The Wassailer

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The Wassailer is a set of related clothing pieces that make a full outfit. But, unlike single-piece Uniform clothing, most of the pieces can be worn separately.

The various items can be found in either the Bag of Wassail or the Rucksack of Saturnalian Delights during the Krampusnacht event. The items are:

For each of those, there is a 'Black' version of the outfit as well as a 'Faction Colored' version of the outfit. The 'Faction Colored' version will turn into either Green (for The Dragon), Blue (for Illuminati), or Red (for Templars) - as appropriate for the character who uses the item. While it is in a player's inventory it remains 'Faction Colored' and does not turn into a specific color until the item is actually used and the clothing is placed into your Dressing Room.

In addition to the faction colors changing color when used, the name of the clothing will change as well - to match the gender of the character who used it. Again, this change takes place when the item is used and placed into your Dressing Room and not based on the character currently holding it.

The gender-specific clothing items are:



Black (missing hat) Blue
The Wassailer, black, female.png Unknown.png
Green Red
The Wassailer, green, female.png Unknown.png


Black Blue
Unknown.png Unknown.png
Green Red
Unknown.png Unknown.png

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