remedy passive to remove the cleansing effect from Regeneration.
  • Communion now heals the caster as well.
  • Anima Suffusion’s passive Permeate has had its tooltip updated to correctly reflect that healing is calculated from the caster rather than the target.
  • Permeate will correctly obey healing penalties applied to the target.
  • Anima Suffusion’s death immunity will now last the cast plus 2.5 seconds (4 total).
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Unification Susceptibility Module gadget to not give the intended amounts of protection.



  • The Ur-Draug’s “Strength From Beyond” reflective beneficial effect used on Elite 5+ difficulties will now only be able to hit players once per second. The damage of this reflection has been slightly reduced.

Darkness War

  • Wayeb-Xul, the Hound of the Nameless Days now has more consistent interactions with crowd control abilities. Concuss is now uninterruptable on Elite 1-4, but an incorrectly setup set of resistances was removed from the boss in Elite 1-4 (meaning it will now be easier to interrupt Exhale the Void).

The Ankh

  • Tanks are less likely to instantly lose aggro to the healer at the start of the Dr. Klein fight.

Hell Eternal

  • When Lustrehunter flees, his hate reset is now performed at the start of the Arcane Exposure cast, instead of when he resumes melee attacking. This should address the issue on Elite 5+ where tanks would lose aggro to healers or DPS despite taking proper steps to reestablish hate after catching up to the Lustrehunter. Behavior when casting Arcane Exposure during normal melee combat is unchanged, and still does not perform a hate reset.


  • Fixed a case where survivors would fruitlessly attack hostile snipers.


  • More clothes that were previously hidden in the dressing room until owned by the character have now been made visible.
  • Added the Dawnbringer hat and uniform to the clothing sets category.
  • Fixed an issue where the Ninja wrap was not appearing in the Dressing Room for players that own it.


September 20th 2017

The following known issues were posted[1] on reddit by community manager "AndyB":

  • The following missions are being temporarily disabled due to issues with Mission Items disappearing or simply not working as intended:

The Unburnt Bush
Old Gods, New Tricks
A Shadow Over Egypt
The Bank Heist

Players currently on these missions may open an in-game petition for assistance with the affected tiers/portions. Sorry for the trouble; we'll try to get these fixed this week.

  • There is a VISUAL issue with your inventory count and how it interacts with Mission Items. Mission Items do not take up space when they're in the mission inventory! The counter may say they do, but they don't. You still have physical space in your inventory. We'll get the counter's display issue fixed.
  • The Vanity Transfer is NOT available at this time, but we are working on bringing it online. We'll let you all know when it's available.

Crygaia Note: These known issues are for version 2.1.2, revision 576706.

September 22nd 2017

The Bank Heist remains disabled due to issues[2] a patch is expected sometime this week.


September 22nd 2017

Revision 576908


  • Fixed an issue that was causing some mission items to be automatically removed from the Mission Items inventory earlier than intended. The missions affected by this issue have been re-enabled, and we have attempted to respawn the mission items on any players currently stuck on those missions. If you are still unable to complete a mission due to missing the required item, please contact Customer Service for assistance. Crygaia Note: See KNOWN ISSUES above for the list of missions affected.
  • For real this time: The Delete All Mail button in the Auction House UI will no longer delete mail that has attachments. Players may either delete those individually, or take all of the attachments first.
  • Item number display in the bottom right of the inventory should no longer include mission items.
  • Fixed a cause of the infamous scenario double-spawn bug during the second half of scenarios. We think we got it, but if you see any more double-spawns, please let us know!
  • Emotes that are obtained through sources other than directly purchasing them will now show their source instead of the purchase button.
  • Emotes UI will now default to having the first tab selected for characters who have never selected any tabs in the Emotes UI.

September 26th 2017

Revision 576908


  • Bank Heist – Fixed a problem when interacting with the Hand Scanner. Crygaia Note: This also seems to imply that the mission is enabled again.
  • Inari Fox pet now uses the appropriate buy criteria and will allow players to purchase it if they do not have it.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from being able to fuse any of the new weapon agnostic signets.
  • Regeneration should no longer lose the cleansing effect when using the Natural Remedy passive.

October 3rd 2017

Revision 576908


  • Solved an issue that could leave some players in an empty arena when joining a public raid from Agartha.
  • Fixed an issue where region bosses would not properly reset after a team is defeated.
  • Fixed a reset issue with the Aspect of the Great-Winged when players re-enter the arena while the fight is ongoing.
  • Zoological containers in Kaidan will no longer use keys from the bank.
  • The Droid Arm from the Bank Heist mission no longer thinks it is a Hammer.


  • 2.1.2 was released on September 20th 2017 as "Beyond the Wall"[3].
  • A hotfix was published on September 22nd 2017. The revision number did not change.
  • A hotfix was published on September 26th 2017. The revision number did not change.
  • A hotfix was published on October 3rd 2017. The revision number did not change.



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