The Unutterable Lurker (Tutorial)

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Disambig gray.svgThis page is about the version of the monster that is specific to the tutorial mission Dreaming of Tomorrow.. For the full-raid version, see The Unutterable Lurker.

SWLicon.png This article concerns content for Secret World Legends. This content is not available for the TSWicon.png TSW Classic version.

The Unutterable Lurker
The Unutterable Lurker.png
Type: Guardian
Level: 50
Damage Type: Physical
HP: 5,268,406
XP Awarded: 0
Region: Hub
Zone: New York
Game Version: SWLicon.png SWL

The Unutterable Lurker is a giant Filth Guardian that has risen up from underneath New York

Special Abilities

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Other Information


  • During the tutorial you cannot win this battle, so it's okay if you die. In fact, you cannot avoid it.