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TSWicon.png This article concerns content for The Secret World. For the Secret World Legends version, click here.

Total Eclipse/tsw
Region: Hub
Zone: Seoul
Start Coords: No Data
Given by: Automatic assignment
Type: Story
Requires: Dawning of an Endless Night
Faction: The Dragon
Reward: No Experience Experience
Repeatable: No
Game Version: TSWicon.png TSW
Added in: Update 1.0

You have returned from the the crisis point in Solomon Island, but what chaos not grows int he heart of Seoul?

This mission is given to you automatically, upon completion of the Solomon Island storyline mission, Dawning of an Endless Night.


Tier 1

Bong Cha

Tier 2

Police Officer

Tier 9


Tier 10

Bong Cha

Journal Entries

  • Tier 1: Take audience with the Dragon and report on the events in Solomon Island
    • List objectives
  • Tier 2: Bong Cha is troubled that an overlooked event from the past has grown in threat. You must stumble upon its stain - if disorder is spreading, perhaps the place to start is with the keepers of order.
    • Investigate the Police Station
    • Travel out of The Dragon's maze to the asylum
  • Tier 3: Your skin prickles in the stale air and tomb-darkness of the abandoned asylum. You'll need to discover what the previous trespassers so wanted to find in this place.
    • Find a portable light source
    • Find and start the generator
  • Tier 4: The generator sputters back to life, though the building is no less foreboding for it. The security doors on the ground floor are now released - start your investigation there.
    • Search the medicine dispensary
  • Tier 5: The psychiatric report describes a patient's fixation on hieroglyphs, a hidden idol, and worship of the sun. This sounds far too particular a psychosis not to be significant.
    • Search the operating theater
  • Tier 6: A second report describes the deliberate provocation of the patient's dementia. As the brooding energies in the asylum continue to gather, it seems likely the patient never left.
    • Search the morgue
  • Tier 7: The manifestations are growing stronger. Hurry to complete the paper trail.
    • Search administration
  • Tier 8: These are the last records, trailing off after the manifestation of the patient's powers. If they ever possessed a hidden idol, some clue might remain in the patient's holding cell. But that's not all that might remain in these cells.
    • Find the patient holding cell
    • Follow the memory to the artifact
  • Tier 9: This sun disc is old, very old, and you sense a power about it: a hissing of sand, or perhaps hushed whispers. Someone might know it's significance back in Seoul.
    • Return to Seoul and talk to the professor.
  • Tier 10: Jae-Hoon confirms the disc is Egyptian, the wellspring of the committed patient's divine horrors. All part of a cycle that now continues under the eye of the Dragon.
    • Return to the Dragon
  • Tier 11: Travel to Egypt through Agartha
    • Travel to the Scorched Desert in Egypt through Agartha


  • Completion of Tier 11 grants 179820 XP.






There are 11 tiers to this mission.

NOTE: While in the Asylum, a Spectre will randomly appear and debuff you with "Insanity". You can safely have upto 3 stacks of "Insanity" (Unknown how many can safely be had and what happens if too many are gained). Use the "Medication" located throughout the Asylum to remove a stack of Insanity.

Tier 1/11

Tier 2/11

  • Investigate the Police Station
    • Located in Seoul at 321, 177
    • You will get a cut scene as you approach Deputy Inspector Kim Yong-Bae
  • Travel out of The Dragon's maze to the asylum
    • Head back towards Agartha, but the entrance to the Asylum is a side entrance not normally useable, located at 395, 251

Tier 3/11

  • Find a portable light source
    • Pick up the miner's helmet on the table in front of you. From your inventory you can use it to equip it
  • Find and start the generator
    • First, find fuses at the end of the starting floor
    • The Generator is on bottom floor, use it to start it if you have already gotten fuses

Tier 4/11

  • Search the medicine dispensary
    • On the second floor, via door that opened when the generator started
    • You're looking for "Evaluation Papers" located at 230,204

Tier 5/11

  • Search the operating theatre
    • Again, "Evaluation Papers", this time located at 213, 203

Tier 6/11

  • Search the morgue
    • These "Evaluation Papers" will be on a body located at 221, 180

Tier 7/11

  • Search Administration
    • Administration is on 2nd floor, the "Evaluation Papers" are located at 212, 248
    • The first time you approach them, Spectres appear. They don't attack, but disappear after a moment. The Papers will have to be used a second time to advance the quest.

Tier 8/11

  • Find the patient's holding cell
    • There are several Patient Holding cell doors, only one is the correct one
    • Each door has a symbol on the wall next to it. The correct door will have all of the same symbols as seen on the Evaluation Papers
    • Correct door is located on the 2nd floor, at 227, 213
    • Other doors will have other effects
      • If you use an incorrect door that spawns a Manifestation of Insanity, pull it into the hallway to fight it - if you fight it inside it's room it will continually heal itself.
  • Follow the memory to the artifact
    • You will be led back to a door near the dispensary. The Relic of Aten is on the sill above the door.

Tier 9/11

  • Return to Seoul and talk to the professor
    • Exit from the Asylum is on 1st floor at elevator shaft at 225, 188
    • The professor is Jin Jae-Hoon, sitting in Karaoke Bar in the Kumiho Hotel

Tier 10/11

  • Return to the Dragon

Tier 11/11

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