Unknown Soldier

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SWLicon.png This article concerns content for Secret World Legends. For the TSW Classic version, click here.

Unknown Soldier
Region: Valley of the Sun God
Zone: City of the Sun God
Start Coords: (620,244)
End Coords: (587,417)
Given by: Dead Orochi
Type: Item
Recommended Level: No Data
Reward: 1,770 Experience
Repeatable: Yes
Game Version: SWLicon.png SWL
Added in: Update 2.0

Blood and Filth make for a sombre shade of crimson. Whatever gutted the Orochi soldier may kill again...and spread the Filth further.

Journal Entries

Mission Item.png Unknown Soldier       Side Mission
REPEATABLE (Recommended Level No Data)
Blood and Filth make for a sombre shade of crimson. Whatever gutted the Orochi soldier may kill again...and spread the Filth further.
Tier 1
Find out what happened to the Orochi soldier and stop the spread of murder and infection.
  • Follow the bloodtrail
  • Clear the cave of cultists (0/10)
Tier 2
The cultists have directed their mindless worship at a Filth-infested monstrosity, to whom they sacrifice any innocent lives they can find. Such lethal reverence should not be allowed to fester.
  • Defeat Theroxis


There are 2 tiers to this mission.

Tier 1/2

  • Follow the bloodtrail
    • Down the path to the water and then head northwest
    • Mission will advance when you get close to the cliffs, at (631,329)
  • 0/10 Clear the cave of cultists

Tier 2/2


Dragon.png FROM: The Dragon
To: <Character Name>
SUBJECT: Unknown Soldier
No models in our possession saw this coming. Cultists killing off Orochi agents with the help of a dark arachnid.

That was no usual spider, we can safely assume. Its emergence can only mean that something that should have been left alone has been stirred.

Gather as much information as you can about this. We will need as much data as possible to ensure the integrity of our updated models.

Illuminati.png FROM: The Labyrinth
To: <Character Name>
SUBJECT: Unknown Soldier
I won't let a few dead Orochi ruin my day. Just as long as you can promise me you had nothing to do with it? I can't emphasize enough how little use I have for an altercation with the Orochi.

That big eight-legged freak show you encountered really suggests the Orochi stumbled onto something they shouldn't have. I wouldn't give it too much thought except for the fact that it left the cultists alone. That suggests it's more than a mere beast.

Keep your eyes open, champ. I don't like the sound of any of this.


Templars.png FROM: Temple Hall
To: <Character Name>
SUBJECT: Unknown Soldier
It is unlikely that the cultists would be bold enough to kill Orochi soldiers without outside backing.

Even more vexing is your report of the black spider, however. A troubling portent of things to come. I fear the Orochi dug too deep and unearthed something they shouldn't have.

Anything else you can discover would be of the utmost interest.

R. Sonnac

"Secret World Legends"
Exp.png 1770
Anima Shards.png 950
  SWL Patron Icon.png Patron Bonus
Exp.png + 177
Anima Shards.png + 143
Weapon Reward Bag.jpg 1 Weapon Reward Bag
Talisman Reward Bag.jpg 2 Talisman Reward Bag
Glyph Reward Bag.jpg 1 Glyph Reward Bag


  • None

Other Information



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