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Issue #12: "To the Tower Below"


  • Daily Challenges: Enjoy many new challenges which update every day and week to reap powerful rewards which allow you to improve the best gear in the game even further!
  • New Token System: All tokens in the game have been combined and you now only need Black Bullion or Marks of the Pantheon.
  • Two Fresh Raids: The Bird of the Zero Point Pathogen (Flappy) and the Eidolon of the Outer Dark are now ten man Raids which can be done every three days.
  • Massive World Bosses: The final tier of the Lair system now lets you battle huge World Bosses in New England, Egypt and Transylvania.
  • Improved Social Window: It is now much easier to use the Social Window to find groups for any activity in the game.


Over the years we have added one too many currencies to the game, making things a little bit convoluted.

With this update, we re-evaluated the need for all those currencies and decided to combine most of the existing ones into two: Black Bullions and Marks of the Pantheons.

Most activities in the game will reward you with either currency, or both.

Vendors that will trade their special goods for those currencies can be found in all hubs.

  • A cap has been placed on the amount of Black Bullion a player can carry.
  • Marks of the Pantheon have been added. Players can earn a limited amount of this new currency per week, and can only carry up to a certain amount at any time.c
  • Shortened the distance at which test dummies in the training rooms lose aggro to the player from 21m to 15m.
  • It is no longer possible to purchase the Signal Hunter title if you already have it.
  • The emote dance_hitman_lean will now work with the Shoes of Synchronicity.
  • The "/cabal remove" command will now accept a player name, and can be used to remove both online and offline players from a cabal.
  • It is no longer possible to delete a mail while it still has items attached.


We've completely revamped the LFG window and increased its overall usefulness!

You will now be able to add a comment next to your entry. Its functionality has also been expanded beyond simply looking for dungeon or raid groups. You can use the Social window to advertise any event you might be holding.

Check it out often, and if you find something you are interested in joining, simply meet-up or send a message to the person by right-clicking their name.


  • The Looking For Group UI has been overhauled into the Social UI.
  • Signing up through the Social UI now allows you to select an activity, location, and difficulty level in addition to Roles.

Signing up through the Social UI now allows you to add a comment up to 120 characters that will be displayed to other players.

  • The Social UI now displays name, roles, activity, location, and comment for players currently signed up.
  • Added Tabula Rasa as a location for social activities in the Social UI.
  • A filters button has been added to the Social UI to filter the results shown.
  • Players can filter results by activity and difficulty.
  • Players can update their entry in the Social UI without removing themselves from the listing by using the update button on an existing listing.
  • Meet Up has been added to the right click and player menu in the Social UI.
  • View Entry has been added to the right click and player menu in the Social UI.
  • View Entry in the Social UI can be used to show you additional information about an entry, including difficulty and full length comment.
  • The Social UI will no longer display entries for players who are on your ignore list.
  • The Social UI will now run a background search every 15 minutes and display how many players are signed up matching your filters in system chat.
  • Added a "Show Social Reminders" option under Notifications to enable or disable the 15 minute background search.
  • Added a new interface option under Advanced -> Privacy that blocks incoming group join requests.
  • Show Sign Up Notifications option has been split into Show Social Notifications and Show PvP Notifications.
  • Joining a team no longer prevents you from signing up for the Social UI, nor does it remove your listing if you are already signed up.
  • Requesting to join the party of someone in a full team on a raid will send the request to the group leader of the first team that has an open space.
  • Players signed up for the Dungeon activity will be automatically removed when their team size reaches 5.
  • Players signed up for the Raid activity will be automatically removed when their raid size reaches 10.
  • Added an overlay on the castbar of uninterruptable attacks.
  • Fixed an issue where swapped hotbar abilities would not visually enable or disable properly.
  • Fixed an issue where some abilities would not be disabled in the GUI when they were locked.
  • Updated the shop, tokens, world domination, and PvP scoreboard UIs with new token icons for black bullion and marks of the pantheon.
  • World Domination UI no longer displays tick based rewards for Fusang Projects.
  • Updated the rewards display in the World Domination UI to show new rewards.
  • Updated the rewards display in the PvP Scoreboard to show new rewards.
  • Fixed an issue where rewards would display incorrectly on the PvP Scoreboard.
  • Updated the Tokens UI to display caps, weekly gain, and weekly caps.
  • Removed dungeons tab from Lockouts UI.
  • Updated Agartha's minimap to reflect the recent growth.

Issue #12 introduces a brand new feature: Challenges.

Completing them will grant you bonus rewards, so make sure you check out what new challenges are available every day and try to complete the ones you like. The daily challenges will reset everyday at 10:00 GMT, and weekly challenges reset every Tuesday morning at the same time. A new window has been added to display challenges. You can access this window from the top menu or by pressing shift+J.

  • Added a new get effect animation for when challenges are completed.
  • Added a new notification icon for when challenges are completed.
  • Added new icons for challenges in the Challenge Journal.
  • Added a new option under notifications to display or hide challenge completion notifications.
  • Added an option under General Interface Options to open the challenge journal on login if new challenges are available.
  • Added an option to show reminders periodically when there are unclaimed pending rewards.
  • Makeup selection box for the barber shop is now a static size. This will prevent it from falling off the top and bottom of the screen for players with lots of makeup options playing at low resolutions.
  • Fixed an issue where text could be cut off on the radio button selection UI.

The following windows will now remember their last position when opened:

  • Token UI
  • Lockout Timers UI
  • Pets UI
  • Cabal UI
  • Friends UI
  • Claim UI


  • All Venice items have been updated and converted to Custom items. They will now function just as their Custom counterparts for the purposes of upgrading.
  • The Contrivance vendor in the faction HQs will now sell a Contrivance upgrade toolkit which will allow a blue Contrivance to be upgraded to a purple one. This item costs 950 Black Bullion and requires Battle Rank 4 or higher to purchase.
  • Nightwatch Glyph toolkits have been added to the Nightwatch vendors.
  • Criterion Upgrade and Astral Fuse have been added to the Nightwatch vendors.
  • Weapons and Talismans bought from the PvP Vendors in faction hubs can now be disassembled.
  • The Deep Mystery Box has been updated to include the new Mark of the Pantheon.
  • Blue and Green signet items now describe how you can upgrade them by combining 10 of them.
  • Fixed an issue that threw a FIFO error message the second time players use the remuneration field in the same playfield.
  • The Multichromatic Cardinal is no longer able to be purchased if you have already learnt it.
  • Fixed an issue which caused groups which had formed into a raid to not receive Black Bullion in certain cases.
  • Removed the vendor who sold Epic gear from The Sunken Library in Venice. This vendor has been replaced by a Nightwatch Weapon Dealer and a Nightwatch Equipment Dealer.
  • Fixed an issue which caused the Auxiliary weapon (Mod) tooltip to not appear on Whips.
  • Black Bullion which drops in Lair or Nightmare camps has been changed to Uncommon rarity to allow groups to roll on them.


  • Reaping the Whirlwind achievements have received a new icon.
  • Rear Windows can once again be obtained.
  • Annalist now requires all The Black Signal lore from its specified categories.



  • Most enemies now finish executing a current ability before they turn against a target they hate more.
  • Damage reduction effects which last until the next hit, such as Saving Grace, Fleeting Fortress, and Art of War, will now be triggered when any health is lost.
  • Damage reflection effects, such as Exquisite Corpse will now only prevent an amount of damage up to the limit of the barrier's size. For example, an attack which deals 1000 damage to a reflection effect of 200 will cause the attacker to take 200 damage, and the defender to take 800 damage.


  • Fixed an issue where Killer Flow could generate secondary weapon resources when not hitting a target.

Assault Rifles

  • Fixed an issue where Shot of Anima would not be treated as a resource consumer in some cases.
  • Fixed an issue where Anima Outbreak would not be treated as a resource consumer in some cases.


  • Updated the short description of Critical Control to correctly state that it increases critical rating.
  • Fists
  • Gore should now deal damage properly when having the duration refreshed rapidly by multiple attackers.
  • Hot Iron should now trigger for each tick of the Scarlet Arts channel that it is able to.

Dungeons and Raids


  • The final bosses of Elite difficulty dungeons will now drop Black Bullion.
  • The final bosses of Nightmare difficulty dungeons will now drop Marks of the Pantheon.
  • Elite raid bosses will now drop Marks of the Pantheon.
  • Nightmare dungeons no longer have lockout timers.
  • Swapping AEGIS shields will no longer fail the Master Planner achievement.

The Polaris

  • Fixed issue that occasionally caused Haugbui Mother not to respawn after a team wipe.
  • Haugbui Mother will drop loot even when she's killed extremely fast.
  • The Eidolon of the Outer Dark is no longer part of the Lair progression, we replaced him with the ability to summon new World Bosses.
  • Combining the Ritual Fragments (Head, Heart and Hand) will now reward you with Summoning Ritual Materials, which will grant you the ability to summon a World Boss either in New England, Egypt, or Transylvania.
  • Those world bosses will require the help of the entire zone to defeat and will reward every participants individually, as well as dropping additional epic rewards for the original summoners.

Eidolon of the Outer Dark

  • The Eidolon of the Outer Dark no longer requires a lair key to open the raid portal, or access loot.
  • The Eidolon of the Outer Dark has become more dangerous while Strength from Beyond is active.
  • The Eidolon of the Outer Dark no longer removes players from the anima well halfway through the fight.

Agartha Defiled

  • Agartha Defiled has returned! It may be accessed from a low branch in Agartha. This raid has been designed for 10 players.

The Penthouse

  • Filthy Amalgam's basic attack now does Physical damage. Additionally, its damage on Nightmare has been further tweaked.



  • Updated several missions which did not award any tokens to now award Black Bullion.
  • The first mission of Issue 9, Issue 10, and Issue 11 are now visible in the game world, even if the Issue has not been purchased. These missions still require purchasing the relevant Issue.
  • Relocated several missions from the void and placed them into proper zone categories:
  • City of the Sun God - The Binding
  • City of the Sun God - The Black Pharaoh's Guard
  • Scorched Desert - O Tempora! O Mores!
  • Scorched Desert - A Time to Every Purpose
  • Scorched Desert - From Carthage to Cairo
  • Seoul - Rogue Agent, and its Templar counterpart To Catch a Thief
  • Kaidan - Nightmare in the Dream Palace
  • New York - Crossroad of the Worlds (and Revisited variant)
  • London - Harvesting the Sun (mission availability has not changed)
  • Agartha - Enter the Filth Phase 3 (mission availability has not changed)
  • Blue Mountain - Picking Up the Pieces
  • Blue Mountain - The House Always Wins
  • Blue Mountain - Ghosts and the Darkness
  • Savage Coast - Hell Hath No Vacancy
  • Carpathian Fangs - You Only Die Twice
  • Carpathian Fangs - Panic Room


  • Flame Away - It is no longer necessary to change zones or relog to be able to pick up Cans of gasoline after completing the mission.


  • Reduced the amount of Black Bullion gained when doing story missions in Kaidan for the first time. Instead, finishing the final story mission for issues 9 and 10 for the first time will now also reward a MkI Memory Expansion Module. Finishing the issue 11 story for the first time will award a MkII Memory Expansion Module.
  • The Pagans - The bounty has been removed from Aoi's head. She should no longer vanish from the zone.
  • Runaway Circus - No longer incorrectly displays as a Nightmare mission.



  • The final bosses of Nightmare difficulty scenarios will now drop Marks of the Pantheon.



  • Significantly increased the overall power of the Equal Footing effect.
  • Black Bullion rewards in PvP Minigames and Fusang are now scaled based on the participants Faction Rank. The winning team members additionally win a Mark of the Pantheon.
  • Obsolete tokens are no longer awarded in PvP.
  • Distinctions of the Council have been removed, and will no longer be given out when increasing Battle Rank.
  • Battle Rank requirements have been added to the PvP Uniforms. These uniforms are available at the Contrivance Quartermaster.
  • Reduced the penetration mitigation provided by PvP Uniforms to 10% (was 20%).
  • The High-Powered Weaponry uniform has received the following changes:
  • Increased the damage reduction provided by the suit to 5% (was 2%).
  • Increased the penalty on heal, barrier, and leech effects provided by the suit to -15% (was -5%).
  • Increased the glance reduction bonus provided by the suit to 4% (was 3%).
  • Increased the damage bonus provided by the suit to 8% (was 5%).
  • The Reinforced Armour uniform has received the following changes:
  • Increased the penalty on heal, barrier, and leech effects provided by the suit to -15% (was -5%).
  • Increased the damage reduction effect provided by the suit to 10% (was 5%).
  • The Integrated Anima Conduits uniform has received the following change:
  • Increased the penalty to damage dealt provided by the suit to -10% (was -6%).

Fusang Projects

  • Removed the tick based reward system from Fusang Projects. Instead, there is a new set of missions which can be taken from any Anima Well, Facility, or home base. These missions will change every 5 minutes and offer different activities to perform while in Fusang.
  • Removed the button that repairs the gate/turret around the outer facilities in Fusang Projects. The only way to repair the turret is now to take the facility it was guarding.
  • Added Pax rewards to all Fusang rotating missions.
  • Added Mark of the Pantheon reward to Complex Fusang rotating missions.
  • The Underdog mission is available only at the underdog custodian now.
  • Kill credit for the 'Defeat' missions is now awarded to anyone on the killing player's faction who is nearby the person killed.


  • Issue #12: "To the Tower Below"

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