Tokyo Flashback

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Tokyo Flashback
Region: Tokyo
Zone: Tokyo Flashback
Type: Player versus environment

Tokyo Flashback, which takes place in the Tokyo metro, is an instance where time is just as important as location and one that all three factions send their members back to: The The Dragon via a rendezvous in a hotel room, the Templars come across the The Fallen King, and the Illuminati are injected with a serum by a mad scientist.[1][2][3] Players come-to in the metro station and quickly begin a conversation with Mei Ling who calls you Sarah while offering the first mission.

Originally called Tokyo Future, Tokyo Flashback, introduces you to a variety of basic abilities, big-name players of all three playable factions (Alex McCall, Rose White, and Mei Ling), a few non-playable factions (Council of Venice, the Orochi Group), and the mission system.[2]


Starts at location

Mei Ling