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The Group Finder makes its debut! This system allows agents to queue up and automatically be placed alongside like-minded individuals who wish to tackle the same content. New achievements, challenges, and rewards await those who utilize this new feature!

The Shambala combat scenario is now available for all active agents. This new PvP warzone pits two factionless teams against each other, as players vie to be the last person standing for their group. Players may queue for this new warzone from either the World Domination UI, or from the Scenario console in Venice.




  • A Vote Kick option has been added to teams.
  • Players who are kicked from a team while in a dungeon or raid will be removed from the area.
  • Changed the order of mission selection in the mission tracker when the current mission is completed.
  • Added a button to the top bar to open the item store.
  • Buffs should more reliably update in the Team UI.
  • Added a display to the Team UI to mark players who are no longer in the fight.
  • Fixed a case where auxiliary active abilities could not be dragged from the search pane into the active ability bar.
  • Added a get effect for when a team enters a dungeon with a player who has not completed that dungeon previously.
  • Issue 13 item mission locations have been added to the map.
  • Players who have died in Shambala and in dungeon boss fights are now indicated on the Team UI.
  • Moved option for showing challenges on login from Interaction -> World to Hud Functionality -> Notifications

Group Finder

  • Added a new GUI window to access the Group Finder tool (Shift+V).
  • Group Finder has been added to the Main Menu.
  • Added a notification for when players are queued in the Group Finder.
  • Added an option to show or hide Group Finder queue notifications.
  • Players cannot use the Group Finder until after they discover Jack Boone.
  • Players are prompted for role when their team leader signs them up for the Group Finder.
  • Confirmation popup for the Group Finder will display the role and activity that has been selected for you.
  • When in a Group Finder dungeon, players can right click themselves in the Team UI to start a vote to retreat. If the majority of the group votes to retreat, the group will be disbanded and all players will be removed from the dungeon.


  • The Leave Group option should no longer be available in the right click menu for teams in PvP, since you cannot leave those groups anyway.
  • Added a new GUI for claiming PvP Rewards.
  • A button to access the PvP Spoils UI has been added to the bottom right corner of the World Domination Map.
  • The PvP Spoils button on the World Domination UI will flash when new rewards are available.
  • Added a new notification for when new PvP Rewards are added to your character
  • Added a new option for disabling PvP Reward notifications.
  • A new objective type for PvP battles has been added to the scenario activation console in Venice.
  • Updated the PvP scoreboard to support two-team factionless minigames.
  • Updated the rewards of El Dorado, Stonehenge, and Fusang Projects in the World Domination screen to properly show that they award Marks of the Pantheon.

Signets and Gadgets

  • Signets which increase subtype damage (Blast, Burst, Focus, Chain, Frenzy, Strike) now increase damage by 1.5% / 3% / 4.5% (was 1%/2%/3%) for green / blue / purple versions of this signet.
  • Signet tooltips should now all use a consistent color for variables.
  • Fixed an issue where Thirst and Equilibrium signets could affect enemy targets in specific cases.
  • Fixed The Osmium Configuration stating two durations and incorrectly stating its effects in the buff applied by the Curiosity.


Assault Rifles


  • Bond, Strong Bond's cast time has been increased to 3 seconds. The channeling interval of this ability has not been changed, meaning that it now hits 10 times instead of 5.


  • Cold Blooded will no longer affect players who have died in Shambala and dungeon encounters.


Tokyo Flashback

  • Ground Zero - Logging out during Ground Zero will no longer leave new characters unable to progress.

New York

The Animate Clay - Fixed an issue that could prevent re-entering The Creature's Abode.

Kingsmouth Town

The Savage Coast

  • Taking the Purple - Reduced mission region to prevent confusing Tier 4 and Tier 5 cameras.

City of the Sun God

The Besieged Farmlands

  • Of the Forest - Disconnecting or leaving the zone during the Tier 4 defense will now properly fail the event.
  • Ripples - Headless Terror should now reset properly.


  • My Bloody Valentine - Fixed an issue that could prevent mission credit in the kitchen when in a team.

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