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Titles are rewards which allow you to tell other players of Secret World Legends what you have accomplished. They come from a variety of sources including missions, achievements, and vendors.

The known titles are:

Prefix/Suffix Title Source Type Requirements Description
All Out of Gum Vendor Purchase from Jane Dagover
Assassin Achievement, Combat Assassin (Achievement) Complete Combat achievement Assassin (Achievement)
Benefactor Achievement, Museum Prestigious Benefactor Complete the Museum achievement Prestigious Benefactor
Cabalist Achievement, Combat Cabalist (Achievement) Complete the Combat achievement Cabalist
Cerberus Achievement, Monsters Diaspora Complete the Guardian achievement Diaspora
Commissioner Achievements, Missions Missionary Complete the mission achievement Missionary
Contributor Faction rank, Illuminati Faction rank level 3 title for Illuminati
Crafty Achievements, Crafting Some Assembly Required Complete the Crafting achievement Some Assembly Required
Crusader Achievement, Combat Crusader (Achievement) Complete the Combat achievement Crusader
Cultbuster Achievement, Monsters Cult-de-Sac Complete the Cursest Cultist Achievement Cult-de-Sac
Dante Achievements, Monsters Divine Comedy Complete the Hell Soldier achivement Divine Comedy
Death Sledder Achievement, Regional Snowfall Complete the Carpathian Fangs achievement Snowfall
Demolisher Achievement, Combat Demolisher (Achievement) Complete the Combat achievement Demolisher (Achievement)
Demon Queller Achievement, Monsters Shoki's Wrath Complete the Oni achievement Shoki's Wrath
Derailed Achievement, Regional Derailed (Achievement) Complete the Scorched Desert achievement Derailed (Achievement)
DIY Achievement, Crafting Always Prepared for Adventure Complete the Crafting achievement Always Prepared for Adventure
Doctor of Parazoology Achievement, Legends Doctor of Parazoology (Achievement) Complete the Legends achievement Doctor of Parazoology
Elementalist Achievement, Combat Elementalist (Achievement) Complete the Combat achievement Elementalist
Epic Achievement, Crafting An Epic Turn Complete the Crafting achievement An Epic Turn
EHRMAGERD Vendor Purchase from Jane Dagover
Filth Exterminator Achievement, Events Kill The Dread Bird Dead Complete the Whispering Tide achievement Kill the Dread Bird Dead
Firelord Achievement, Monsters Fire Walk with Me Complete the Jinn achievement Fire Walk with Me
Ghostbuster Achievement, Monsters I See Dead People Complete the Spectre achievement I See Dead People
Ghoul School Graduate Achievement, Monsters Ghoul Schoo Graduate (Achievement) Complete the Ghoul achievement Ghoul School Graduate (Achievement)
Gladiator Achievement, Combat Gladiator (Achievement) Complete the Combat achievement Gladiator
Goes to Eleven Vendor Purchase from Jane Dagover
Gofer Faction rank, Illuminati Faction rank level 1 title for Illuminati
Goon Achievement, Combat Goon (Achievement) Complete the Combat achievement Goon
Gunslinger Achievement, Combat Gunslinger (Achievement) Complete the Combat achievement Gunslinger (Achievement)
Heal Me! Vendor Purchase from Jane Dagover
Hellmaster Achievements, Dungeon Tonight We Dine in Hell Complete the Dungeon achievement Tonight We Dine in Hell
Holographic Taxidermist Achievements, Museum Paragon Curator Complete the Museum achievement Paragon Curator
Lava Game Champion Achievement, Regional [[Lava Game Champion (Achievement) Complete [[Lava Game Champion (Achievement)
Legend Achievement, Crafting Now I Am Legend Complete the Crafting achievement Now I Am Legend
Lycanthrope Achievements, Monsters Extinction Complete the Werewolf achievement Extinction
Magus Achievement, Combat Magus (Achievement) Complete the Combat achievement Magus (Achievement)
Master of Challenges Achievement, Activities Master of Challenges (Achievement) Complete the Challenges achievement Master of Challenges (Achievement)
Merchant of Pain Vendor Purchase from Jane Dagover
Mercenary Achievement, Combat Mercenary (Achievement) Complete the Combat achievement Mercenary (Achievement)
Monarch of Ghosts Achievement, Monsters Shoki's Dominion Complete the Onryo achievement Shoki's Dominion
Monarch of the Patch Achievements, Monsters Where There's a Will-o'-Wisp There's a Way Complete the Wisp achievement Where There's a Will-o'-Wisp There's a Way
Moon Master Achievement, PvP Moon Master (Achievement) Comlete the PvP Achievement Moon Master (Achievement)
Neo-Luddite Achievement, Monsters Preventing the Singularity Complete the Orochi Drone achievement Preventing the Singularity
Suffix of the Deep Achievement, Monsters We're Left with Nothing Complete the Deep Ones Achievemet We're Left with Nothing
Suffix of the Endless Night Achievement, Missions Dawning of an Endless Night Complete the Solomon Island Mission achievement Dawning of an Endless Night
Suffix of the Midnight Massacre Achievement, Monsters Midnight Massacre Complete the Deathless achievement Midnight Massacre
Suffix of the Red Sands Achievement, Missions Black Sun, Red Sand (Achievement) Complete the Egypt Mission achievement Black Sun, Red Sand (Achievement)
One for the Ages Achievements, Bosses One for the Ages (Achievement) Complete the Bosses achievement One for the Ages (Achievement)
Panopticon Achievement, Combat 9th Degree Black Belt Complete the Combat achievement 9th Degree Black Belt
Paracelsus Achievement, Monsters Paracelsus (Achievement) Complete the Familiars achievement Paracelsus (Achievement)
Paranormal Physician Achievement, Monsters Shoki's Posthumous Degree Complete the Evolved Filth achievement Shoki's Posthumous Drgree
Punisher Achievement, Combat Punisher (Achievement) Complete the Combat achievement Punisher (Achievement)
Puppet Master Achievement, Monsters Puppet Master (Achievement) Complete the Golem achievement Puppet Master (Achievement)
Queller of the Hungry Dead Achievements, Monsters Shoki's Warding Effigy Complete the Kyonoshi achievement Shoki's Warding Effigy
Ravager Achievement, Combat Ravager (Achievement) Complete the Combat achievement Ravager (Achievement)
Romero Achievement, Monsters Romero (Achievement) Complete the Zombie achievement Romero (Achievement)
Rookie Faction rank, Illuminati Faction rank level 2 title for Illuminati
Ruffles Achievement, Monsters R.I.P. Complete the Revenants achievement R.I.P.
Rushed Achievement, Collections Gotta Go Fast Complete the Collection achievement Gotta Go Fast
Scorpio Achievements, Monsters Tears of Serket Complete the Scorpion achievement Tears of Serket
Secret Hunter Achievements, Museum Exlempar Exhibitor Complete the Museum achievement Exlempar Exhibitor
Shadow Out of Time Achievement, Regional Vampire's Aren't Forever Complete the The Shadowy Forest achievement Vampire's Aren't Forever
Shamballer Achievement, PvP Antifreeze Complete the PvP Achievemet Antifreeze
Sherlock Achievement, Missions Serlock (Achievement) Complete the Mission achievement Sherlock (Achievement)
Sim Ally Achievements, Activities Your Shadow Striding Behind You Complete the Scenario achievement Your Shadow Striding Behind You
Sponsor Achievements, Museum Sponsor (Achievement) Complete the Museum achievement Sponsor (Achievement)
Strawman Achievements, Monsters End of the Yellow Brick Road Complete the Scarecrow achievement End of the Yellow Brick Road
Sun Samurai Achievement, PvP Sun Samurai (Achievement) Comlete the PvP Achievement Sun Samurai (Achievement)
Thaumaturgist Achievement, Combat Thaumaturgist (Achievement) Complete the Combat achievement Thaumaturgist
The Ancient Mariner Achievement, Monster The Ancient Mariner (Achievement) Complete the Draug achievement The Ancient Mariner (Achievement)
The Bane of Dis Achievement, Events Mounting the Wings of Dis Complete the Whispering Tide achievement Mounting the Wings of Dis
The Boss Achievement, Bosses Essence of Success Complete the Bosses achievement Essence of Success
Suffix the Brain Vendor Purchase from Jane Dagover
Suffix the Brute Vendor Purchase from Jane Dagover
The Buzz Achievement, Legends The Buzz (Achievement) Complete the Legends achievement The Buzz (Achievement)
The Challenger Achievements, Activities The Challenger (Achievement) Complete the Challenges achievement The Challenger (Achievement)
The Charmer Achievement, Monsters Prince Charming Complete the Fata Padurii achievement Prince Charming
The Cleaner Achievement, Monsters Zero Point Complete the Filth Human achievement Zero Point
The Eight Headed Serpent Achievement, Missions The Eight-Headed Serpent Complete the Mission achievement The Eight-Headed Serpent
The Eighth Plague Achievement, Monsters Divine Intervention Complete the Locusts achivement Divine Intervention
The Embalmer Achievements, Monsters Coming Forth by Day Complete the Zombie achievement Coming Forth by Day
The Exterminator Achievement, Monsters The Longest Night Complete the Ak'ab Achievement The Longest Night
The Fabled Achievement, Missions Mortal Sins (Achievement) Complete the Transylvania Mission achievement Mortal Sins (Achievement)
The Hellraiser Achievements, Monsters The Last Judgement Complete the Hellspawn achievement The Last Judgement
The Hunger Achievements, Monsters Eternal Hunger Complete the Wendigo achievement Eternal Hunger
Suffix the Kid Vendor Purchase from Jane Dagover
Suffix the Old School Vendor Purchase from Jane Dagover
Suffix the Peacekeeper Vendor Purchase from Jane Dagover
The Rak Achievements, Monsters Tearing down the House Complete the Rakshasas achievemetn Tearing down the House
The Secret Warrior Achievement, PvP Secret Warrior Complete the PvP Achievement Secret Warrior
The Shady Achievement, Monsters Schadenfreude Complete the Shade achievement Schadenfreude
The Shroom Achievement, Monsters High on Shrooms Complete the Fungal Filth achievement High on Shrooms
The Troll Achievements, Monster hvat's troll nema pat? Complete the Zmeu achievement hvat's troll nema pat?
The Unconquerable Spirit Achievement, Monsters Spirit of the Age Complete the Spirit achievemet Spirit of the Age
Suffix the Underdog Vendor Purchase from Jane Dagover
The Unseen Achievement, Monsters The Golden Ghost Complete the Mission achievement The Golden Ghost
Trickster) Achievement, Combat Trickster (Achievement) Complete the Combat achievement Trickster (Achievement)
Urban Explorer Achievement, Exploration Urban Legent Complete the Hub Explorer achievement Urban Legend
Vampire Slayer Achievements, Monsters Let the Right One In Complete the Vampire achievemet Let the Right One In
VIP Achievements, Museum VIP Sponsor Complete the Museum achievement VIP Sponsor
Warlock Achievement, Combat Warlock (Achievement) Complete the Combat achievement Warlock (Achievement)
Warlord Achievement, Combat Warlord (Achievement) Complete the Combat achievement Warlord
Warrior Achievement, Combat Warrior (Achievement) Complete the Combat achievement Warrior
Weapon Master Achievement, Combat Now I am the Master Complete the Combat achievement Now I am the Master
Wu Achievement, Combat Wu (Achievement) Complete the Combat achievement Wu