The Wassailer - Hat

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The Wassailer - Hat

Binds when Picked Up Unique
Use this item to add it to your dressing room

The Wassailer - Neck is the name of the generic inventory item item while it is in your inventory. These are part of the The Wassailer set of clothing.

Once used and added to your Dressing Room, it turns into either "The Wassailer – Velvet mini top hat" for females or "Unknown" for males.

Note that the "Faction Colored" version is Blue/Rare rarity and the "Black" version is Purple/Epic rarity.



There are two version of this item:

  • Black - The basic version that all characters can get.
  • Faction Colored - This will give you a clothing item that is colored according to your faction (Blue/Green/Red)

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