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Brand new missions, the rocket launcher - our first auxiliary weapon including its own mission line - and the plastic surgery and barber shop are now all available as part of The Secret World Issue #2: Digging Deeper. Please click here for more information about the new missions in Issue #2.

And there is also a new title available if you complete all of the Digging Deeper missions!

Top changes

  • Two additional dungeon Nightmare modes are now available: The Facility and Hell Eternal.
  • The plastic surgeon's shop Modern Prometheus in New York is now open for business.
  • Visit Ockham's Razor barber shop in London for a new haircut or change of facial hair styles.
  • You can now access a Looking for Group (LFG) Tool using the Shift+C keyboard short cut or via the in-game menu.
  • You can now equip an 8th active/passive ability! This is reserved only for auxiliary abilities.
  • All lair NPCs now have a chance to drop Bind on Pickup rare core items.
  • All Lair bosses will now drop two Bind on Pickup rare items, 1 rare signet, 1 rare Glyph kit, and two Region boss blueprints.
  • All Region bosses will now drop a loot bag containing 2-4 blueprints to summon that boss, 3 epic Bind on Pickup items, 1 epic signet, 1 epic Glyph kit and a unique Raid Puzzle Piece.
  • NEW Lair Kill missions :


  • London - Fixed the hat vendor's voices to match their genders.
  • Tabula Rasa - Gave some NPCs more health. You can now use active dodge in this playfield.
  • Pangaea mannequins no longer have (U) tooltips.
  • Corrected several visual issues with clothing.
  • You are no longer able to get stuck between the bookcase and a chair in Dracula's Castle.
  • Slightly optimized client memory usage.
  • Athletic Hoodie, blue should now appear correctly in the players Dressing Room after purchase.
  • Turrets will turn to their original rotation after combat and when they deactivate.
  • A new Anima Well can be found in the vicinity of the Lair area in Shadowy Forest.
  • The Magna Cum Laude achievement should now always be achievable.
  • You are now unable to accept dungeon teleports before reaching Jack Boone in Kingsmouth, to prevent an issue where your character could become totally unable to progress.
  • Adjusted the animation of running while using a cellphone.
  • Fixed an issue where the Shirt and Tie would clip through your equipped jacket.
  • Each lair now has a "warning area" encircling it on the map.
  • On the London map, the spelling of "Ealdwich alley" has been changed to "Ealdwych Alley".
  • The clock on the top menu can now switch between showing game time and real time. Switch by clicking it.
  • Rifles will no longer clip through your character's body when drawn.
  • Fixed an issue with naked characters in cinematics.
  • Fixed several locations worldwide where it was possible to get stuck.
  • Fixed some clipping issues with new female hairstyles and hats.
  • London: A specialised arms dealer in Ealdwic Station will now provide you with the necessary components to create and cast your auxiliary weapons.
  • Signet of Echoes will no longer cause friendly targets to attack you.
  • Fixed an issue with NPCs not playing attack animations for Assault Rifle attacks.
  • The sound of your headlamp will no longer be heard by other characters.
  • Fixed an issue with ocean reflections.
  • The camera will no longer jump when changing sex during character creation.
  • Fixed a few issues with hairstyles that caused clipping issues.
  • Fixed collision issues in several places worldwide.
  • Lair - Spoiled Garden - The Chain Spore detrimental effect on players should now display its icon correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with flickering shadows with crossfire enabled.
  • Fixed the cause of a server crash.
  • Fixed a spot where players took unintended environmental damage.
  • Fixed a crash caused when skipping introduction cinematics.


  • Do or Die no longer has a brief delay after activating it.
  • Turn the Tables and The Scarlet Arts will build counters on Hot Iron.
  • Turn the Tables updated to indicate that it is not affected by any heal increasing effects.
  • Mass Provocation will now affect up to 5 targets.
  • Mass Confusion will now affect up to 5 targets.
  • Queued dash abilities will now change weapons correctly when they are executed.

Assault Rifle

  • The tooltip for Leeching Frenzy will now correctly state that the beneficial effect has a duration of 4 seconds.
  • Anima Outbreak now specifies the number of friendly targets healed per enemy target hit.
  • Tactical Retreat grenade will now damage targets.
  • Tactical Retreat will no longer go on cooldown if it can't be used (e.g. if you have a cliff behind you).
  • High Explosive Grenade's tooltip now reflects that it does more damage to Afflicted targets.
  • Frag Grenade now does area damage when used with 4 and 5 resources.
  • Lucky Bullet's tooltip now reflects that the effect happens on the 7th attack, not on the 8th attack.
  • The tooltip for Shellshocker now correctly states that it hits every 0.25 seconds instead of every 0.3 seconds.
  • Fixed an issue with Demolition, Man.
  • Updated the tooltip for Groundwork to state that up to 5 friendly targets will be affected. Improved Groundwork will affect the same number of targets.
  • Updated Veteran Passive ability to only apply once per cast of abilities.
  • Demolition, Man will only proc once from Tactical Retreat.
  • Updated spelling error in Call your Shots.


  • Gaian Exposure's buff is now correctly named "Gaian Exposure".
  • Updated Blood Pact tooltip for barrier with numeric information (absorption rate and amount).
  • Updated the tooltip for Prolonged Darkness to correctly show that it adds 3 seconds (instead of 2 seconds) to Left Hand of Darkness' damage over time effect.
  • Blood Pact: Updated tooltip for barrier with numeric information (absorption rate and amount).


  • Aidelon: Reduced the critical chance bonus on Afflicted targets with Blaze from 100% to 40%.
  • The damage buff from Short Fuse is now consistent whether the caster is in a group or not.
  • Group mates will receive the Short Fuse buff when a group member casts it.
  • Blaze is now affected by Seal the Deal.
  • Final Fuse passive ability now correctly improves the buff from Short Fuse.
  • Manifestations will now more reliably trigger the Elemental Skill: Fury.
  • Fire Manifestation will now trigger hit effects.
  • Updated description for Elemental Skill: Fury to clarify what triggers it.
  • Fixed several issues with Short Fuse and its passive Final Fuse.
  • Phantom Purge now removes the particle effects from targets that have been purged.


  • Hog Wild now only effects NPCs located within the specific cone effect area.
  • Lick Your Wounds' healing ticks are no longer able to crit.
  • Using Anima Burst will now increment stacks of Hot Iron.
  • Nurture, Cauterise and Shelter will now trigger Adrenalise.
  • Vigour can now critically heal.


  • Updated tooltip of Blowout to display proper health increase %.
  • The tooltip of Epicentre has been updated to say that it creates a damage area around the targets of the caster's attacks.
  • The Thor Hammer ability will now stop to play its animation when the caster is interrupted.
  • Epicentre should no longer cause FPS drop when used by multiple players near each other.


  • Big Bang will now actually trigger each time each time a manifestation, turret, or drone deals damage.
  • Critical Help will only trigger when a manifestation, turret, or drone is summoned.
  • Win-win will now affect the caster and cleanse the correct number of detrimental effects.
  • Mad Skills will now trigger when critically healing.


  • Smart Bomb: Reduced placement range to normal shotgun range.
  • Bomb Squad: Reduced placement range to normal shotgun range.
  • Riot Act will now show the advanced tooltip when the Show Advanced Ability Descriptions option is selected.
  • Shotgun Damage Skill attack will now appear in the combat message window as CQC instead of Point Blank.


  • Cover in Stonehenge has been more evenly spread out.
  • Hit Rating and Defence Rating have been removed from the World Domination buff.
  • Updated the mechanic for capturing an Anima Facility.


  • The Facility and Hell Eternal Nightmare portals in Agartha have been added.
  • You will now be able to rejoin a Nightmare dungeon that you previously left, provided the instance is still active. An instance will remain active for 5 minutes when empty.
  • Generic pets are now disabled in dungeons.
  • Wallachian nightmare dungeons give an increased amount of Black Bullion.
  • The Facility: Anima Control Rod beams should no longer flicker.
  • Hell Fallen - Nightmare: Some issues have been fixed and balance adjustments have been made.
  • Hell Raised Nightmare and Hell Eternal Nightmare: Lifeburn will no longer cause certain passives to damage you.
  • Nightmare Xibalban Bloodhound (Darkness War), Nightmare Pit Dweller (The Ankh), and Nightmare Piston Predator (Hell Eternal) mobs now have a 50% chance to drop Bind-On-Equip Band 10 purples.
  • Trash in Nightmare dungeons now has a chance of dropping either Band 10 blues or a low chance to drop Bind-On-Equip Band 10 purples.

The Slaughterhouse

  • The dungeon has been rebalanced extensively and it's now significantly harder.
  • Aleksei-Chetyre should now die immediately when reaching 0 health.

Darkness War Nightmare

  • Wayeb-Xul: The duration of the stun applied by Concuss is now slightly shorter.
  • Wayeb-Xul now pauses his combat a few seconds after casting Concuss.

The Ankh

  • A particle now plays on the target and Doctor Klein right before he casts Dreaming Shroud.
  • Added tier and goal text in the mission journal for Pandora's Box and Pandora's Box Revisited.
  • Removed the filth spawned along the edge in Normal/Elite.


  • Healing signets will now trigger on the correct target.
  • Signet of Castigation will now have a visual indicator when active.
  • Fixed an issue with Signet of Ablation not activating properly.
  • Fixed an issue with Signet of Equilibrium not applying properly.
  • Penetration kickbacks will now trigger correctly.
  • Black Mark of the Morrigan now correctly applies Flurry of Feathers from all heals, including blood magic barriers that have a direct healing component.
  • You can now create moulds with weapons such as Taipan's Last Resort and Soul Crusher.
  • The clothing item Atenist Garb no longer causes your character's eyebrows to change color to orange.
  • Fixed the name of the ability cast by the Fragmentation grenade, now named "Frag Grenade".
  • The cost of purchasing Glyphs from the PvP vendors has been significantly reduced.
  • The cost of purchasing Venice Glyph Upgrade Toolkit has been significantly reduced.
  • The cost of purchasing Venice Talisman Upgrade Toolkit has been significantly reduced.
  • Auxiliary Weapon Mould: Original now for sale from vendors.
  • Auxiliary Weapon Mould: Gold-Plated now for sale from vendors.
  • Auxiliary casting Toolkit now for sale from vendors.
  • Auxiliary weapon mould blueprints now have a chance to drop from all Nightmare bosses.
  • Adjusted Signet of Order to behave more like its description.
  • Signet of Temperance should now trigger properly.
  • Plethron Epipens will now behave more consistently.
  • Fixed spelling mistakes in several signets.
  • The Atomos head talisman will no longer incorrectly place a stacking buff on your hostile target.
  • Fixed an issue where some Dress shirts would clip through the Punk Blazer.
  • Fixed some issues where the Female tight plaid pants would deform multiple shoes meshes.
  • The Orochi Field Uniform will no longer change the your pants and shoes when equipping it.
  • Shell of the Nautilus from normal Polaris has had its icon corrected.
  • Achievement Rewards: The male "Dawn Leathers" item is now a green poncho similar to the female, as intended.
  • Faction Marks sold by the Explosives Vendors now clear each other - a given target can only have 1 Mark. These Marks also no longer falsely claim to only effect one target at a time.
  • Thoth's Condemnation (normal and elite versions) now add the correct amount of stats to you.
  • Wosret's Marvel can now be properly disassembled.
  • Caress of the Void can now be properly disassembled.
  • Calabi-Yau Manifold can now be properly disassembled.
  • Grotesquely Bloated Heart can now be properly disassembled.
  • Pishacha's Hunger can now be properly disassembled.
  • The coveted Taco Hat is now available if you have consumed 7460 tacos or more in-game.


  • Fixed an issue with the gear manager swapping builds with similar weapons.
  • Marketplace : The marketplace search no longer returns with items that are already sold.
  • The equip button has been replaced by a reassign button for abilities already equipped.
  • Improved the mission tracker visuals and feedback.
  • Cabals - Added a new permission to cabals (Can Withdraw Items).
  • Cabals - You can now invite other players to your cabal even if they are not in your area.
  • Made the GUI of states and resources a bit easier to understand.
  • Added burst as a subtype in ability search.
  • Fixed target decal option not saving properly.
  • Crafting - Assembly window should now never open without text on the assembly button.
  • The in-game browser should no longer crash when a download link is opened (it will rather just be ignored).
  • Fixed an issue where the PvP GUI would not update properly after a Battlefield was completed.
  • Fixed an issue where the Gear Manager would sometime not load the gears that are part of a build.
  • You can now invite other players to your Cabal by Right Clicking their name in chat regardless of how far the invited player is from you.
  • TO MODDERS: Added the possibility to set a target though the UseShortcut function in com.GameInterface.Game.Shortcut (UseShortcut(pos:Number, targetId:ID32)
  • Changed cabal member promote button from Ok to Ok/Cancel.
  • Opening up the dressing room tab should no longer show a blank Back tab by default.
  • Gear manager has been updated to work with auxiliary abilities and weapons.
  • Removed outdated achievements The Grimms and Heart of the Matter.
  • Fixed a brief delay when joining a group where group chat would not display right away.
  • Hazmat Suit will now correctly appear in the multislot section of the Dressing Room.
  • Corrected an incomplete sentence on a character selection screen popup.
  • The maximum number of possible gear manager slots your character can have when purchasing all upgrades, has been increased to 20.
  • Added new icons to playfield maps to show the lairs.
  • Area names and Lair names should no longer appear onscreen at the same time.


  • Into Darkness - Illuminati : You will now be able to continue if you skip the road flares and proceed to the meeting point in the dark.
  • Dawning of an Endless Night
  • Correct instance name will appear when attempting to enter Illuminati Archives.
  • You should no longer be attacked by friendly Undying Thanes in The Savage Coast stone encounter.
  • Hub cities: You are now unable to leave the training rooms until the weapon missions are complete.
  • Virgula Divina: Fixed an issue which caused some players to be unable to move after watching a cinematic in the mission.
  • To Catch a Thief: Goalmarker now guides you back to the instance on the 'follow the rogue agent into Agartha' step.
  • Total Eclipse: The Headlamp is now removed from inventory upon mission completion.



  • London Underground: Fixed an issue where the door found in the Bazalgette could be interacted with without having the mission active.
  • London Underground: The Crocea Mors item has been removed from the mission as it is no longer required.

New York

  • Mainframe: A locked door found in the instance will now provide appropriate feedback when interacted with.


  • The Pick-Up
  • Adjusted the trigger areas for this escort mission.
  • Fixed an issue where Cassandra would sometime stop following you during tier 6 which would prevent mission completion.
  • Fixed an issue where leaving the instance would sometime not solve the "Leave the maintenance tunnel" goal during tier 7.
  • One of the 3 doors will always allow you to pass through to the other side.
  • Floater: Lost Drone can now be spawned by other players after someone else already spawned it.
  • It takes Two to Tango: Tango should automatically respawn after it despawns either from mission completion or failure.
  • That'll Leave a Mark: Fixed an issue where the Injured Man would duplicate himself.
  • The Kingsmouth Code: Fixed an issue where the mission would pause after clicking some paintings.
  • Runaway Light - Fixed a few issues with Ellis gun during the mission cinematic.
  • The Hunger: Voracious Wendigo will now consistently spawn at the bones for tier 1, and then run away after the first ambush (without getting stuck at half health).
  • Hell and Bach: Theodore Wicker's spiritual memory re-lived on the seance circle in tier 2 is now distinct from his tape-recorded journal later in the mission, as intended.

The Savage Coast

  • Carter Unleashed
  • It is no longer possible to get stuck in the generators in the basement.
  • You can now complete the mission even if you have crafted the Charged Ward Generator before the intended goal.
  • Another Portable ward generator can be picked up while on goal "Assemble a charged ward generator" if it was used up previously.
  • The Media pop-up is now larger and easier to read.
  • A Carnival of Souls
  • Fixed an issue where you would sometimes be unable to destroy the Joy of Children during tier 3.
  • "Joy of Children" can be destroyed when re-entering the instance during "Free the Joy of Children".
  • Bring it Bach: Camera effect appears when the camera is used.
  • Jack's Back: Jack will reliably spawn after killing the 3 revenants in Tier 3.
  • Ami Legend: Fixed an issue where the encounter would sometimes break if you died during tier 2.
  • The Exterminator: Burrows can be attacked by melee attacks.
  • Dear Reader: Fixed an issue where the ravens would sometime not fly away when approached.
  • The Faculty: Professor Jones now drains less life from her familiars.
  • The Breakfast Cult: Ward generator effects in the library will show properly now.
  • Sinking Feelings: Added a text for when the mission has been solved. The number of slurs to kill has been adjusted.

The Blue Mountain

  • Bitter Servants can no longer attack you through walls in the Franklin Mansion and can no longer pass through walls.
  • Fixed an issue in pathfinding near the Franklin Mansion staircase where NPCs would end up under the stairs or on the above floor.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented you from entering the area for the Aspect of the Long-Toothed.
  • The Filth Amendment: The waypoint for finding Subject-Zero among the prisoners has been increased slightly in radius.
  • The Filth: The Media pop up in Tier 2 should now be localized in the mission journal.
  • His Master's Voice: French and German version of the pages should appear correctly in the journal.
  • Jack of the Lantern: Fixed an issue that could make Jack of the Lantern take a lengthy amount of time before spawning in the pumpkin patch.
  • Up in Flames: The Hazmat Suit awarded when completing the mission will now properly appear as a Multislot item in the Dressing Room.
  • Scavengers: Fixed an issue where the Faction Report would not show any text.
  • Dreamcatcher
  • Fixed an issue that prevented you from completing the goal "Find a Wabanaki Guide's feather" after pausing and unpausing the mission.
  • The mapmarkers for the Ancestor's Nightmares have been adjusted to better reflect the location.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the mission to not complete correctly.
  • Ancestor's Nightmares will no longer keep you on their hatelist, preventing you from regenerating health.
  • The Orochi Group
  • The Poisonous Smoke can now be prevented by wearing the hazmat suit (from the Up in Flames mission).
  • Fixed an issue where the required password was incorrectly shown on the computer terminal GUI during Tier 3.
  • The Media pop up for Tier 4 of the mission should now be localized.
  • Homeland Insecurity
  • The Tactical Map found during the mission will now match the visual look of it's media popup.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent you from completing the mission if your inventory was full.
  • The Ghosts and the Darkness
  • Fixed an issue that prevented you from hearing Billy Woodrow's spoken dialogue.
  • Jimmy Rigby's corpse will now be easier to find.
  • Echoes in Eternity
  • Fixed an issue that prevented you from completing the mission if you resumed it on the last tier.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented you from completing the mission if you paused it.

The Scorched Desert

  • Old Gods, New Tricks: Mission dynel used to spy has been renamed to Spy on Tanis.
  • The High Cost of Dying
  • Tier 1: Interacting with the Altar of Learning inside the Ancient Marya Atheneum will now properly complete the mission goal.
  • Tier 2: Leaving the Ancient Marya Atheneum during the mission will no longer block the mission from progressing.

City of the Sun God

  • The 3rd Age - Tier 3: Fixed an issue that prevented you from completing the mission if it was paused.
  • Batteries Not Included: The Malfunctioning Drones found during the mission will no longer remain immobilized on the way to their destination.
  • Waters of the Nile: The mission will no longer disappear from certain instances.
  • Halls of Lost Records: The locked door in the Chambers of Horus will now unlock properly when the mission asks you to pick up the Key of Horus.
  • The Way of Things: Slightly improved lighting inside the pentagram room.
  • Blood and Fire: The Statue of the Voice of Aten encountered at the end of the mission will now respawn faster and should not lock anymore.
  • Changes to NPCs:
  • Shade Stalkers should be easier to handle.
  • Foreman Gahiji found new strength and should be slightly harder.
  • Eiz has drawn even more power from his altars.
  • Filth-Warped Aspirants now know how to use their weapons correctly.
  • Golems now properly bind to the will of the Shaper of Golems.
  • Transformed Orochi Soldiers have grown and found their proper powers.
  • Filthy Orochi Assaulter should be more interesting to fight.
  • Vile Dive ability from Soul Corruptors now have a clearer area of effect.
  • Bullrush ability from some Guardians now have a clearer area of effect.
  • The Corrupted Corpses NPCs in City of the Sun God have been tweaked to be more enjoyable.
  • Infectious Commander should be easier to handle.
  • Several NPCs have been made stronger in the mission "The way of things".
  • Shezmu the Betrayer found new defensive moves making him harder.
  • The manifestations of Amir now have less health.
  • Mummy ability "Old Blood" area of effect will now be clearer.
  • Envoy Runihura has gained new gear and will be harder to kill.
  • Rib-Hadda has gone through some soul searching and has been completely rebalanced.
  • The Bling Blang ability of Mummies should be less of a problem.
  • All NPCs in the mission "The Sad Song" should be easier to handle.
  • Jinn Riftseeker has channelled more power.
  • Heropsis, found in the Tainted Burrow, will now properly spawn adds during combat.

The Shadowy Forest

  • Respawn timers for standard NPC population have been increased around The Shadowy Forest.
  • You should no longer find oddly placed object interaction labels around the playfield.
  • Mortal Sins
  • The Water of Life pouring should no longer appear to cut abruptly.
  • Puzzles in the Dreaming Prison can now be solved without audio.
  • Each letter of the Water of Life puzzle should now reset correctly after a moment.
  • The Cellar Door
  • Fixed an issue where you would be unable to complete the mission if you Disabled the Security Wall too early.
  • You won't be able to skip ahead of the security systems and use levers unless you are on the appropriate objectives.
  • Fatal Framing
  • The Camera should now be removed from your inventory when you are not currently on the mission, or if you have completed it.
  • You should now be able to interact with the Romany Corpse again during the first goal of tier two, should you decide to abandon the mission.
  • The Camera should no longer be removed pre-emptively if you are in a grouped situation.
  • The Drăculeşti: The Goal Marker for the Photograph Fungal Incubators should now be more accurate.
  • The Amazing Brothers Blaga: The Electric Hazards debuffs in the area should no longer display placeholder text.
  • Free Spirit: The Goal Marker for Tier 1 is now more accurate.
  • The Wild Hunt: Leaving the cinematic directly after taking the mission does not continue to hinder your movement speed anymore.
  • Lord of the flies: You now have two minutes to kill the Forest Heart's Decay, and should revert back to the first goal should you fail by dying or running out of time.
  • Fungal Fireworks: The Electrical Substation image should no longer display to every player in the area, it will only display for the player using the terminal.

The Besieged Farmlands

  • Moved General Rodica slightly to prevent him from floating.
  • The Lone Wolf won't be lazy anymore, it will stand up and use its correct fight animations.
  • Added collision to Slave Dog Gladiators and Slave Dog Trackers in the Besieged Farmlands.
  • Ripples: The Herald of Sorrow won't disappear anymore if summoned while the summoner is outside of the circle.
  • Mortal Sins: The Forest God will now properly hold a mug while he is drinking during the cinematic on tier 2.
  • The Cost of Magic: The page can be picked up again if deleted or never picked up in case of a full inventory.
  • The Kindly Ones: This mission can now be picked up again after being paused.

The Carpathian Fangs

  • NPC respawn times in Carpathian Fangs have been adjusted.
  • Improved pathfinding in The Breach.
  • Breached
  • The Orochi message triggered from the terminal now plays to completion in all languages.
  • Audio will now be played when accessing the audio file on the computer terminal.
  • The Zmeu-Mother's will now respawn more quickly.
  • Adjusted the map marker for the "Access the terminal and find out what happened" goal during tier 1.
  • Adjusted the map marker for the "Gain access to the research data" goal during tier 2.
  • Adjusted the waymarker for 'Breached - Tier Two'
  • Finding the Orochi terminal will now update closer to the actual terminal.
  • The Girl is Gone
  • Fixed an issue where the helicopter would despawn before you could reach it.
  • Lidiya will be more aware of new players entering the observatory while she is in combat.
  • The helicopter should now arrive on time.
  • Boss lockout barriers encountered in Tier 4 of the mission will now come down sooner following the encounter's completion.
  • Eye Spy
  • The mission will now provide the correct amount of experience.
  • The mission will now fail properly if the triggering player disconnects. Note that the mission will only provide credit for grouped players - solo players must each escort the drone.
  • Too Deep: Fixed an issue where the four Bringer of the Beyond would sometime not spawn.
  • A Dying Breed: The mission will now provide the correct amount of experience.
  • Bloodlines: Added map markers to the goals requiring you to acquire blood sample from vampires.
  • Cabin Fever: Virgilu's respawn timer has been adjusted.
  • The Castle: The ability cast by House of Danesti vampires now has a proper name.
  • Icebreaker: The Ice block found during the mission can now only be destroyed by players on the appropriate goal of the mission.
  • Metal Detective: Adjusted the waymarker for Tier 1.


  • Blue Mountain soldier's arms now match the color of the rest of their skin.
  • Blue Mountain - Fixed the respawn times on the Ellri Lords and Broodmothers in the Quarry.
  • Reanimated Warrior's XX_Mesopotamian Snare cast is now named "Halting approach".
  • Ellri Destroyers' XX_Attract Zombie cast is now named "Undead attraction".
  • Zamira Vata now has her shades above her head.
  • The House of Danesti Keeper located in Dracula's Castle is now more aware of people sneaking up behind him.

World Design


  • Added collision to some gas canister found in the Fight Club.

The Shadowy Forest

  • Fixed an issue where the runestones near Mama Padurii lair were floating above the ground.

The Savage Coast

  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck in the Shadow version of the Theme Park instance.


  • Issue 2 "Digging Deeper"

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