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Issue #5: "The Vanishing of Tyler Freeborn"



  • London, Clothing: Check out the new Leatherwear clothing vendors in Ealdwic Station, as well as the additions to headwear, footwear, and imports vendors! In an attempt to even out the inventory, men can now purchase a large bundle of new clothing (100+ items), from lab coats to bandanas to steeltoed boots! Women can also purchase a new five-piece outfit, available in five colors.
  • Fixed the cause of a client crash.
  • You can no longer keep buying certain hats or bras that you already own.
  • The animation transition when doing the sleep emote is now smoother.
  • The achievement One for Ages will now be correctly awarded to you. For those who had already met the requirements but didn't have the achievement, killing any of the rare bosses will fix the issue.
  • We have added a few pre-set facial features to character creation.
  • The Florist's innovative "buy two, get 98 free!" sale has ended. Bouquets are now sold one by one.
  • The placeholder name found in the Lair Bosses achievement category has been removed.
  • Hardcore punk dress now unequips the leg slot when worn.
  • You can now dodge in the parking lot in New York.
  • The height sliders in Character Creation and the Plastic Surgeon now look the same.
  • Removed the ribbons from the female Tentacle Top hat because of clipping issues with hairstyles.
  • Dr. Aldini's incidentals will work in French and German.
  • Reduced the size and increased the length of the cooldown timer to display hours:minutes:seconds ("00:00:00").
  • Fixed an issue that caused high memory consumption around Innsmouth Academy.
  • White Marks of Venice items now use the proper icon.
  • London: The chairs in the library of Temple Club now seat you facing forwards, as intended.
  • Manhattan Exclusion Zone has been added to the Nightmare dungeons list in the LFG window.
  • Now players signed as tank only are shown in the LFG tool.
  • Fixed a sound issue in The Scorched Desert.
  • Added a new deck for completing the entire skill wheel.
  • Fixed an issue where an impact sound was played even without successful hit.
  • Dressing Room - Uniforms will only hide the slots they are meant to occupy instead of block them.
  • Switching between Main Wheel and Auxiliary wheel now displays the cell pane correctly.
  • Crafting - Fixed the clear assembly button and added a tooltip.
  • Gear Manager slots will update properly after purchasing a new empty slot.
  • Albion Theatre
    • Players in the Albion Theatre and playes in London can now talk to each other in London chat.
    • You may now collect all 3 pieces of Lore for the Opening Night of the Albion Theatre.
    • A "Silence" option in Audio now allows the cutting off of musical effects partway through.
    • Fixed an issue that could cause lighting in the Albion Theater to look different for you after reconnecting to the playfield during a performance.
    • Musical effects in the Albion Theatre will no longer cut themselves off if you choose to play one twice in a row.
    • Earning the "A Play for All Seasons" achievement now unlocks the Surgery Table, as intended.
    • Stage groups can relinquish ownership of the stage by cancelling the Director Buff on everyone in the stage crew.
  • The Quickened Anima item now has a new icon.
  • The Sprinting I-IV effects now have new icons.
  • Improved FPS around the Forsaken Oasis in The Scorched Desert.
  • Abilities can be queued with the mouse while other channeling abilities are being cast.


  • Buffed the effectiveness of the Equal Footing buff, especially at the lower ranks.


  • Fixed an issue that could cause minigames to not start.
  • Fixed an issue that caused players to be removed from the minigame queue when zoning or resurrecting.
  • Fixed an issue that caused players not to be able to join minigames that are already in progress.
  • Fixed an issue that caused minigame in progress to not request new players.


  • Fusang now uses the resurrection system from the minigames. All respawn timers (including the minigames) are set to be 15 seconds max.
  • The Fusang status results and map should update correctly again.
  • The maximum population for Fusang now scales dynamically. If your side has more than the minimum side plus a threshold (currently set at ten) you will be added to a queue. You will be able to enter once the population of the other factions increases.
  • Underdog custodians no longer attack the inner facility.
  • It is no longer possible to heal an underdog custodian.
  • Underdogs custodians no longer attack facilities that are under attack by another underdog custodian.
  • Illuminati base: Extended the safe area around the home base.
  • The World Domination buff should update properly again for all dimensions.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Illuminati and Templar Custodians to become confused.
  • Underdog Custodians will no longer fight each other.


  • The flag carrying particles now properly get removed from players who are linkdead.
  • The relics are now a flat distance away from the starting point rather than a variable distance.
  • Neutral flags now have a pickup time.
  • The "let it go" achievement should now work correctly.


  • The capture area will show the particle indicating who owns the area once again.
  • All achievements should work as intended.


  • Updated channeling ability tooltips show that the damage specified is dealt 'per hit'.
  • Updated resource consumer ability tooltips to include damage or heal values when consuming 5 resources.
  • Authority will now affect Flak Jacket and Greater Good.
  • We have done a round of balance adjustments on all consumers that have a cast time greater than 1 second (or a channel time of greater than 1 second):
    • Increased the damage dealt by Blade abilities Dancing Blade, Chop Shop, and Brandish.
    • Increased the damage dealt by Blood abilities Blood Spike, Infection, Exsanguinate, Left Hand of Darkness, Bloodshot, and Guts and Gory.
    • Increased the healing and barrier provided by Blood Magic abilities Angelic Aegis, Exquisite Corpse, The Scarlet Arts, and Hematic Rites.
    • Increased the damage dealt by Elemental abilities Combust, Electrical Storm, Flame Strike, Blaze, Conditional Force, Flashpoint, Fire Manifestation, Inferno, Magnetic Wipe, and Lightning Manifestation.
    • Increased the damage dealt by Pistol abilities Shootout, Big Forty Five, Semi-Auto, and Bond, Strong Bond.
  • Corrected an issue when using some abilities with Anima Charge.
  • Bamboo Cutter will now properly trigger Breakdown and gain bonuses from Blade boosting effects.
  • Rocket Launcher no longer flips on your back when 'Big Forty Five', 'Epicentre' and 'Stonewalled' are used.
  • Adjusted the sound effect of the Killer Instinct buff.
  • The sound of the Pistol attack Semi-Auto will no longer continue after the target is dead.


  • The red circle decal that's part of the particle effect for Eblis' Shadow Of Blood debuff no longer disappears when you jump.
  • Motes of Aten will now display in the deathcam for players viewing the Squalid Hekaturgist encounter in The Ankh.
  • The Orochi Extraction Helicopter will now take longer to appear after defeating the Primordial in Polaris.
  • Resolved a fight progress issue with the Manhattan Exclusion Zone.
  • Cybulski should no longer spawn multiple copies of himself in the Slaughterhouse.


  • London - All Roads Lead to Rome: you may now re-enter the Londinium Excavations if you leave under any circumstance midway through the investigation.
  • Illuminati Story Mission: Mainframe: Scrambling the Orochi turrets now gives feedback that the scrambling succeeded.


  • The Vision - the text of the Faction report has been added again.
  • The Hunger - Moved the Voracious Wendigo's spawn point off the rocks and closer to the ground.

The Savage Coast

  • Breakfast of Champignons - Ghost Cap mushroom's toxic cloud now debuffs healing.

The Blue Mountain

  • Detritus Prime - Golem remote controller will not delete itself, allowing you to keep it in case you fail the tier. Re-using it updates the goal "Use the remote to command the golem".
  • Detritus Prime - Goals to pick up the unfinished remote, ceramic resonator, and transmitter module will only update when you gain the items in your inventory.

City of the Sun God

  • Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented an Akh from appearing upon the death of an Aspirants during the first tier of The Stained Oasis mission.
  • You will no longer get stuck on Tier 7 of Black Sun, Red Sand if you attempt to pick up the scroll with a full inventory.

Carpathian Fangs

  • Waypoints for Cabin Fever, Tier 3 have been corrected.
  • Signal Jammers involved in The Girl is Gone should now respawn properly.
  • The Red Thread - The Spectral Lyre will now remain in your inventory if you pause the mission.

Shadowy Forest

  • Tier 2 of Shrooms will now fail after 2 minutes have elapsed.
  • The Cellar Door - You can now complete the quest even if you leave the instance and return.


  • Shadowy Forest - Fang Run Gorethroat will now give XP and loot.
  • Shadowy Forest - Your character will aim at the Queen Sect Friar from now on, instead of aiming at the floor.
  • Corrected an issue that could cause the Forest God to stand on the bar in the Besieged Farmlands.


  • All wearable items now have a maximum durability of 100 and will lose 10 durability each time you are defeated in PvE. Repair prices have been modified, making all uncommon items cheaper to repair, while repair of high end items is now more expensive.
  • Fixed many weapons that could not be used with Casting toolkits to create moulds.
  • Signet of Discipline now correctly lasts 8 seconds.
  • Signet of Discipline now has the correct internal cooldown of 10 seconds rather than 30 seconds.
  • Buff provided by Blue- and Purple-quality Overdrive signets now provide visual cues when slotted into Rocket Launchers.
  • Signet of Rejuvenation, Signet of Ablation, and Signet of Fortification will now trigger when dropping below 50% health regardless of the source of the damage.
  • The Agartha conduit will no longer spam you when you enter Agartha, if you have stored it in your bank.

World Design

  • The moon in Shadowy Forest is no longer intensely bright.
  • Dr. Aldini's - The papers on the floor will no longer flicker when moving your camera.
  • You can no longer get stuck on the soviet truck at the entrance of The Facility.
  • Shadows should now be rendered correctly in City of the Sun God, Shadowy Forest, Besieged Farmlands, and Scorched Desert.
  • Small collision fixes in "Ground Zero Flashback".


  • Issue 5 "The Vanishing of Tyler Freeborn"
  • 1.5 was released on December 12th 2012

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