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1.15.6 Hotfix



Celebrating 4 Years in The Secret World!

How quickly the river of time must appear to flow, sweetlings! Beginning June 29th and lasting through July 13th, the Guardians of Gaia return to the lands! Collect new shards from their remains and enter Deep Agartha in order to summon a never-before-seen raid encounter for all-new rewards! Plus, DOUBLE AP is active for the event.


  • Anansi Technologies has partnered with the British Museum of the Occult to produce a new Lorentzian Fabricator. This can be purchased from The Curator.
  • The Local Legends of New England centerpiece now correctly requires the Bogeyman exhibit to be upgraded, instead of the Deep One exhibit.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a special lore event in Savage Coast to use fewer locations than intended.
  • Changed the drop mechanics of the Clown Nose to be more in line with its corresponding Exhibit in the Museum.
  • Made a number of spelling and grammatical fixes to Bestiary lore.
  • Increased the drop rate of spectre lore from a specific mission boss.
  • Fixed Cadaverous Bear being incorrectly flagged to require Paragon instead of Superior Undead Bear.
  • Mnemonic Guardians now cancel their internal cooldown if their target dies before they can perform their action. This should make the guardians more useful in cases where many monsters are dying rapidly, such as the New York Raid.
  • All Mnemonic Guardians now display their internal recharge times in their tooltips.
  • Reworked the way that Mnemonic Guardian internal recharge timers are calculated:
  • Upgrading a wing's centerpiece to Classic now grants a 0.5 sec reduction
  • Upgrading a wing's centerpiece to Superior now grants a 1 sec reduction (stacking with Classic)
  • Upgrading a wing's centerpiece to Paragon grants a 1.5 sec reduction (stacking), down from 3 sec
  • The result of these changes are that the maximum obtainable reduction is unchanged at 36 seconds removed, but is now spread out across more smaller increments that are easier to reach.



  • The healing component of Forking Paths is now considered a direct heal for the purposes of triggering other abilities. This change allows for several new synergies and as such we'll be watching this one closely. If we find that this new property of Forking Paths causes it to have a negative impact on build diversity we would revert this change.


  • World bosses now use a ranking system to adjust rewards:
  • There are 3 ranks: Bronze, Silver, Gold.
  • These rankings are determined on a personal basis: The ranking of another player does not affect your own personal ranking
  • Failing to properly contribute to a fight will reduce a player's ranking, and may even prevent receiving any reward. Failing to achieve a reward rank will not place the reward on cooldown.
  • World boss mission changes:
  • Player wills now receive the mission for a boss on entering the boss's arena.
  • Players will be informed on entering the arena if they are still on cooldown for that boss's mission. This should make it more clear whether you will or will not receive a reward from the boss.
  • Players can still help to defeat a boss while the mission is on cooldown. If the cooldown ends while fighting the boss, the mission will automatically be added to the player before the fight finishes.
  • This system has not been added to lair world bosses - We will consider expanding it to lairs at a later time.


Manufactory: Breached

  • The Savage Dream will now summon Filth pools regularly, even when kited.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Gaia's Vengeance to not properly increase the target's damage.
  • Gaia's Vengeance damage boost is now multiplicative.

Eidolon of the Outer Dark

  • (Nightmare) Fixed an issue where the Eidolon could be killed while the veil was still torn. "Do not engage" is not a suggestion.
  • (Nightmare) Fixed an issue that could cause AEGIS Mass Hysteria to apply too many stacks of Insanity.


The Hotel

  • Effigy Y55 Cultist - The ability Shotgun Blast should no longer desync its avoidable chalk outline from its cast timer.

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