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  • Phoenician Lore #7 has been relocated.
  • Fixed Faction Racehorse not appearing in the auction house with the correct search parameters.
  • Fixed an issue with the spelling of the Snowy Quetzal pet's name in several places.
  • Updated the source section of the Blood Raven description to be more accurate.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause certain popups to appear during cutscenes.


  • PvP missions will now be labeled as PvP Missions in the mission journal, rather than as Side Missions.
  • Added a new animation for when world domination is gained.
  • Added a new option under Hud Functionality/Notifications for disabling the world domination animation.
  • Shem of the Seething Sliver now uses the same icon as the Shem of the Lunar Metal in the Pet UI.



  • Fixed an issue that prevented See Red from using Anima Deviation on some bosses.
  • Fixed an issue with "Go for the Throat" that prevented its damage over time effect from being affected by augments.


  • Fixed an issue that caused Eye of Pandemonium to advance Rising Vigour.
  • Extended Fracture now correctly increases the number of targets hit by Reality Fracture.
  • Domino Effect has been re-worked in an effort to reduce its dominance in PvP while maintaining and potentially improving its efficacy in PvE. Domino Effect now deals more damage when it hits fewer targets at shorter ranges, but also has a reduced knockdown effect when fewer targets are hit. Crowd Control immune NPCs will still receive a 4 second debuff as if they had been hit by the best version of this ability's crowd control. The ability can still be used as an interrupt against the enemies it was used against in the past and its damage against single targets is improved. The ability now requires at least one target within 3 meters to hit, a second target within 5 meters to improve its knock down effect, and a third target within 7 meters to have a full 4 second knock down effect. The ability can still hit up to 6 targets, but it will now require a couple of those targets to be closer to get the full crowd control effect. This restriction will make this ability considerably less useful than in the past when used as crowd control against a single target in PvP, but when used against groups of enemies it will be just as devastating as its previous incarnation.


  • Flashpoint's damage over time effect can now critically hit and penetrate.


City of the Sun God

  • A Modest Proposal - Sentry Turrets with discriminatory AI should no longer attack players.


  • Brotherly Loathe - Fixed an issue that could cause the bathhouse defense to become non-responsive.
  • Brotherly Loathe - When abandoning the bathhouse defense, there is now a 5 second grace period.
  • Brotherly Loathe - Fixed an issue that could cause the bathhouse defense to become stuck with portals up.
  • Brotherly Loathe - Ward of the Exiled will now always maintain their healing aura while there are foes within range.


  • The Vampire centerpiece now properly reports that there are 8 exhibits in the wing, not 9.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Oni Mnemonic Guardians' heal over time abilities to be canceled by a variety of player abilities.



  • Ground-targeted abilities can now be used during the first phase of the Aleksei-Chetyre fight.


  • Fixed an issue with Red Revere that allowed him to summon adds too frequently.


The Castle

  • Deathless will no longer chain multiple attacks against a single target without re-evaluating threat. This should make them easier to pull off of Survivors in Scenarios.


El Dorado

  • Final score points are now awarded for defending a relic or relic carrier. The point gain is approximately 125 per second while within range of any relic or relic carrier.
  • Being in the area of effect of 2 or more relics at once will now periodically purge buffs from defenders. The rate at which buffs are purged scales with how many relics are in proximity.
  • While inside the bunker, players are now Suppressed, causing heal abilities to have no effect.
  • Players inside the bunker are now marked with a skull in the Team UI.


  • Battlegroups have been merged together.
  • Capturing an anima well or facility, or picking up anima shards now has text on the interaction bar.
  • Fixed localization on facility capture notifications while inside Fusang Projects for French and German players.
  • Missions no longer rotate on a timer. All prior Fusang missions, except for The Underdogs, have been removed.
  • Entering Fusang now grants you 2 new missions: Facility Offence, and Facility Defence.
    • Facility Offence requires you to capture 2 anima wells, capture a facility, and kill 15 players who are defending a facility they own.
    • Facility Defence requires you to kill 15 players while defending a facility you own.
  • When "Facility Offence"/"Facility Defence" missions are completed, they are automatically re-added to the character. This should remove the need to leave the fight to pick up a mission.
  • The Underdogs still has a 1 minute cooldown, and must be picked up manually near a deactivated custodian.
  • Dying to a faction barrier will no longer incur durability damage to gear.
  • Underdog Custodians will not target invulnerable facilities.
  • All Fusang Projects Custodians and Facility Turrets have been re-balanced with the newest player Equal Footing buffs in mind.
  • All Fusang Projects Facility Turret and Custodian upgrades now take 3 minutes to complete.
  • Facility gates can now be repaired, restoring the faction barrier and creating a fresh turret.
    • There is a 5 minute vulnerability period, starting when the turret is killed, before the repair can be started.
    • When the repair is enabled, a circular control point area will be visible just outside the gate. Five players of the faction that owns the linked facility need to stand in the control point area and remain there for 30 consecutive seconds while the gate repairs.
      • Leaving the point early, or dying, will cause the repair process to fail, and it will need to be restarted.
      • More than 5 players can stand in the control point. Extra players will not speed up the process, but may prevent it from failing if another player dies or leaves.
    • The repair control point is disabled when a hostile player or Underdog Custodian is inside the gate, or within close proximity outside the gate.
      • While disabled, the control point is hidden.
      • If a repair is already in progress, the presence of a hostile player or Underdog Custodian will not stop the repair.

Reworked World Domination

  • When a faction gains control of all 4 facilities in Fusang, they begin to Consolidate Control. Consolidating Control counts down over 10 minutes.
  • When Consolidating Control finishes its 10 minute countdown, all currently online members of that faction receive Total Domination.
    • Total Domination increases damage done by 10%, healing done by 10%, XP gained from kills by 50%, and Marks of the Pantheon and Black Bullion gained from all activities by 2 and 4 respectively. Total Domination lasts 30 minutes.
    • Losing all facilities removes Total Domination.
  • If another faction interrupts Consolidating Control by taking control of a facility, all currently online members of that faction receive Favour of the Council.
    • Favour of the Council increases damage done by 2%, healing done by 2%, XP gained from kills by 25%, and Marks of the Pantheon and Black Bullion gained from all activities by 1 and 2 respectively. Favour of the Council lasts 30 minutes.
    • If any faction starts to Consolidate Control, Favour of the Council is immediately lost.
  • All prior World Domination bonuses from Stonehenge, El Dorado, Inner Facility, and Outer Facility have not been changed.

Fusang Domination


  • Fusang now has periodically occurring events. Before an event occurs, all online players will be notified via the PvP updates channel.

Anima Surge

  • Facilities may periodically begin to house a build-up of anima. The build up will take about 15-20 minutes to complete. Factions will want to fight for control of the facility, as the faction who controls the facility when the anima surges will receive great rewards!

Supply Drop

  • Periodically, a mysterious fixer will send a supply drop to Fusang for one of the factions. This faction will want to locate and retrieve this crate, as when it is delivered to a friendly facility, it will:
  • Fully repair the defenses of that facility, including respawning the outer gate's barriers and turret
  • Make the facility invulnerable for a period of 5 minutes
  • Create an additional defensive turret inside the facility

The other 2 factions, who hate favoritism (when it isn't aimed at them), will of course wish to locate and destroy the supply crate before it can be utilized. Destruction of the crate will reward both factions!

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