Unbound Ak'ab

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Unbound Ak'ab
Type: Ak'ab
Difficulty Rating: World Boss
Level: {{{level}}}
Damage Type: No Data
HP: Normal: ~67,000
Elite: ~91,000
XP Awarded: Normal:?
Region: Solomon Island
Zone: The Darkness War
Game Version: TSWicon.png TSW
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The Unbound Ak'ab is the fourth boss encountered in The Darkness War instance.

Most Ak'ab were controlled by the Mayan sorcerers and necromancers. However, this one has somehow gotten free and is now roaming on his own.

Special Abilities


When you first enter this encounter, there will be a number of Ak’ab Hatchlings that spawn. When they die, they will leave persistent ground effects that do damage to anyone stepping in it. Typical strategy is for the tank to take them to the far right of the encounter zone, around the corner from where you enter, so that they will all die in one pile and the ground effect will be out of the way for the main fight.

After they are killed, players should get out of that right-hand passage back into the main area and watch for dirt puffs indicating a burrowing creature underneath. Anyone caught in this burrowing column will take a large amount of damage. The Unbound Ak'ab will appear from the burrow he is a basic Ak'ab fight - just be aware of his dash.

Every so often, he will use Ground Burst to burrow in a random direction for a period of time. Again, anyone caught in this column takes damage. Additionally, more Ak'ab Hatchlings will spawn while he is burrowing. Again, when they die they leave a persistent ground effect that lasts for the entire boss encounter duration. If possible, kill them off to the side, if not, beware of the blood pools on the ground once the boss returns to above ground and the fight resumes.

His burrowing and summoning are timed, and so the quicker he can be killed the less of that you will have to deal with.

Loot Table