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Toolkits are items used in the creation of talisman's, weapons, glyphs, and gadgets amongst other things.

First, you find the correct type of toolkit for what you want to make at the correct QL level. Place it in the toolkit portion of the crafting window, and then build the pattern based on the item you wish to construct out of the appropriate QL materials. Hit Assemble, and you've got a new item!

Toolkits can come in any QL level, and most can also come in green, blue, or purple varieties (A quality that will be passed on to the item they create).


  • Talisman: Used to make any type of talisman, from head to occult.
  • Weapon: Used to make nay type of main weapon.
  • Glyph: Used to make any type of glyph.
  • Gadget: Used to create kickback gadgets or stimulant.
  • Casting: Sold by Council of Venice Envoy vendors (first encountered near the Sheriff's Office and are found in numerous other places), used to create weapon skins.
  • Fireworks: Used to create fireworks, bought at you faction HQ.
  • Auxiliary upgrade toolkit: Used to upgrade Auxiliary weapons to the next higher rarity, does not affect any attached signets.
  • Artisan's Tool Augmenter: Used to combine a stacks of 10 QL3+ Green or QL7+ blue toolkits into 1 toolkit of the next higher rarity. Used for Glyph, Talisman and Weapon toolkits. Extremely rare drop and can be claimed from a Bag of Ethereal Gambit.

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