Tree Tender

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Tree Tender
Tree Tender.jpg
Type: Consumable
Map Coordinates: (560,182)
Zone: Agartha
Region: Hub

The Tree Tender is a shirtless man found tending to the Agartha Tree on the second floor of the main tree Trunk, at (560,182), on the south-west side of the tree.

Items sold

He sells mainly flowers

Item Name QL Price
Flower-Green.jpg Yellow Dasies 1 WhiteMark.png 5
Flower-Green.jpg Purple Dasies 1 WhiteMark.png 5
Flower-Green.jpg Red Poppies 1 WhiteMark.png 10
Flower-Green.jpg Golden Poppies 1 WhiteMark.png 10
Flower-Blue.jpg Albino Sunflowers 1 WhiteMark.png 10