Trickster (Class)

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Favourite Role: Tank
Primary Weapon: Chaos Focus
Secondary Weapon: Pistols
Difficulty: Difficulty 1.jpg

The trickster relishes in chaos and disorder. Enemies are subjected to reality rending singularities an unpredictable gunplay.


  • Primary: Chaos Focus - Chaos attacks have a chance to align the user towards chaos. When fully aligned, chaotic magic disrupts reality around the user
  • Secondary: Pistols - Pistol users focus on synergy between their two pistols. When the chambers of both pistols are in alignment, their pistol attacks can have additional effects.

Favoured Role

  • Survivability - Endure enemy attacks

Notable Abilities


  • 4/5 - This build does not have an ability that does not consume ability energy, so energy needs to be managed carefully. In addition, builds that combine ranged and melee abilities can also be more difficult