Too Deep

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Too Deep
Region: Transylvania
Zone: Carpathian Fangs
Start Coords: (625,635)
End location: [[(791,419)]]
Given by: The Smiths' computer
Type: Action
Reward: 888,890 Experience Experience
Game Version: TSWicon.png TSW
Added in: Update 1.0

The Shades of ancient Roman soldiers still linger at the Roman baths, punished for digging where they shouldn't. Look for the source of their misfortune.



(Emma lays asleep, tossing in her bed.)
Winston Smith: The nightmares are... uh, they're getting worse. A lot worse. Emma... I mean, the subject. Emma. Emma is reacting strongly to the psychic disturbances at the site. We've been taken readings at the ruins, and have confirmed there is a high degree of spectral noise emanating from what we believe to be dense subterranean pockets of corrupted anima. In layman terms: Filth.
Emma Smith: ...sordes...tenebrae...
Julia Smith: What's that?
Winston Smith: Her sensitivity appears to be growing, and she's started picking up on everything that...
(Emma screams and wakes up)
Julia Smith: Jesus!
Emma Smith: Tell them to stop digging!
Julia Smith: Who? Who's digging?
Emma Smith: The... the soldiers. They're... Please, you need to stop them. They... the Eagle killed them all. But they're still there, and they're not getting any peace. They're in so much pain. I can feel it. I can hear them screaming... inside. They dug to deep!
Winston Smith: This is a recurring theme. it appears to directly pertain to the excavations at the baths. Before the Breach, we found evidence of activity by Roman legionnaires around 100 AD. They were trying to reach the Engine. they were way off, but close enough to be... affected.
Emma Smith: Too deep.
Winston Smith: As far as we can tell, before the Romans were able to reach the veins, they were all slaughtered. we have to assume by some outside agency.
Julia Smith: Sleep now.
Winston Smith: If we can get an accurate reading of the signals that Emma's receiving...
Emma Smith: ... too deep.
Winston Smith: It would really benefit our research.

Journal Entries

  • Tier 1: From the Smiths' tape it appears the information and interest they had in the Roman baths stemmed from Emma's nightmares. The Smiths believed the Romans would have been there to search for the Engine, but that they dug to deep. What they sought could still be down there.
    • Go to the ruins of the Roman bath
    • Examine the dried out water basin
  • Tier 2: The basin was cracked and partly ruined, but there were traces of an old fresco on it. It's too early to tell what the fresco could signify. Further investigation is needed.
    • Investigate deeper into the ruins
    • Find and examine an intact water basin
    • Summon and destroy thirsting shades (0/3)
  • Tier 3: The basin had been filled with water from below the baths. Filthy water. Examining the basin called forth the twisted remnants of Roman soldiers. Examining the basin called forth the twisted remnants of Roman soldiers, beings tortured for thousands of years, worshipping the Filth, bathing in it until they turned into the murderous shapes they are now. Investiate further in to see how deep it goes.
    • Investigate further into the ruins
    • Destroy a Shade from Beyond
  • Tier 4: The evil presence of the Roman baths is morphing with the Filth, feeding on misery, growing stronger and increasingly powerful, bringing the tortured souls of the soldiers with it. Find a way to stop it.
    • Examine the great bath ruins
    • Summon and kill the evil presence of the baths




This was a true tribute to Rome, whose depravities sunk as deep as its columns rose high. Know that the curse of Rome lingers in every empire. The cults of Rome linger in all weak hearts.

"Let the light lead you," said Deus Sol Invictus, its followers devoted and blinded. "March for our new age of mankind," said the Empire, and they marched to lonely deaths in far-off lands.

There are two kinds of coincidence: those that we orchestrate, and those that are not at all. We have no hand in the Morninglight Project or the Orochi Group.


I guess you could say the ambience of that Sol Invictus spa has been well-preserved. I'm driving right now, but let me give you some more way-back background I pulled up.

Rome-- it kind of got out of hand, turned into the Eternal Sorority Party. In the end the O.G. Illuminati cut their losses and sicced Alaric on the place, but I digress. The real winners were Invictus.

They wanted to live forever, and someone was feeding them and the batshit Emperors pretty on-the-money information on how, and where, to do that. You just saw an example. Isn't living history neat?



In how many forsaken places do the bones of Deus Sol Invictus still bleach? I've been calling in some favours with archivists since your Egyptian encounter. There are at least a dozen expeditions that marched under its banner to unknown destinations.

If you're thinking "unknown destinations that happen to be places of terrible power," I would be inclined to agree. We have long known that Sol Invictus' intentions were less than shining; less so the depths of their darkness.

Men sent to dig and die in a black calamity. Stop me if you've heard this one before.

R. Sonnac


There are 4 tiers to this mission.

Tier 1/4

Tier 2/4

  • Investigate deeper into the ruins
    • Continue down the path to the marked area at (675,324)
  • Find and examine an intact water basin
  • 0/3 Summon and destroy thirsting shades

Tier 3/4

Tier 4/4

Other Information

Related Achievements


  • From the introduction cut scene:
    • Sordes is a type of Pterosaur
    • Tenebrae - Means "shadows" or "darkness", and is also the name of a Christian holiday.
      • In TSW, Tenebrae is also a mission as a well as Tenebrae being the creature you have to kill in that mission
    • "The Eagle" most likely refers to Octavian who is referred to as 'the eagle'
    • "the Engine" most likely refers to a Gaia Engine



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