The Spoiled Garden

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The Spoiled Garden
Spoiled Gardens.png
Region: Transylvania
Zone: The Shadowy Forest
Type: Player versus environment

The Spoiled Garden is the Shadowy Forest lair. It is populated by Fungal Filth.


Nearest Anima Well: Spoiled Garden

Lair Effects

Creatures in The Spoiled Garden will reflect your Afflicts back at you, check with your healer on their use. Mobs here use persistent AoE and Chain attacks, so give the tank some space. Pull mobs out of the trees and into clearings.

Lair: Increased Hit rating.

Trigger: When it inflicts a non-glancing hit, it gains a Spawning counter. When it reaches 3 stacks, it's next non-glancing hit will have an additional chain-hit effect that inflicts a Damage-over-Time to all effected. If anyone puts an Afflicted status on the target, it counters with a poison effect.


Starts at location

Lair Bosses

Avatar of the Creep

  • Type: Fungal Filth
  • HP: Unknown
  • Associated Mission: Seedy Underbelly
  • Abilities
    • Unknown
  • Notes
    • Avatar of the Creep uses persistent GTAoE and cone attacks. Avoid Hinders as they will cause the user to become Poisoned. If he blocks, he clears all debuffs that are on him. He has a strong Heal over Time effect, which will be running unless he has 10 stacks of corrupted. Given that corrupted will be cleared anytime he blocks, multiple players should be applying it, and everyone's Penetration Rating should be as high as possible to avoid his blocks.

Dacian Pack Runner

  • Type: Werewolf
  • HP: 295K
  • Associated Mission: Kreep Rush
  • Abilities
    • Overrun: Column attack
    • Howl: Spawns a non-targetable wolf add which will repeatedly perform column dash attacks at random party members.
  • Notes
    • The summoning circle at (1070, 328) should be used for this encounter, as it has a fallen tree near it which the party can stand on, making them immune to the wolves' attacks. Note that these wolves may not despawn when the boss dies.

She of Woe

  • Type: Padurii
  • HP: 266K
  • Associated Mission: The Spoils of Cold War
  • Abilities
    • Branch Whip: Applies 3 stacks of Bleeding to the tank.
  • Notes
    • Like all Padurii, She of Woe will periodically spawn Corpse Light adds that will heal, cleanse, and place large barriers on her. Deal with this by impairing the adds and dashing away from them to separate them from the boss, then kill them once isolated.